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Thief News

Woman eaten alive by ants after mistaken for thief

Caranavi - A woman died after a mob of vigilantes mistook her for a thief. She was tied to a tree that was infested with poisonous ants.

Man facing 20 years for candy theft rejects offer to serve four

New Orleans - A repeat offender in New Orleans facing a minimum of 20 years in prison for allegedly stealing candy has turned down an offer from prosecutors that would have allowed him to serve just four years behind bars.

Alleged thief trailed elderly man for 10 miles before robbing him

Queens Village - A patient crook allegedly robbed an 88-year-old man of his casino winnings in Queens. He followed him from the betting house to his home.

Kiss on the cheek lands robber in French prison

Paris - After a jewelry heist in Paris, a 20-year-old French criminal's self-stated "compassion" for his female hostage led to his arrest. Police could identify him from the DNA he left behind on her cheek.

Lamb thief in Mallorca makes getaway in a wheelchair

Palma - A man with a noticeable limp was seen pushing a woman in a wheelchair, with two whole skinned lambs on her lap. Police became suspicious and decided to follow up on the matter.

Pedophile arrested after burglar tipped off Spanish police

Jaén, Spain — It's not often that a thief can actually help the police in their work. In this case, a burglar tipped the police off after finding incriminating video tapes of child sex abuse when robbing a man's home.

Cop shoots thief as violence erupts across U.S. on Black Friday

On Thursday a police officer responded to a call of alleged shoplifting at a Chicago store. The officer shot the driver of a car that was dragging another cop.

France: Serial ladies' underwear thief caught on CCTV

Poitiers - Ladies in Naintré near Poitiers, France were losing their panties, literally. Dozens of pairs were being stolen from their terraces overnight. Then one husband decided to do something about it and caught the thief in action on CCTV.

Video: Storekeeper chases armed robber with machete

New York - When an armed robber tries to rob his store, this storekeeper wasn't having any of it. He bent down, picked up a machete, and chased the criminal down the street.

Sock thief at large in Japan

On Friday police said that a sock-stealing thief struck again, this time targeting a high school girl. The girl is the latest victim in a series of similar attacks.

iNept thieves get iStuck stealing iPads from Apple store

Temecula - Two thieves slammed their BMW SUV into a Temecula, CA Apple store, intending to steal iPods, and iPhones. They did not intend to get the vehicle stuck in the security gate, leaving their license tag behind.

Dumb thief robs Internet café, leaves Facebook account open

Cali - A Colombian thief robbed an Internet café at gunpoint after checking his Facebook account on his rented computer. The dumb thief left his account open and police found his address on the computer.

Bank robber returns to bar to finish beer

Tampa - Authorities say that an alleged Florida bank robber ordered a beer at a tavern, left to go and rob a nearby bank, then returned a half an hour later to finish his beer. Authorities apprehended the suspect while he was inside the bar.

Shoplifter tries to steal items fit for a candlelight dinner

Naples - A Florida man has been arrested after trying to steal four steaks and two candles from a grocery store. He tried to conceal his loot by stuffing the items down his pants.

Thief targeting seniors busted in Ontario

The kind-hearted older lady opened the door to see a young man in need. He said his car was broken down and asked if he could use her phone. While the man 'phoned' for help he would be helping himself to any cash he found laying around.

Thief steals young boy's surgery money at fundraiser

New York - The family of a 9-year-old boy who suffers from a rare congenital disorder are still shocked over the the news that a heartless thief stole their son's surgery money, that was recently collected at a Connecticut fundraiser.

Thief steals hair from horse's tails in Montana

Someone is stealing the hair from the manes and tails of horses in southwest Montana, and the local sheriff said this type of crime has previously occurred in the area

Thief collects loot, then takes a nap on sofa

George Town - A burglar in Malaysia gathered up jewellery and watches but then feel asleep on the homeowner’s sofa. He was still there when the family returned home.

Geezer thief shoots up New York clothing store

An old 'geezer' went on a shooting spree during a failed robbery attempt at a high-end midtown Manhattan clothing store last weekend.

Oscar was turned into police for stealing neighbor's underwear

Oscar a 13-year-old is a kleptomaniac. One day this week he brought home, one piece at a time, 10 pairs of children's underpants. Oscar is being fostered by Peter and Birgitt Weismantel.

Fleeing suspect sought refuge in police station

Lack of a planned escape route proved the downfall of a suspect who fled the scene of his crime and ran straight into a police station.

Romanian caught with his pants down during alleged burglary

In Almancil, Portugal, a Romanian man became trapped in a window during an alleged burglary attempt. The man was literally caught with his pants down.

Poppy Donation Boxes Stolen Across Canada

Thieves across Canada are regularly financing their criminal lifestyle by stealing Poppy Fund Donation boxes. They simply 'grab and run'.

Robbers break into home, put kitten in washing machine

Kimberly Ross got a little kitten from a friend as an early 50th birthday present. She named the kitten Ruby and bought her a red collar and a red litter box. Now Ruby is gone.

Op-Ed: Jack the Purrrloining Pussy Cat is on the Prowl

It all began last Halloween when Klepto Kat, possibly thinking it was a giant mouse, stole a feather boa and placed it on his mistress' doorstep.

Hidden Everyday Thief Creates Financial Mess

For months he planned his bankruptcy. He had more than $160,000 worth of credit card debt, owned an expensive home, wasn't working nor was his wife. When he went bankrupt in some ways he stole from all of us.

There's A Doll-Stealing Pervert Out In Cairns, Australia

There's a man in Cairns that is breaking into a adult shop, having his way with the blow-up dolls and then leaving the remains of his ladies of vinyl in the street. The police are on to him though.

Japanese women calms down a thief with a cup of tea and a chat

A Japanese mother and her six-month-old baby escaped from a thief unhurt after the mother calmed him with a cup of tea and a sympathetic conversation.

Two-year-old girl branded a thief by Woolworths

A two-year-old girl picked up a sweet while she was shopping with her mom, and the angry staff calls the girl a thief in front of everyone.

Italian Police Hunt For Trance Making, Cash Taking, Hypnotist

Baffled Police in the northern province of Italy have released CCTV footage of a thief who has supposedly taken wads of cash from a unsuspecting supermarket cashier by hypnotising her and several other members of staff
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Iran using its new finger-amputation machine
Iran using its new finger-amputation machine
Fars News Agency
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A ladies  underwear thief was caught on CCTV in Naintré  France.
A ladies' underwear thief was caught on CCTV in Naintré, France.

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