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Thanksgiving News

U.S. lawmaker's aide to quit over Obama daughters rant

Washington - A communications director for a Republican lawmaker said she would resign after she posted a Facebook rant about U.S. President Barack Obama's daughters.

Woman stabs boyfriend for eating Thanksgiving dinner early

Wilkes-barre - Unhappy that her boyfriend began eating Thanksgiving dinner while she slept off a bender, a Pennsylvania woman allegedly grabbed a knife, chased him around the table and then stabbed him in the chest, police reported.

U.S. lawmaker's aide draws ire over first daughter scolding

Washington - A U.S. lawmaker's communications director was facing social media calls she be sacked after her Facebook rant about President Barack Obama's daughters prompted widespread anger.

Employees working holidays to be paid double if CA bill passes

Sacramento - Workers in California who work on Thanksgiving and Christmas may get a bit of financial relief if a California lawmaker has her way. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez plans to introduce a bill doubling the pay of employees who work on the two holidays.

Pre-Thanksgiving travelers get taste of winter before dinner

Hagerstown - The winter of 2014-2015 is already one to remember for millions of U.S. residents living on the country's East Coast, and the season hasn't officially started yet.

How and where to volunteer at Thanksgiving or all year round

As Thanksgiving approaches are you thankful you can pay all your bills and buy groceries? Are you glad you can choose your leaders, have a free press and worship God freely? Want to volunteer to help others at Thanksgiving? Here are some ways.

Op-Ed: Thanksgiving Dinner — Tips for safety in the kitchen

The holidays are a time of family get-togethers and sharing food and fun with loved ones. Basic safety practices can ensure that your holiday festivities will be accident free and safe for everyone involved.

The cheapest days to fly this Thanksgiving holiday

If you haven't already booked your flights for Thanksgiving (and sometimes waiting is the cheaper option), listen up. This year, CheapAir looked into the cost of domestic American flights around the holiday.

Op-Ed: Cyber Monday pitfalls and pratfalls or avoiding money traps

Hull - Where the US goes the UK often follows. This is especially true of negatives. If the US has extreme weather we usually experience similar a few days later. If violent crime increases across the Pond likewise in the UK. Then there is shopping madness.

Passing of notes on plane ends in assault after landing

On a holiday known in the United States as Thanksgiving, the play-by-play of a passive-aggressive exchange of notes between two airplane passengers was chronicled on Twitter.

Op-Ed: Being thankful that Thanksgiving is more than just a word

Thanksgiving in America hasn't always been a day of over-eating, football and shopping, as it is today. It's a shame that it has become so consumer-driven like it has, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. But Thanksgiving is more than just a word.

Did Steelers coach Mike Tomlin illegally stop Jacoby Jones from scoring a TD? [VIDEO]

In Thursday night's marquee NFL game, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is being accused of robbing Baltimore Ravens' Jacoby Jones from scoring a TD when Tomlin stepped on the field and allowed a Steelers defender to tackle Jones, saving a touchdown.

44 best Black Friday deals you can get without leaving the house

For some, Black Friday just hasn’t been worth braving the angry crowds to save a few bucks in the past few years. But online retailers open the sales up for even the most crowd-phobic among us. Get your coupon codes, right here.

Butterball reports shortage of large turkeys for Thanksgiving

Garner - Butterball, which is one of the world's largest suppliers of fresh turkeys, recently announced that there may be less large, fresh turkeys that are available to consumers for Thanksgiving this year.

Tipsy Turkey: Do beer-fed birds make a naturally tastier turkey?

Move over Tofurkey and Turkducken- this Thanksgiving you may be able to try “tipsy turkey.” New Hampshire farmer Joe Moerette claims to have discovered the key to a juicy Thanksgiving turkey: beer.

Turkey, sci-fi on the movie menu but 'Catching Fire' is hot topic

It is a tale of "Free Birds" and more sci-fi as the box office looks to enter November in style, and perhaps, look ahead a couple of weeks.

Photo Essay: Businesses proudly display their patches of pumpkins Special

With nearly 158 million Americans celebrating Halloween this autumn and more than 117 million households celebrating Thanksgiving, businesses are featuring the all-American symbol of the season, pumpkins.

Dessert Edition: Spice up your Thanksgiving menu this year

Six in 10 Americans usually bring dessert to a Thanksgiving meal when dining as guests, Baskin-Robbins has found. Yummy! But when was the last time you had something new for dessert on Thanksgiving?

A British view of Thanksgiving, 1863

Thanksgiving is a not quite uniquely North American celebration. It is celebrated today in Canada, and next month in the States.

