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UN Security Council condemns latest N.Korea missile tests

New York - The UN Security Council on Thursday "strongly condemned" recent North Korean missile and ballistic missile engine tests, denouncing Pyongyang's "increasingly destabilizing behavior.

Putting stress at bay through memory tests

When people are stressed they tend, sometimes, to become confused and forget things. New research suggests learning by taking practice tests helps to protect the memory against the negative effects of stress.

Treating cancer with bacteria shows promise

In a remarkable study, researchers have shown that injecting bacteria into a cancer tumor helped shrink it. Studies were first carried out on dogs, and then, with interesting results, on a female cancer patient.

Indiana drops the Common Core standards for students

In January, the Indiana Senate education committee approved a repeal of Common Core standards, the national benchmark for preparing students for colleges or careers.

New standardized tests slated for 200,000 students in Washington

Approximately 200,000 students in the state of Washington will be taking the state’s newly revamped standardized test between now and early June.

Bankers fear leaks from ECB health check

Euro zone bankers are worried that sensitive information will leak out before the official publication of the bloc's review of bank balance sheets, triggering speculation and making investors uneasy...

Eurozone regulators gather for detail on bank review plans

The eurozone's banks are about to get greater insight into the European Central Bank's landmark review of their books, as national experts and their advisers meet in Frankfurt on Monday to hammer down det...

School district proposes random drug tests for high schoolers

A school district in New Jersey has proposed random drug and alcohol testing for high school students, who could end up losing school privileges, as well as being forced into counseling, if they test positive.

Weed killer glyphosate found in human urine across Europe

Friends of the Earth Europe (FoE) commissioned a series of urine tests on people in 18 countries across Europe. The results were released on Thursday and FoE is asking, "Why is there weed killer in our bodies?"

Economic crisis causes surge in sales of older cars in Spain

Madrid - Due to the economic crisis, so far in 2013 one in three cars sold in Spain is over ten years old, a trend that could be of major concern for road safety.

Are girls better at science than boys?

For many years the common conception has been that boys do better at science than girls. A new study of 15 year-olds appears to turn that 'common conception' on its head.

Op-Ed: Phonics pronk - Do education experts need to go back to school?

The Synthetic Phonics test, devised by educational experts, to test the reading ability of six year old children suggests educational experts may have a rather limited vocabulary and need to return to school.

Results of first animal feeding trial on GM maize & Roundup

This is the first study of its kind, it is peer-reviewed, and will be published in the American journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology. The results are not reassuring.

Video: NASA's Morpheus lander explodes on test flight

NASA says the Project Morpheus lander vehicle has "experienced a hardware component failure", and exploded during a test flight at Kennedy Space Center.

Breast cancer response to chemotherapy Ccn be detected quicker

A new 24-hour test can detect whether chemotherapy is working on breast cancer patients. It can save time, money, and unwanted side effects, researchers say.

European airlines begin testing volcanic ash cloud

Profits of European airlines are being smothered in ash, therefore beginning with the Netherlands, they are sending up test flights to check out how soon the air may clear around their profit and loss statements and some flights can resume.

Russia tests powerful 'dad of all bombs'

The Russian military has now successfully tested what it described as the world's most powerful non-nuclear air-delivered bomb, Russia's state television reported on Tuesday..

If You Have The Wrong Attitude, You Won't Get A Driving Licence In The UK

There are too many bad tempered drivers on the road today, including my father, so the UK government wants to clamp down on the amount of crimes committed by motorists against each other. Future drivers will get to sit psychological tests

Tens of Thousands Of UK Women May Be Pregnant And Not Know it

An alert has been confirmed in the UK as fears grown over faulty hospital pregnancy testing kits could be giving the wrong results. Thousands of women are being asked to contact their GP as many could have been given a negative result from the test

Hope for Safe Parental Gene Tests

Work by scientists could lead to a non-invasive blood test to detect genetic abnormalities such as Down's syndrome in the womb.

Take a Free IQ Test!!

This website is really cool. You could get sucked in for quite a while taking all the fun little mini tests. Theres all kinds of categories of tests, such as IQ, career, body, and health tests. Most of them are free, but there is a few that the...

Customers face radioactivity tests

"Customers at a restaurant and an hotel visited by a poisoned ex-KGB officer will be tested for the radioactive substance that killed him, said health chiefs."

Thanks for the memories

Claims that testing, or exams in school boosts your recall

How do scientists determine if a nuclear blast has occurred?

With current world events I'm sure some are wondering how we know if a nuke was tested... I know I am...

Study Shows Dogs Learn Words as Quickly as Children

WASHINGTON (voa) — Human children acquire vocabulary at an astounding rate. Beginning around age two, they learn about 10 new words a day. Studies have shown that they can instinctively learn the name of something even if they have not heard the word b.

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Results of urine tests across Europe for glyphosate weedkiller.
Results of urine tests across Europe for glyphosate weedkiller.
Friends of the Earth Europe
Note the strong standing of Canada in the reading proficiency results.
Note the strong standing of Canada in the reading proficiency results.
Screen Grab fro PISA 2009 Results Video
Many countries have been aiding on the yteatment og thr Rbola virus.
Many countries have been aiding on the yteatment og thr Rbola virus.
European Commission DG