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Op-Ed: Are pollsters out of touch?

Denver - Polls, sales and collectors are being hurt by people getting off the grid. When cell phones first came out in large numbers, users did not have to worry about unwanted phone calls. That has all changed.

Volkswagen 'Eyes on the Road' ad inspires road safety (Video)

Some adverts can confuse and seem totally unrelated to whatever they are trying to sell. Others tell a story in a strong and meaningful way, like this Volkswagen ad promoting road safety.

Father hits teacher with baseball bat after texting daughter

Perry Hall - The father of a Perry Hall, Maryland student struck a teacher with a baseball bat after he saw a series of text between the 42-year-old male teacher and his 15-year-old daughter.

'Happy' song Facebook update causes fatal crash

High Point - A North Carolina woman updates her Facebook status while driving on the highway, then dies shortly afterwards in a car accident.

Op-Ed: Study - Teen drivers still texting & drinking behind the wheel

A recent study shows that while teen drivers know which behaviors are risky, they don’t quite understand what it means to engage in those behaviors.

Apple’s latest idea set to revolutionize how we text on the go?

Apple has long been known as a source of innovation in technology and design, yet now have they solved one of the most tedious problems that has frustrated (and even injured) mobile users for years? Maybe.

Is the Facebook WhatsApp buy about defense in emerging markets?

Facebook's $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp appears to be a defensive move among teen users and the broader mobile environment, but is it really about international and emerging markets?

'Eat Fruit And Veg' — UK council to send out motivational texts

Stoke - A council in the United Kingdom will send out text messages to those that have signed up for a service that motivates them to lose weight.

Study: Texting interferes with other motor skills

Everyone knows the dangers of texting while driving, but a new study out of Australia's University of Queensland looks at texting and walking. But the findings should come as no surprise.

Texting comes to 911 calls Special

Aspen - The Federal Communications Commission is testing mobile phone texting as a way to make 911 calls. Major providers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Spring have voluntarily agreed to provide such service by the middle of next year.

Rumor: Twitter to launch standalone messaging app

Rumors are circulating about Twitter's private messaging feature. A recent report from All Things D reveals that the company is making improvements to its direct message function, and that Twitter may even release a separate messaging app.

Op-Ed: Has texting poisoned our social skills?

Communication. It’s an essential element of any personal or professional relationship and some people do it better than others.

Brolly Umbrella — Now you can text and email in the rain Special

Chicago - A unique umbrella, Brolly, has been developed with a special grip that allows for texting and emailing in the wind and rain and gives added comfort for those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. You can now multi-task in the rain.

Judge jails juror for texting during trial

Salem - An Oregon judge sent a 26-year-old juror to jail for texting during a trial. After explaining to jurors cellphones were not allowed, one juror disobeyed the rule.

AT&T report: Adults texting more than teens while driving

Despite advertising campaigns outlining the dangers of texting whilst driving and adults admitting knowing that texting while driving is dangerous, it seems adults can't control themselves; they continue to text away at the wheel - more so than teens.

Texting: Teenagers are doing it in their sleep

Villanova - We all know the type - people walking along like zombies, or sitting, totally unaware, in parks or public places, with their eyes and fingers glued to their phones. Well now, apparently, they are doing it in their sleep too.

Redesigned umbrella handle for those who can't stop texting

A new type of umbrella is on the market that texting enthusiasts may find appealing. The umbrella has a redesigned handle that eases trying to balance the umbrella while texting.

Facebook pushes deeper into mobile market with Messenger app

Facebook is introducing a feature in its mobile apps that allows people to message one other without needing a Facebook account. It appears this design will help the company grow deeper into the mobile market it has long coveted.

TMI - sharing too much information online biggest pet peeve

A new survey has found that people sharing too much information online, is the biggest complaint people have about new technology. And it seems to be an issue all over the world.

Tired of phone brightness at the cinema? There's an app for that Special

Toronto - A lot of individuals feel it is necessary to text, check email or play around with their mobile phone in the middle of a movie at the local cinema. Many have complained about the annoying light, but there's an app for that.

Suspected meth dealer accidentally sends police text message

An alleged drug dealer made a major gaffe last Tuesday when he texted an "errant" text message to a police officer. He was reportedly trying to make a sale.

U.S. town ticketing pedestrians caught texting while jaywalking

Fort Lee - Over the decades a popular saying joked that some people are unable to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Fast forward to 2012 and the saying refers to walking and texting at the same time.

Company stuck disabled teen with $8000 texting phone bill

First his girlfriend fools him, then his phone company. Now, the Canadian teen, who is mentally disabled, has been asked to pay an $8,000 cell phone bill for the whole month long ordeal.

Video: 2 lazy 2 rite — 'Smart' tech dumbing us down?

New York - All the latest technology makes it easy to communicate quickly, but is it actually dumbing down users of the various gadgets available?

Video: Man distracted by texting on phone walks into black bear

La Crescenta - We have all been told that texting while walking down a street is risky and can lead to serious accidents, but not many have heeded the warnings. A California man learned the hard way. He walked into a 500lb black bear while texting on his phone.

Op-Ed: Poll suggests most youth want movie theatres to permit texting

Los Angeles - Do you hate it when people take out their phone and begin to text in the middle of a movie? Well, it seems a lot of young people want movie theatres to permit texting. Is this diminishing the traditional movie experience?

Report: Average U.S. teenager sends, receives 60 texts per day

Los Angeles - A new report from the Pew Research Center shows that the average American teenager sends and receives approximately 60 text messages each day. It found that three quarters of all teenagers text message.

South Carolina lawmakers approve bill prohibiting 'sexting'

Columbia - A panel of lawmakers initially passed a bill on Wednesday making it a crime for young people to partake in "sexting." The bill specifically targets South Carolina children between the ages of 12 and 17.

Video: Girl falls on live TV while texting

The video of a girl who fell during a live broadcast was recently uploaded on YouTube and has gone viral. The incident was captured in the background of a live news broadcast on CBC.

Ban on cellphone use while driving recommended for entire U.S.

Washington - In a unanimous board vote, The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced Tuesday states should institute bans on cellphone use while driving, including other personal electronic devices (PEDs). .
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texting while driving
texting while driving
The driver of an Aerobus shuttle bus  texting while driving
The driver of an Aerobus shuttle bus, texting while driving
YouTube screengrab fair use
Young woman texting on a train
Young woman texting on a train
Screenshot of Facebook messenger
Screenshot of Facebook messenger
Niccolò Caranti
Stoke on Trent Council will text volunteers with  motivational  messages
Stoke on Trent Council will text volunteers with 'motivational' messages
BBC News
Courtney Sanford in a selfie from Facebook
Courtney Sanford in a selfie from Facebook
Users can text questions to a staff awaiting their questions  but only on iOS for now.
Users can text questions to a staff awaiting their questions, but only on iOS for now.
A woman texting outside
A woman texting outside
Jeffrey Kontur
Lord Jim/flickr
Picture by Flickr user summerskyephotography
Picture by Flickr user summerskyephotography
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