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The Onion sells 40% stake to Univision — Really, it did

The largest Spanish language broadcaster in the United States, Univision, has bought a 40 percent controlling interest in the Onion, the satirical online news magazine. No joke and all kidding aside, it's true, the deal was announced today.

The Onion accidentally breaks story on U.S. weapons to Israel

A satirical website, The Onion, has accidentally broken a real news story — by revealing that the U.S. offered Israel weapons to try to appease anger at the Iran nuclear deal.

Facebook to tag Daily Mash and Onion news feeds with 'satire'

A quick browse through our news feeds on the social networking site Facebook often reveals "news" stories of a bizarre nature. These stories, from publications like The Daily Mash and The Onion have upset some people.

The Onion launches social site ClickHole

ClickHole is a new project from creators at the Onion. Their goal is to create a massive collection of terrible viral media and also make fun of other people who are doing so.

'The Evil Within' premise spoofed by 'The Onion'

Bethesda Studios has teamed up with 'The Onion' to create a spoof news story that promotes its upcoming game, 'The Evil Within'.

Fake French 'clitoris' poll causes smug Italian media to mock

France has a version of the famous spoof website "The Onion", called "Le Gorafi". They published a fake poll which announced that 89 percent of French men thought the "clitoris" was a Toyota model. The Italian media mocked but ended up with red faces.

Syrian Electronic Army hits parody news site, The Onion

When the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Twitter account of The Onion (the satirical, parody news website), at first people thought it was just the "normal" news. Since then both sides have confirmed the attack, with ever-increasingly morbid "humor."

'Onion' CEO issues apology for Quvenzhané Wallis c-word tweet

Los Angeles - "The Onion" made a rare apology Monday to 9-year-old best actress Oscar nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis, for the "senseless, humorless comment," the satirical publication published Sunday night on its Twitter account.

'Onion' blasted for calling 9-year-old Oscar nominee the c-word

Los Angeles - A tweet from the satirical newspaper, "The Onion," sparked outrage Sunday night for calling 9-year-old Best Actress nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis, the c-word.

Kim Jong-un wins ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ China doesn’t understand

People's Daily, a Chinese newspaper with a daily circulation of 3-4 million, congratulated North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Tuesday after he won “Sexiest Man Alive.” Here’s the thing, though: the award was given out by The Onion.

Poll: 77% of rural white Americans prefer Ahmadinejad to Obama

Tehran - Fars News Agency, the semi official news agency of the Iranian government, reported on a recent Gallup poll that shows rural white Americans would rather have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the White House than Barack Obama.

The Onion X-rated cartoon satirizes 'Innocence of Muslims' riots

The Onion recently waded into the "Innocence of Muslims" controversy by posting an X-rated satirical cartoon showing Jesus, Moses, Buddha and Ganesha in an orgiastic foursome on a bed of clouds with the headline: "No One Murdered Because of This Image."

Onion headline causes online uproar

Washington - The Onion reports BREAKING NEWS online this afternoon that "screams and gunfire" were being heard in the US Capital Building. While not true, some feel they took a joke too far.

Area man notices The Onion is now in Toronto

Toronto - The Onion and the A.V. Club expand beyond the United States for the first time. And Toronto is the market destination of choice.

The Onion moving to Chicago, leaves writers ‘blindsided’

New York - The Onion, calling itself America’s Finest News Source, is set to move its editorial team to Chicago after making New York City its home for the last decade, and the satirical paper’s decision has left some of its writers “blindsided.”

Op-Ed: introduces a paywall for non-US visitors - a satirical website (and newspaper) dubbed "America’s finest news source" - is currently testing a paywall for non-US visitors.

The Onion Coming to D.C.

Beginning the first week of April, the Onion will begin distribution in Washington D.C. The cost? Free of charge, they will make their money to operate with ad space with help from The Post.

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Office of the Onion in Boulder  Colorado.
Office of the Onion in Boulder, Colorado.
David Shankbone
The Onion staff are attempting to parody everything in the world. Can they do it?
The Onion staff are attempting to parody everything in the world. Can they do it?
David Shankbone
The Onion.
The Onion.

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