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The Simpsons News

Op-Ed: The dead hate Net Neutrality? The FCC agrees with them

Washington - New Yorkers have been infuriated to see fake anti-Net Neutrality comments from their dead relatives accepted by the FCC. It’s like the old Simpsons gag, “The dead have risen and they’re voting Republican!”

Who speaks the most words on The Simpsons?

Media commentator Todd W Schneider has undertaken a detailed analysis of 28 years of The Simpsons. Want to know who speaks the most lines? The most significant side character? Then read on.

Review: ‘Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play’ cleverly brightens the darkness Special

‘Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play’ is a little light on ‘The Simpsons’ content, but still a very inventive and entertaining adaptation of the beloved TV show.

Seth MacFarlane pays tribute to creator of 'The Simpsons'

Seth MacFarlane recently sent out a heartwarming tweet in memory of Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, who died at his home Sunday evening after a battle with colon cancer.

Family Guy to meet Simpsons this fall

The much-anticipated crossover between Peter Griffin's family and Homer Simpsons' tribe is expected to take place in September of 2014.

Judas Priest labelled 'death metal' on Simpsons, Bart apologises

A recent episode of The Simpsons, which featured heavy metal rock giants Judas Priest guesting, had mislabelled the band as "death metal," causing uproar with fans of one of the finest and most original heavy metal bands of all time.

Op-Ed: Can modern media keep out of the toilet? Apparently not

Sydney - The insufferable dunghill known as modern media evidently can’t keep its head out of the toilet. The subhuman inferior spawn of media workshops can’t get enough.

Marcia Wallace, voice of the Simpsons, has died

The U.S. actress Marcia Wallace, perhaps best known as the voice of Bart Simpson's teacher Edna Krabappel, has died at the age of 70.

Op-Ed: Sam Simon takes to Twitter and vows to 'beat cancer'

Occasionally, the animal kingdom gains a guardian angel. Sam Simon is one of them. The Simpsons creator maybe battling an illness, but he's still fighting for animals in need.

'Krasty Burger' hits Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol in Spain Special

Fuengirola - You might find the logo, nay, the NAME of this new hamburger joint hauntingly familiar, especially if you are a fan of the Simpsons. Just opened on the Costa del Sol for your fast food fancy... but, wait ... "Krasty?"

Op-Ed: Margaret Groening, inspiration for Marge Simpson dies

Sydney - The world just lost a friend to laughter and the human race. Matt Groening’s mother died last month, but the story is only coming out now. The world is definitely a poorer place for her passing.

Review: New on DVD for December 11 Special

This week’s releases include: another prehistoric adventure featuring an unlikely group of furry friends; an unsettling horror anthology; a childhood dream turned adult disaster; and a chapter in the longest-running scripted show in television history.

Itchy & Scratchy to be cut out of Simpsons in Russia

Authorities in Russia decided that the Itchy & Scratchy show will be cut from The Simpsons when the show airs in the country.

Simpson's inspired beer land brothers in court

Two Colombian businessmen, fans of the animated series The Simpsons, are fighting to keep their Homer Simpson inspired "Duh" brand beer in production.

Matt Groening ends his long-running 'Life in Hell' comic strip

LOS ANGELES – It seems as if “The Simpsons” is going to last forever, after 23 seasons and counting. But Matt Groening's other era-spanning creation ended quietly on Friday – without even a goodbye from Jeff and Akbar.

Fox celebrates 25th anniversary with star-filled special April 22

Fresh off a reunion of sorts for "In Living Color" at the TV Land Awards April 14 (show to air April 29), members of the cast will be part of another reunion.

Homer Simpson's favorite Duff beer to be made available in the UK

Woo Hoo! Homer Simpson's favourite beer Duff is to be made available to buy in the UK. The fictional beer which appears regularly in the episodes of The Simpsons has been brewed in real life by The Legendary Duff Beer company.

Fox plans viewing marathon for 500th Simpsons episode

To celebrate the famous animated program's 500th episode, Fox is planning to run a marathon viewing for Simpsons fans to watch 500 episodes in order to break the world record.

The Simpsons cast accept pay cuts — show is renewed

The main voice cast of the longest-running sitcom in American television, 'The Simpsons', have agreed to a series of pay cuts in order for the show to be successfully renewed for another two years.

'The Simpsons' could face doom if actors don't accept pay cut

Matt Groening's hit television series "The Simpsons" could meet its end next spring. The reason for this is an impasse between the studio and six main voice actors regarding a pay cut of almost half their original salary.

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Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin duke it out in the upcoming episode  The Simpsons Guy .
Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin duke it out in the upcoming episode "The Simpsons Guy".
Judas Priest appearing on The Simpsons
Judas Priest appearing on The Simpsons
Heartbreak Hotel
Edna Krabappel  voiced by Marcia Wallace.
Edna Krabappel, voiced by Marcia Wallace.
Fox airs special on April 22.
Fox airs special on April 22.