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Smart keyboard SwiftKey is now owned by Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed it has bought SwiftKey, an award-winning and very popular custom keyboard for Android and iOS devices. The company plans to integrate SwiftKey's predictive technologies into its own Word Flow keyboard.

In the trench war over climate text, a little means a lot

Le Bourget - Will a battle over two words -- "shall" and "should" -- decide the fate of mankind?Negotiators gathered in Paris are trying to craft an historic global deal by December 11 to save humanity from a feared climate catastrophe.

Light trim for rough draft of climate pact

Paris - Senior diplomats charged with condensing an unwieldy draft for a global climate rescue pact, due to be inked in December, handed in their much-anticipated homework.

Exam students vent their frustration at Edexcel GCSE maths paper

16-year-old school students have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at a maths exam paper by British exam board Edexcel, taken today. The trend has led to thousands mocking the "impossible" questions by turning them on their heads with memes.

Crash your friend's iPhone by sending this specific text

A new bug in Apple's iOS means anybody can crash an iPhone by sending a very specific message over text or iMessage. On doing so, the app will crash and — if the phone is on the lockscreen — causing the entire device to restart in a major annoyance.

WhatsApp now has 800 million active monthly users

The hugely popular text messaging app WhatsApp has announced it now has 800 million monthly active users on the platform, putting it on target to reach the 1 billion mark before the end of the year and making it the biggest app of its kind.

Microsoft expands beta of Skype for Web

Microsoft has launched a beta of Skype for Web. The new website will allow users to access Skype from any web browser, removing the issue of being unable to use the popular communication program on computers where it is not installed.

Man arrested after asking his probation officer for weed via text

A man was arrested after he accidentally sent his probation officer a text message asking if they had any weed that he could buy.

White House intensifies political campaign for Iran deal

Washington - The White House intensified efforts to placate political opposition to an interim Iran nuclear deal, as one influential Republican suggested delaying a vote on new sanctions until July.

New service helps you find a job via text

The Web may make it easier for people to find jobs, but millions of hourly workers do not have access to the Internet, finding it difficult to take advantage of the job searching tools it provides.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini scheduled for release this weekend

If the five-inch Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be a bit overkill for your purposes, the good news is you do not have to wait much longer. Samsung has revealed the release date for the 'Mini' series for the S4 arriving this weekend.

Rumors for the upcoming iPhone 5S reveals possible new features

It's no surprise to see Apple slowly losing its place in the market as Samsung unleashes their 5-inch Galaxy S4, HTC revealing its 'One' series, and Research In Motion struggling to stay in the game by offering up the revamped Blackberry Z10.

How you can send a text message to charge your cellphone

People who are living off the grid can pay for electricity to charge their cellphone by sending a text message, which is the cheapest method found so far.

AT&T buys Verizon Wireless spectrum for $1.9 billion

Wireless mobile phone service provider AT&T is making a very big investment, $1.9 billion to be exact. This deal takes place with the biggest network providers by subscriber - Verizon Wireless.

Syrian authorities send rebels text message:'Game Over'

Damascus - Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime, say they have received text messages on their mobile phones from authorities saying, "Game Over."

Suspected meth dealer accidentally sends police text message

An alleged drug dealer made a major gaffe last Tuesday when he texted an "errant" text message to a police officer. He was reportedly trying to make a sale.

UK Government announces plans to monitor digital communication

The UK Government will be able to monitor the calls, emails, text messages and web habits of every person in the UK under new legislation set to be announced soon.

Survey reveals one in ten dumped by text

It used to be a 'Dear John' letter that was scorned as the callous way to dump a partner. Technological methods prove more popular these days, as a new survey reveals that one in ten have been dumped by text message,

Saudi Man divorces wife through text message

Medina - A Saudi Arabian court has ruled that a man's angry text message to his wife announcing his separation from her was valid grounds for a divorce.

Survey: U.S. behind Japan and Europe in mobile usage

In a recent international survey from comScore on mobile usage patterns, users of wireless devices in the United States still trail those of Japan and Europe - with curious differences among the regions studied.

Pills that text people when they forget meds being tested in UK

Pills that will send a text to a mobile phone when people forget to take their medication is being tested in the UK. The pills contain a microchip that can signal a patch worn on skin.

Atheist group offers porn in exchange for Bibles

San Antonio - An atheist student group at the University of Texas in San Antonio held its annual "Smut for Smut" event this month. The group encourages people to trade in their religious texts for pornography.

TigerText: the iPhone App for cheating spouses?

An iPhone app called TigerText appears to make cheating a lot easier by deleting drunken messaging that may come back to haunt you.

U.S. military weapons have biblical inscriptions

During President Barrack Obama's first overseas visit in Turkey he said the U.S. "is not and will never be at war with Islam." But American gunsights are inscribed with biblical references that could mean to some that Americans are using "Jesus rifles".

Biblical Scholarship ’Breakthrough,’ Oldest Hebrew Text Found

A recently deciphered Hebrew text shows the first Biblical scriptures could be hundreds of years older that accepted by current scholarship. The inscription is written in ink on a clay pottery shard.

Guns and Roses: The Play opens in Toronto January 13

A different type of theatre is coming to Toronto this month - inspired by real Toronto teens and the city's headlines, Guns & Roses is a fast-paced, honest look into the lives of these teens and the often too-secret world they inhabit.

Texting while driving increases accident risk by 20 times

After analyzing data from several studies conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI). Researches concluded that texting while driving increases the risk of road accident by a whopping 20 times.

UN OKs Islamic Text Against Defamation

The following is a disturbing update to my most recent OpEd, 'Genocidal Leader Slams Fitna as Human Rights Violation.' If you're an advocate of free speech and expression as I am, be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Twittering or Texting Too Much Leads To New Psychiatric Disease

An article in the American Journal of Psychiatry claims that sending too many text messages has serious implications for your health, possibly leading to an addiction. The extent of this malady is still unknown because of the denial surrounding it.

Write Text Longer Than 140 Characters in Twitter

In Twitter network, you can only post messages that are 140 characters long, otherwise you have to split the messages. But now there is a Firefox extension that is able to overcome this rule, allowing you to type longer messages.
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Scientists examine the Etruscan stele, weighing about 500 pounds and nearly four feet tall by more than two feet wide.
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