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The Costa Concordia News

Captain Schettino of ill-fated Costa Concordia awaits his fate

The fate of the captain of the ill-fated cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, is now in the hands of the trial's three judges. The closing arguments have been made and Francesco Schettino will soon know how much time he will spend in jail.

Op-Ed: Titanic, Costa Concordia captains had hubris, not ferry captain

The terrible tragedy that is the sinking of the South Korean ferry 'Sewol' is being compared to the Costa Concordia tragedy and even the Titanic. But a large difference is that the captain of the South Korean ferry made errors, but not errors of hubris.

Captain Schettino returns to the Costa Concordia as part of trial

The once captain and his former cruise ship were reunited Thursday when, as part of his trial, Francesco Schettino was taken back abroad the Costa Concordia. It was his first time on the doomed ship since the tragedy that took 32 lives on Jan. 13, 2012.

Trial: Costa Concordia captain delayed so first mate gave orders

On the night of the Costa Concordia tragedy, it was first mate Roberto Bosio who gave the order to abandon ship. As Bosio told the court in the trial of the Captain Francesco Schettino, Schettino refused to.

Engineer: Costa Concordia will be towed from Giglio in June

The engineer in charge of the salvage operation of the now-upright Costa Concordia said Saturday the ship could be removed from the shores of the island of Giglio in June. The ship must be "refloated" first as it now sits on an underwater platform.

Op-Ed: 101 years after Titanic sinking: a comparison to Costa Concordia

As I write we are but two weeks shy of the 101st anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic in the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912. Naturally the date won't get the attention that the 100 year anniversary did, but it’s worthy of note.

Costa Concordia hero gets Bulgaria's '2012 Man of the Year' award

The Bulgarian technician credited with saving hundreds of lives on the Costa Concordia has been named his country's 'Man of the Year'. The award was handed out Monday at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia and Petar Petrov's wife and son accepted it for him.

One-year anniversary of Costa Concordia sinking is Sunday

The tragedy of the cruise liner the Costa Concordia turns one-year-old on Jan. 13. Italian authorities will mark the date with a memorial on the island of Giglio, where the ship hit rocks and listed. Sixty-five percent of the ship remains underwater.

Canada's CBC to air talk with Costa Concordia Captain Schettino

The Canadian newsmagazine show, The Fifth Estate, will air an exclusive interview on Friday with the disgraced captain of the doomed Costa Concordia. In the show, Francesco Schettino says the ship's sinking was an accident and that he was not negligent.

Judgement Day for captain of Costa Concordia as hearings to begin

The day of reckoning comes fast for Francesco Schettino, captain of the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia. Preliminary hearings for his impending trial start Monday; he's charged with manslaughter, contravening laws of the sea and abandoning his ship.

Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino sues to get job back

Only one week before his trial for manslaughter and abandoning his ship is to begin, the captain of the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino, has launched a lawsuit. His lawyer said Schettino is suing for wrongful dismissal and wants his job back.

The wild utterances of Costa Concordia captain on tragic night

Black box recordings from the ill-fated liner the Costa Concordia were published today by the Italian newspaper La Stampa. The transcripts show a confused bridge lead by a captain who one moment lamented his actions, the next praised his heroism.

$400 million lawsuit launched over Costa Concordia tragedy

The biggest lawsuit to arise over the sinking of the Italian cruise liner, the Costa Concordia, was launched in a New York court this week. The suit seeks $400 million from Carnival Corp. and Costa Crociere for "serious negligence."

Costa Concordia Captain Schettino is back at sea in speed boat

The vilified captain of the Costa Concordia, the ship that went down off of the coast of the Italian island of Giglio Jan. 13, has gone back to sea. Captain Francesco Schettino went back out onto the ocean with a male friend in a speed boat.

Costa Concordia memorial marks 6 months; victim's families attend

A memorial to mark the six-month anniversary of the Costa Concordia tragedy, and pay tribute to the 32 who died, was conducted at the site on the Italian island of Giglio July 13. Family members of victims came to the island to honor their loved ones.

Final 2 bodies from Costa Concordia may soon be recovered

When the Costa Concordia, the massive Italian cruise liner that sunk Jan. 13, went down, over 4,200 passengers and crew were aboard. Thirty-two did not survive the tragedy but only 30 bodies have been recovered.

