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Thailand News

Thai students mark Teachers' Day with paint-soaked protest

Bangkok - Students piled bamboo canes and stationery in front of Thailand's Ministry of Education and splashed crimson paint on it to protest corporal punishment, one of several protests that took place across the capital on Saturday.

Haute cuisine: Thai hospital rolls out cannabis-laced menu

Prachin - From spicy "happy" salads to soups sprinkled with cannabis shoots and deep-fried marijuana leaves -- a Thai hospital restaurant has rolled out a weed-inspired menu which has curious customers flocking to sample its euphoria-inducing offerings.

Thai king sweeps prison floors alongside consort

Bangkok - Thailand's king has visited prisons, sweeping floors alongside his official consort in the latest round of a charm offensive following unprecedented criticism of the monarchy during street protests.

Thai royal defamation cases ramp up as protests pause

Bangkok - Thai authorities on Monday charged four democracy activists with royal defamation, with the protest movement rocking the kingdom put on hold because of a spike in coronavirus cases.

Thailand arrests 19 Rohingya, Thai woman for illegal entry

Bangkok - Nineteen Rohingya and a Thai woman accused of housing them have been arrested for illegal entry to Thailand, police said Saturday, as concerns grow about trafficking routes for the Muslim minority fleeing Myanmar.

Bangkok imposes partial lockdown to combat virus

Bangkok - Bangkok's nightlife will go quiet as a ban on bars, nightclubs and restaurant alcohol sales goes into effect Saturday, among a raft of restrictions aimed at curbing the kingdom's rising coronavirus toll.

Elephant Santas spread virus awareness among Thai children

Bangkok - Christmas and Thailand's love of elephants combined Wednesday when four of the giant creatures dressed as Santa turned up at a school just outside Bangkok, complete with huge coronavirus masks.

Thai seafood market coronavirus infections top 1,000

Bangkok - A coronavirus outbreak linked to a seafood market in Thailand passed 1,000 cases on Tuesday, as authorities weighed whether to introduce a wider lockdown.

Thai PM blames migrant workers for market coronavirus outbreak

Samut Sakhon - Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha on Monday blamed a coronavirus outbreak linked to the kingdom's largest seafood market on low-paid migrant workers employed in the country's lucrative shrimp industry.

Women on the frontlines of Thailand's democracy movement

Bangkok - Denouncing sexual violence, demanding abortion reform and destigmatising sex work –- once-taboo issues are finding public expression in Thailand as women take up leadership roles in a youth-led pro-democracy movement.

Thailand to test 10,000 after virus outbreak linked to seafood market

Bangkok - Thailand will test more than 10,000 people for coronavirus after an outbreak linked to its biggest seafood market, officials said Sunday.

Thailand clamps down on virus outbreak at seafood market

Bangkok - Thailand's biggest seafood market and the surrounding area were locked down Saturday to contain a coronavirus outbreak, after the country's largest spike in cases since the pandemic began.

Two smuggled Indonesian orangutans fly home from Thailand

Bangkok - Eating fruit and drinking from plastic bottles, two Sumatran orangutans stared from their cages at Bangkok airport on Thursday before flying home to Indonesia, years after being smuggled into Thailand.

The art of politics: Democracy protests inspire Thai creatives

Bangkok - With virtual reality goggles strapped on and controllers clasped in his hands, Thai artist Chalermpol Junrayab looks more like he's doing a robot dance than creating political art.

More Thai protest leaders charged with royal defamation

Bangkok - More than a dozen leaders of Thailand's pro-democracy protest movement were charged Tuesday under the kingdom's tough royal defamation law for headlining demonstrations demanding reforms to the monarchy.

Thousands flock to support Thai royals at Bangkok drone show

Bangkok - Some ten thousand royalists turned out in Bangkok on Saturday for a drone show honouring the Thai king's late father, in a show of force by a monarchy under pressure following months of pro-democracy protests.

'Rubber duck revolution' takes off in Thailand

Bangkok - Bangkok has been gripped by a rubber duck frenzy since pro-democracy protesters used giant inflatables to shield themselves from water cannon spray last month.

Floods kill nine in southern Thailand

Bangkok - Flash floods have claimed at least nine lives in southern Thailand and affected half a million people, officials said Thursday as the region braced for even more rain.

Growing fears over Thai coronavirus cluster from Myanmar

Bangkok - A coronavirus cluster in Thailand grew to 10 on Wednesday amid fears scores of other Thai women connected to a hotel in a notorious Myanmar border town could be infected and may attempt to return home under the radar.

