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UK newspaper updates its style guide to address global warming

The Guardian has amended its official style guide addressing climate change in order to highlight what they say is the severity of the crisis, the British newspaper announced to readers Friday.

Op-Ed: Hope for real news? Guardian posts first profit in two decades

London - In what may well be one of the few real turnarounds in classic news media, the Guardian has come out of the red on operating profit. It’s a big change, and it may well mean a good working model has been established.

UK's Guardian switches to potato starch-based biodegradable wrap

In January, British newspaper The Guardian became the first national newspaper to use recyclable packaging. As part of a pioneering move to reduce plastic waste, the Guardian’s print edition will no longer be sold in plastic packaging.

Review: New on DVD for January 19 Special

This week’s releases include a chronicle of a sexual awakening; a battle for the Silk Road; a focused look at a vampiric character; and the worst boss ever.

Philae comet possible home to alien life is false say scientists

The Guardian reported that scientists believed that comet 67p could be inhabited by alien life. Scientists involved with the Rosetta mission shot down the claims and the Guardian reversed its position, writing that there is no life on the comet.

Wife of Okla. pastor shot by trooper challenges police account

Tulsa - The wife of Nehemiah Fischer, an assistant pastor who was fatally shot by one of two highway patrol officers responding to a stranded vehicle call, is questioning the initial police account of the incident.

'Ride me all day for £3' ads with topless models sparks outrage

Cardiff - The New Adventure Travel Group wanted to attract attention from the "younger generation," so the company placed ads featuring sexy, topless models — men and women — on the back of its buses.

Japan ousted by world body over bloody Taiji dolphin hunt

Taiji - Responding to pressure from conservationists, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has suspended its Japanese member because it is involved in the controversial dolphin hunts that take place each year in Taiji.

Katharine Viner is new Guardian editor

London - Katharine Viner has been appointed to succeed Alan Rusbridger as editor-in-chief of The Guardian newspaper and associated media outlets.

Op-Ed: Climate change skeptics try to block the film Merchants of Doubt

Fred Singer is a Princeton-trained physicist who is a well-known climate change skeptic, and as such he has a cameo appearance in the film Merchants of Doubt, which is about corporate efforts to block action on global warming.

Chinese police at lunch allegedly eat endangered giant salamander

Shenzhen - A banquet for Chinese officials turned violent last week when journalists photographed them eating a critically endangered giant salamander, media reports say. The diners included senior police officials who appeared to flout Beijing's austerity campaign.

Oceans are warming so rapidly they are breaking scientific charts

Earlier this month the NOAA and NASA announced that 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded, shattering the previous records in 2005 and 2010. Now comes the news that global warming is heating the world's oceans at an unprecedented pace.

Met policeman who kicked mother at child's hospital bed cleared

A police officer who kicked and hit a mother as she sat by her sick daughter's hospital bed, leaving the woman with more than 40 injuries, has been cleared by a jury of committing actual bodily harm in the incident.

Government permanently bans super trawlers in Australian waters

Super trawlers are now permanently banned in Australian waters, the federal government announced last Wednesday. Australia's Labor government issued temporary bans on these trawlers two years ago, and this was re-endorsed by Tony Abbott last March.

Video shows cop threatening girlfriend of man killed at Walmart

Dayton - After killing a young black man who'd been holding a BB gun in an Ohio Walmart, a police detective aggressively questioned his weeping girlfriend and accused her of lying, threatened her with jail time and accused her of being on drugs.

Sixth great extinction imperils amphibians, birds, mammals and us

The earth is entering into a dark period of human-caused devastation that is threatening 41 percent of all amphibians, 26 percent of all mammals, and 13 percent of all birds. We have ourselves to blame for much of this, an acclaimed journal has found.

Judge in U.K. allows name of a 16-year-old killer to be released

A judge in the U.K. lifted the restriction on the naming a young offender and permitted a 16-year-old convicted murdered to be named. He also sentenced Will Cornick, 15 when he killed his Spanish teacher, to a minimum of 20 years in jail.

Zoo officials on edge after murder of rare Tasmanian devil

Albuquerque - Tasmanian devils are known for their feisty temperament, but this wasn't enough to save one of the little creatures from a cruel death at the hands of a stranger who crushed its skull with a slab of asphalt.

Document shows WHO officials admit to 'botching' Ebola response

Geneva - An internal document from the World Health Organization (WHO) admits that the organization "botched" efforts to control the spread of Ebola.

Rhino horn demand in Vietnam falls by over 33 percent in one year

Ho Chi Minh City - An aggressive public relations campaign in Vietnam aimed at curbing the trade in rhino horn appears to be paying off. A recent poll found that demand for rhino in Vietnam has dropped precipitously — by at least 33 percent in the last year.

Oil and gas exploration threatens world's rarest dolphin

Auckland - With only 55 left in the wild, the Maui's dolphin, native to New Zealand, is under siege from trawling fisheries, and now wildlife officials are worried that proposed oil and gas exploration may threaten them further.

#FreeAJStaff: Jailing of journalists incites outrage, criticism

The imprisonment and sentencing of three journalists in an Egyptian court has sparked outrage from human rights groups, journalists, media organizations, and scores of activists on social media, as well as criticism from the White House.

Oliver Stone to direct new movie on Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden has dominated the front page of nearly every news source for a year now. It was just a matter of time before a heavy-hitting filmmaker seized the opportunity to immortalize the controversial whistle blower on screen.

Op-Ed: 85 people richer than half of world's population- Oxfam

Sydney - If Oxfam’s research is correct, the world’s economy is a lot more inefficient than anyone ever dreamed. This isn’t about “distribution of wealth”, it’s about access to wealth, and it’s a very ugly picture.

China blocks The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper's website has been blocked in China without warning or any clear indication as to why. However, some claim they can access the website without any problems.

Journalists may face terrorism charges, jail over Snowden leaks

London - Britain's counter-terrorism police are investigating if journalists at the Guardian newspaper should be prosecuted over their role in publishing secrets leaked by Edward Snowden -- an offense that carries up to 10 years in jail.

Climate change: Just how hot will it get in your lifetime?

The UN is about to publish an exhaustive examination of climate change. The science is predicting dangerous temperature rises in our future. Now there's an interactive guide to find out just how hot it will get in your lifetime, unless there is change.

Op-Ed: Kerry's mistake forces Obama administration to consider diplomacy

As has been pointed out repeatedly, recent events seem fatalistic in their orientation toward demonstrating the hypocrisy of the Obama administration.

Op-Ed: Posturing or reporting: Reporter attitude shapes public views

Recently many people have become outraged about Edward Snowden and the George Zimmerman trial, but how much of the public’s reaction to news has to do with reporting and how much with reporter posturing?

Op-Ed: Are oaths to defend the constitution a waste of breath?

It's reasonable for a government that illegally spies on Americans to also block its military personnel from viewing leaked NSA files on news agency websites like The Guardian. But who in the military would now dare to "defend" the US Constitution?
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