Removal of Costa Concordia from rocks of Giglio Is. begins in May

The job to remove the massive cruise liner the Costa Concordia from the rocks off the island of Giglio in the Tuscan Bay has yet to be awarded. However, an official said Thursday, April 12 that the work will begin in May.

Court rules Captain Schettino of Costa Concordia won't be freed

The disgraced captain of the Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino, must continue his life while under house arrest, the country's Supreme court ruled on April 11, 2012.

Francesco Schettino, Costa Concordia captain, appealing arrest

Lawyers for the captain of the Costa Concordia are in court in Rome on April 10, appealing their client's house arrest. Francesco Schettino has been under house arrest at his home near Naples since the day following the Jan. 13 tragic sinking.

Costa Concordia: under sunken Italian liner, 5 more bodies found

More than two months after the Italian liner, the Costa Concordia, hit rocks near the island of Giglio and sunk, 5 more bodies have been found. It brings the number of bodies recovered to 30 with 2 still missing and presumed to have drowned.

Captain of sunken Italian cruise ship reported to be writing book

In a story that is hard to get confirmation of, but that seems plausible, a report says the captain of the Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, that sank Jan. 13, is writing a book. It's about the disaster, his crew and his girlfriend.

Bell of sunken Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia stolen

To add insult to injury, the Costa Concordia, the sunken cruise ship off the Italian island of Giglio, had it's bell stolen. Whoever managed the theft evaded an elaborate system of lasers to make off with the bell.

Costa Concordia captain Schettino had no glasses night ship sunk

Along with a host of other pieces of information damaging to Captain Francesco Schettino, the captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia, news out of Italy now has it that the man was without his glasses the night his ship went down.

As bodies examined, brother of Costa Concordia cook still hopes

The brother of a man who remains missing in the disaster that is the Costa Concordia says that six weeks after the Jan. 13 sinking he, and his family, continue to hold out hope that their loved one is alive.

Plot thickens as cocaine found on hair of Costa Concordia captain

Traces of cocaine were found on the outside of a hair sample taken from the head of the captain of the Costa Concordia, reports out of Italy say. However other tests say the captain of the ill-fated cruise liner did not have any cocaine in his system.

Brother of missing Costa Concordia cook: 'I still have hope'

Family of passengers and crew missing since the Italian cruise ship the Costa Concordia hit a reef last month boated to the site and threw out roses in honor of their loved ones. One man still holds out hope his brother is alive.

Pumping out oil from Costa Concordia moving quickly

After waiting for the search for survivors to end, then being forced to wait 2 more weeks during bad weather, the company hired to empty the fuel tanks of the Costa Concordia, has emptied two tanks in just two days.

Pumping oil from sunken cruise ship to continue 'round the clock'

Smit Salvage, the Dutch company hired to extract the fuel from the Italian cruise liner 'The Costa Concordia,' began doing so Sunday and said that while the weather holds they will continue "round the clock." So far, the removal operation is going well.

Costa Concordia captain now vilified in Italy as coward and cheat

The terrible tragedy that is the Costa Concordia has taken a turn for the sordid as Captain Francesco Schettino is now being attacked in Italy not only for his role in the disaster and abandoning his ship, but also for cheating on his wife.

2,697-year jail sentence sought for Concordia Captain Schettino

Disgraced Captain Francesco Schettino found out Tuesday he won't wait in jail for the beginning of his trial in the sinking of the Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia. Meanwhile, prosecutors are seeking a sentence that could amount to 2,697 years.
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The Costa Concordia Image

The Costa Concordia hit a reef  and a massive rock  on Jan. 13  2012.
The Costa Concordia hit a reef, and a massive rock, on Jan. 13, 2012.
Bo de Visser / Courtesy Prorama Films
Workers on the Island of Giglio stand with the doomed Costa Concordia in the background.
Workers on the Island of Giglio stand with the doomed Costa Concordia in the background.
Photo courtesy EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
The Costa Concordia lies waiting to be refloated and to leave the island of Giglio.
The Costa Concordia lies waiting to be refloated and to leave the island of Giglio.
Photo by Bo De Visser of The Last Salute

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