Thai PM wins crucial legal battle, angering protesters

Bangkok - Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha survived a legal challenge Wednesday over his living arrangements that could have seen him thrown out of office, in a court ruling that prompted anger among thousands of pro-democracy protesters.

Thai protest leaders charged with royal defamation

Bangkok - Thai police charged five key leaders of the country's pro-democracy protest movement Monday under the kingdom's tough royal defamation laws, the first such use of the controversial legislation in two years.

Thai protesters target royal guards unit in latest rally

Bangkok - Hundreds of protesters marched on a barracks of Thailand's royal guards unit on Sunday hoisting inflatable rubber ducks high above their heads, a whimsical show of force by a pro-democracy movement calling for curbs to the power of the monarchy.

Thai protesters practise 'coup prevention' in latest rally

Bangkok - Thousands of democracy activists blocked a major junction in Bangkok for several hours on Friday to rehearse "coup prevention" strategies in the latest round of Thailand's anti-government protests.

Thailand returns Iranians held over bomb plot as Australian lecturer freed

Bangkok - Thailand confirmed Thursday it had returned three Iranians jailed over a 2012 bomb plot in Bangkok, in an announcement that came after Tehran freed an Australian-British lecturer imprisoned for alleged spying.

Thai protesters target royal wealth

Bangkok - Thousands of Thai democracy activists rallied in Bangkok Wednesday to demand the king give up control of his multibillion-dollar fortune, turning their protest movement directly on the once-untouchable monarchy's vast wealth.

Thai pro-democracy leaders summoned over royal defamation

Bangkok - Twelve Thai pro-democracy protest leaders have been summoned by police to answer charges of royal defamation, the first use of the draconian law in almost three years, as Bangkok gears up for another major rally.

Tensions mount in Thai protests as Bangkok braces for major rally

Bangkok - Tensions are rising around Thailand's pro-democracy protests, with police shooting six people last week and using tear gas and water cannon on the streets of Bangkok.

LGBTQ support lends 'new taste' to Thai politics

Bangkok - It takes Siraphob Attohi three hours to transform from a harried student into his drag queen persona Masala Bold -- a wisecracking MC, who raises calls for gender equality during Thailand's protests for democratic reforms.

Thai students and dancing dinosaurs rally in Bangkok

Bangkok - Thousands of high school students upset about Thailand's lacklustre education system rallied alongside protestors dressed as dancing dinosaurs in Bangkok on Saturday.

Thailand's 'Bad Students' get an education from the streets

Bangkok - A mild-mannered teenage girl with owl glasses, a bob haircut and daisies painted on her fingernails is not your typical school troublemaker.
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Elephant Stay
Seafood destined for a store near you.
Seafood destined for a store near you.
Elephants stranded on the wall at the Royal Elephant Kraal in Ayutthaya
Elephants stranded on the wall at the Royal Elephant Kraal in Ayutthaya
Elephant Stay
Temple dancer. A young girl in Bangkok  Thailand.
Temple dancer. A young girl in Bangkok, Thailand.
ABC News
Screen shot
Screen shot
After a bloody  30 minute battle  the man was able to get the python to release his penis from its j...
After a bloody, 30 minute battle, the man was able to get the python to release his penis from its jaws.
People packing food for stranded elephants
People packing food for stranded elephants
Per Arne Granbo
Left of the picture: The Pavillion in the Lake (Phra Thinang Aisawan Thipaya) at Bang Pa-In Palace  ...
Left of the picture: The Pavillion in the Lake (Phra Thinang Aisawan Thipaya) at Bang Pa-In Palace, built in 1876, is one of the most beautiful structures in Thailand. Right of the picture: The Thewarat Khanlai Gate. The building is not really a gate but rather a boat house designed by an Italian architect hired by the Thai king.
Samutprakarn Crocodile Zoo in Bangkok  Thailand
Samutprakarn Crocodile Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand
Tom yam kung nam khon
Tom yam kung nam khon
Anti-government protester in Bangkok  Thailand. Photo Alessio Fratticcioli.
Anti-government protester in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo Alessio Fratticcioli.
Ruins of the ancient city of Ayutthaya  second capital of Siam.
Ruins of the ancient city of Ayutthaya, second capital of Siam.
Orchids at Bang Pa-In Palace  near the old city of Ayutthaya  Thailand.
Orchids at Bang Pa-In Palace, near the old city of Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Elephant drivers take a nap under a tree during slack time at the Ayutthaya historical park.
Elephant drivers take a nap under a tree during slack time at the Ayutthaya historical park.

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