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Tesla motors News

Tesla suspended production of Model 3 briefly in late February

Palo Alto - The foremost electric car (EV) maker Tesla suspended production of its popular Model 3 for almost a whole week in late February. The suspension was planned to allow time to make changes that the company hopes will increase productivity.

The first thirty Tesla Model 3 electric cars bought by employees

Fremont - Elon Musk the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla claimed that the electric car maker had already more than half a million advance reservations for the new Model 3 that is relatively inexpensive for a fully electric car.

Tesla wants to sell cars with insurance and maintenance included

Tesla has actually been quietly experimenting with this model in Asia by selling cars with insurance and maintenance included, Jon McNeill, Tesla's president of sales and services, said during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call.

Is Apple preparing to buy Tesla Motors?

According to successful entrepreneur and analyst Jason Calacanis, Apple will likely purchase Tesla Motors for $75 billion in approximately 18 months.

Apple may enter the car industry

Industry insiders are speculating that Apple is considering entering the car industry, joining Google and Tesla Motors in the production of electric cars.

Tesla Motors under pressure to stop Georgia sales

Atlanta - The Georgia Automobile Dealers Association has filed a petition with lawmakers to force Tesla Motors to stop selling cars in Georgia.

Electric turbo vehicles could solve speed problems

New technology may see electric vehicles gaining a similar boost of speed to their older counterparts. By using an "electric turbo" system drivers allegedly can get both the speed they want and still be environmentally conscious.

Tesla announces the smaller vehicle called Model 3

Tesla Motors announced a new electric car that is smaller and has less range than older models they dubbed Model 3, which is the fourth car model produced by the company.

Toyota plans to bring hydrogen-fueled sedan to the market

Toyota already has some vehicles in the alternative market. Now they are bringing an affordable new model that harnesses the power of hydrogen fuel cells.

Op-Ed: The battle for the electric car — Nissan Leaf vs. Tesla Motors

The electric car could be considered to be the next great frontier in the evolution of the automobile, and there are several different contenders for this title.

Op-Ed: Special interests and the Tesla ban in U.S. states

Trenton - Tesla Motors, maker of popular electric automobiles, has been banned or severely limited from selling its cars in several states already.

Federal investigation begins for Tesla fires

Have you heard about how Tesla cars are catching fire? It's not a publicity stunt for the Hunger Games, though. The Feds are taking it seriously after the third time a Tesla car has burst into flames this year.

Tesla explains cause of Model S fire, share prices fall

On Tuesday, a Tesla Model S sedan caught fire, the first recorded instance of it happening to the new electric cars. Tesla explained recently that the fire started when a piece of debris struck the hood and ignited a battery pack.

NYU finance professor says Tesla stock worth under $70

Ever wondered how Tesla Motors is doing in the field of stocks and market shares? A finance professor from NYU makes a prediction but doesn't even come close.

Op-Ed: How Tesla became a sensation

Many Americans don’t know much about Tesla, but that’s about to change. The company’s profile has been increasing in recent months, and has become the latest electric car sensation.

Tesla vs Dealers: North Carolina bill may ban state Tesla sales

Raleigh - Tesla Motors is fighting a bill backed by North Carolina’s 7,000 auto dealers that would make it illegal for the car manufacturer to sell its award-winning electric cars through its Internet-based model.

1st Car of the Year with no internal combustion engine (video)

Meet the Tesla Model S - an electric car with a difference. Forget the idea of a little golf cart that you plug in each night. This Motor Trend 2013 Car of the Year is the real deal.

Tesla Roadster: First Test Drive

Ottawa - Toys come in all shapes and sizes, but it's safe to say this is a really big toy. No length of contract will make it fit into your budget but that doesn't mean it can't be the car of your dreams.

Tesla Motors: Mechanics Will Make House Calls

Startup car company Tesla has announced their newest strategy in brewing up business. The company has announced that like Best Buy's Geek Squad, their mechanics will be available to come to your home.

Elon Musk: Tesla Founder Dreams of Electric Airplanes

An electronic airplane is the dream of Elon Musk, founder of Space Exploration Technologies. As the Chairman of Tesla Motors, he hopes to one day develop his idea. Read more about his amazing plan.

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The Tesla Powerwall battery for homes  businesses  and utilities.
The Tesla Powerwall battery for homes, businesses, and utilities.
© Tesla Motors
Tesla Model 3 achieves 345 km of range per charge while starting at only 35 000 USD before incentive...
Tesla Model 3 achieves 345 km of range per charge while starting at only 35,000 USD before incentives.
© Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors all-electric Model S sedan
Tesla Motors all-electric Model S sedan
public handout
Tesla Motors all-electric Model S sedan
Tesla Motors all-electric Model S sedan
Sam Felder
Tesla Roadster
Tesla Roadster

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