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Texas governor News

Rick Perry will not seek re-election next year

San Antonio - Rick Perry, Texas' longest-serving governor, announced Monday that he will not seek re-election in 2014. He also plans to retire, though he has left open the possibility of running for president again.

Texas Governor Rick Perry eyes 2016 run for the White House

Houston - The 2012 presidential election hasn't even been decided yet, but some Republicans are looking at running for the presidency four years from now. Texas Governor Rick Perry is one of those possible GOP presidential contenders.

Op-Ed: Rick Perry should now plan National Day of Prayer for Rick Perry

Washington - Of all the horrible presidential choices the GOP has presented its followers over the decades, none has been more horrific than Texas Governor Rick Perry, a man who should now lead America toward a National Day of Prayer for Rick Perry.

Perry changes course again, headed to South Carolina primary

Des Moines - Texas Governor Rick Perry, after suffering the first defeat of his political career Tuesday in Iowa, has changed course yet again, and is now headed for the South Carolina primary which takes place January 21.

News for taxpayers, Rick Perry’s security expenses on rise

Austin - Despite low poll numbers, Texas Governor Rick Perry can add a rising number to his credentials, the amount of money taxpayers are hit with in providing security for ongoing out-of-state trips in his quest to become president.

Engaging with climate deniers 'a joke’ says former prez Clinton

New York - Former US President Bill Clinton laid it on GOP climate change deniers in New York this week at the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual meeting held in NYC, telling the group of philanthropic leaders""we look like a joke” when engaging in denial.

Texas unemployment on rise, Perry’s jobs growth agenda at risk

Austin - Unemployment in Texas rose to 8.5 percent in August as the nation’s economic crisis has apparently come to the Lone Star State, and the statistic will offer plenty of ammunition as GOP presidential hopefuls renew attacks on the state’s brash governor.

Pawlenty endorses Romney in time for Tea Party debate

Washington - Former Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty thrown his support behind Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential nomination, claiming Romney is best qualified to deal with the America’s “severe economic predicament.”

Op-Ed: Texas firefighters budget was slashed by Perry and state GOP

Austin - As the state of Texas continues battling wildfires in a season extending for almost a year, Governor Rick Perry and GOP cohorts helped guide through drastic budget cuts to the Texas Forest Service (TFS), a wrong move which has come home to roost.

If he’s elected, Perry says feds ‘won’t know what hit ‘em’

Columbia - Texas Governor Rick Perry once again has his sights set on federal agencies, and speaking on Monday in South Carolina told a town hall crowd that, if elected president, federal agencies “won’t know what hit ‘em.”

Op-Ed: Rick Perry tells war vets we must take ‘the fight to the enemy’

San Antonio - Speaking as the governor of Texas on Monday at the annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Rick Perry said the US must take “the fight to the enemy”, before we are attacked at home, sounding eerily like his predecessor, George Junior.

Rick Perry bills federal gov't $349M over illegal immigration

Washington - Taking Texas heat to a new level, Republican state governor Rick Perry earlier this month billed the federal government $349 million for costs associated with detention of illegal immigrants, even as he attempts his own immigration to Washington.

Rick Perry links fed chairman Bernanke to treason

Cedar Rapids - Texas Governor Rick Perry officially entered the presidential campaign on Saturday and wasting no time in creating hostilities, in response to a question on Monday, said Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is playing politics in a "treasonous" manner.

Spokesman: Gov. Rick Perry running for president

Austin - Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to announce he is joining the race for the Republican nomination for the next presidential candidate, according to a spokesman from the Perry camp.

Texas delegation members urging Perry to seek presidential bid

Austin - Texas Governor Rick Perry, longest-serving governor in the US, is being urged to make a White House run by some members of the Texas Republican delegation, a move which would make him a “strong candidate” for the party’s presidential nomination.

Obama rejects Texas’ request for wildfire disaster declaration

Austin - After a fire burned more than 2.2 million acres of land in the parched state of Texas, President Obama has denied the state’s request of a federal disaster declaration, forcing leading politicians to issue strong statements over the US leader’s decisi

Texas wildfires lead gov to role reversal, now seeks federal aid

Austin - After repeatedly declaring he wants the US government to keep out of the affairs of Texans, governor Rick Perry recently sent a letter to President Obama requesting more federal resources, including money, to fight the worst wildfires in state history.

Texas wildfires continue, with long recoveries expected

Caddo - Wildfires ravaging the state of Texas continue impacting its residents, with the Possum Kingdom Lake community that has lost 160 homes and two churches thus far to the fires likely taking “years” to recover.

Texas gov. to suspend arts and history programs to balance budget

Austin - Texas governor Rick Perry delivered his State of the State speech this week and among the highlights he spoke of was the need to suspend the State Historical Commission and the Commission on the Arts in addressing the state’s $27 billion budget deficit.

Rick Perry: Trouble balancing freedoms, public safety

Austin - Texas Governor Rick Perry said this week Austin's plane crash shows that it's difficult in balancing a free society with the general public's security and safety.

Free At Last. Spends Half of Life In Prison. Texas Governor Pardons

Tyrone Brown was incarcerated at 17 for testing positive for smoking marijuana when he was on probation for a $2.00 stickup.Texas Governor Rick Perry signs executive proclomation! At 34 years old Tyrone Brown will be - Free at last!

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Even Texas' illustrious governor, Rick Perry, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, made an appearance at the roundup.
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Texas governor Rick Perry.
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