Confidential confetti drops in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

New York - In a case of possible recycling gone horribly wrong, shredded confidential police documents were used as confetti in the recent Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Sandy victims return from Thanksgiving holiday; find homes looted

Breezy Point - Many tri-state area residents experienced tremendous hardship after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the region. If the injury hadn't been damaging enough, now some residents are dealing with looters.

Photo: Snoop Dogg's idea of 'turkey' for Thanksgiving

Snoop Dogg (aka "Snoop Lion") gives the world his predictable notion of turkey for Thanksgiving. He posted to Instagram a picture of choice "smoked turkey" with the caption: "This is how I spend Thanksgiving. Join me 'n' blow one!!"

50 Cent & Birdman help feed the hungry

Hip-Hop moguls 50 Cent and Birdman took some time out of their busy schedules to serve Thanksgiving meals to people in need in their respective communities.

What do you get when you stuff a turkey with Twinkies?

New York - As Thanksgiving and the Hostess bankruptcy both fast approach, one New York restaurateur's unique family recipe combines one of America's favorite holiday dishes with one of its favorite snacks.

Native American students accused of being 'anti-Thanksgiving'

After the University of Virginia's American Indian Student Union had their "anti-Thanksgiving" potluck, conservatives took to the Internet accusing the students of waging "war on Thanksgiving" and promoting a liberal agenda.

Bing Crosby and 'White Christmas' most searched holiday terms

Los Angeles - It is not even Thanksgiving, but the sounds of Christmas fill the air. That is not unusual as holiday music is always heard this time of year.

Manny Pacquiao shares blessings with poor and fans in L.A.

Popular boxer Manny Pacquiao played Santa Claus in downtown Los Angeles Sunday by giving away Turkeys and pies to the poor and his fans as well as his supporters who are preparing for thanksgiving celebrations in the US.

Showdown with TSA set for 'Opt Out and Film Week' November 19-26 Special

The National Opt Out and Film Week, a new campaign designed to expose the abusive policies of the TSA, is set to launch during Thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel times of the year -- and the TSA might not be able to stop it.

PETA asks kids at Thanksgiving, will you eat your dog?

PETA is targeting children in its "Go vegan" campaign with an attack on the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. The group is setting up billboards showing a turkey with a dog's head and asking children if they would eat their pet dogs for thanksgiving.

NFL: Thanksgiving Day Gridiron Re-cap

Family, friends, good food and of course football. Here is a short recap of all three NFL battles fought on Thanksgiving Day.
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Thanksgiving Image

 The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth  (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe
"The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth" (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe
Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (1850–1936)
Shopping for pumpkins at Thanksgiving in Ottawa s Byward Market.
Shopping for pumpkins at Thanksgiving in Ottawa's Byward Market.
Lars Plougmann from United Kingdom
Thanksgiving Day in Canada is more like a harvest festival  just as Europeans have celebrated for hu...
Thanksgiving Day in Canada is more like a harvest festival, just as Europeans have celebrated for hundreds of years.
Screen grab
Turkey drumstick
Turkey drumstick
D. Sharon Pruitt
In Canada  the Thanksgiving table looks much like tables in many American homes. Happy Thanksgiving!
In Canada, the Thanksgiving table looks much like tables in many American homes. Happy Thanksgiving!
Screen grab
Photo by Ken Mayer via Wikimedia Commons
On the dock at the cottage in Northern Ontario. Thanksgiving weekend.
On the dock at the cottage in Northern Ontario. Thanksgiving weekend.
The author is thankful for her family  especially her grandchildren. Photo is of Karen Graham with C...
The author is thankful for her family, especially her grandchildren. Photo is of Karen Graham with Catheryne and little Madison.
RESTORM: Buffalo  N.Y.  was still digging out from last week s early season blizzard when the pre-Th...
RESTORM: Buffalo, N.Y., was still digging out from last week's early season blizzard when the pre-Thanksgiving storm hit Wednesday. Above, vehicles on West Seneca carefully approach a snow-impacted intersection at Union Road in Buffalo.
Fortunate4now/Wikimedia Commons
Wild turkeys in Cades Cove  in the Great Smoky Mountains of Blount County  Tennessee  United States.
Wild turkeys in Cades Cove, in the Great Smoky Mountains of Blount County, Tennessee, United States.
Brian Stansberry
Animals from the Central Park Zoo were in the parade until 1926.
Animals from the Central Park Zoo were in the parade until 1926.
screen grab
Jean Leon Gerome Ferris s depiction of the original American Thanksgiving.
Jean Leon Gerome Ferris's depiction of the original American Thanksgiving.
Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863–1930)
Photo by Lucius Kwok via Flickr
Photo by Benson Kua via Flickr
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