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Ontario police will use text messages as new way to find killer

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP} have come up with an innovative way to try and solve a murder case. They will send text messages to telephone subscribers who were in a specific area around the time the victim was last seen alive.

'Find My iPhone' helps cops find kidnapped Pa. woman, bust her ex

East Stroudsburg - Thanks to her mother's iPhone tracking app, a Pennsylvania woman who was allegedly kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend was rescued, police say. The woman met her ex-boyfriend,18, in East Stroudsburg to discuss custody of a child.

Charges for teen who told boyfriend to kill himself

Fairhaven - A Massachusetts teen has been charged for allegedly pushing her boyfriend to kill himself with text messages between the pair as evidence.

Teacher fired for allowing students to have sex in classroom

Stone Mountain - A 25-year-old DeKalb County, Georgia middle school teacher and coach has been arrested and charged with allegedly allowing students to use a storage closet in his classroom for sexual encounters.

SmartWatches are so yesterday — Introducing the SmartRing

As Samsung, Apple and Co. are all launching their own takes on the SmartWatches, MOTA, a US company based in the Silicon Valley with its award-winning design team, has designed the next step in the high-tech consumer electronics: the SmartRing!

AT&T report: Adults texting more than teens while driving

Despite advertising campaigns outlining the dangers of texting whilst driving and adults admitting knowing that texting while driving is dangerous, it seems adults can't control themselves; they continue to text away at the wheel - more so than teens.

Electronic contact lenses let you view text messages in your eyes

A tech company announced that it is developing electronic contact lenses aimed at improving the vision of the person who uses them and to allow the wearer to view text messages.

Video: 2 lazy 2 rite — 'Smart' tech dumbing us down?

New York - All the latest technology makes it easy to communicate quickly, but is it actually dumbing down users of the various gadgets available?

New Pew research: Teenagers love texting not talking on the phone

Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project have released a report that shows the growth of texting in the daily life of teenagers, the decline of phone use and the first ever released figures of smartphone ownership amongst teenagers.

Pakistan authorities: 'Jesus Christ' and 'Satan' obscene words

Islamabad - The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has come under criticism after it ordered mobile phone companies to block text messages with certain words and phrases. The human rights group Bytes For All has said it plans to challenge the order in court.

Wikileaks releases pager messages sent on 9/11

Over 500,000 national US pager intercepts from 9/11 2001 is published on the Internet by Wikileaks, an uncensored version of Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis.

Send Text Messages into Outer Space: ET, What’s Up?

Until August 24, those die-hards yearning to text with a new and different inter galactic touch may send via an Australian website, short mobile phone-type messages into outer space. Read on for more information, and ET, stand by.

Gadget allows plants to send text messages when in need of water

When plants in a farm need water, a clip-in chip device sends a text message notification to the farmer. This helps conserve water, as well as ensure plants are only watered when necessary.

Girl, 14, sent 35,000 text messages in a month

A Florida teen has sent thousands of text messages in one month. She sent more than 35,000 text messages in a month, but luckily her parents have unlimited message plan. Otherwise it would have cost them at least $7,000.

13-year-old girl sends 14,528 text messages in one month

The father of the teen received a 440-page cell phone bill last month and was shocked to find his daughter sent an average of 484 text messages a day for one month.

Victim sends text messages to nab carjacking suspects

A victim lost his BMW, cellphone and cash to an armed man. The victim, after filing a police report, sent text messages to his phone and lured the robbers to the police.

No text messages or calls for New Jersey drivers

New Jersey Police will begin ticketing people using mobile phones or sending text messages while driving. They will impose a minimum fine of $100. It is the first state in the U.S. to impose a ban on texting while driving.

How Private is Text Messaging?

We're constantly reminded to not use the office computer to send personal emails due to the lack of privacy and perhaps the same caution should be used with office cell phones and pagers.

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Frederick  John  Hatch  65  was found in Erin  Ontario and it was determined the senior had been mur...
Frederick "John" Hatch, 65, was found in Erin, Ontario and it was determined the senior had been murdered.
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