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Tesla News

Tesla claims Panasonic battery supply a constraint on production

Tesla claimed that a shortage of batteries made by Panasonic is the fundamental constraint on the production of Tesla EVs. Tesla says it is not getting enough batteries from the Nevada Gigafactory to keep up with the number of vehicles it wants to make.

Fiat to pay Tesla in a deal to meet EU emission standards

Automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will pay Tesla for the right to count Tesla electric vehicles as part of its fleet of cars. By pooling vehicles with Tesla, Fiat hopes its fleet will have average emissions low enough to meet new EU standards.

Tesla deliveries miss by wide margin in first-quarter

Tesla Inc shares fell 11 percent on Thursday after a bigger-than-expected drop in first-quarter deliveries, led by declining demand for its luxury Model S and X vehicles.

Tesla's Elon Musk unveils Model Y electric crossover SUV

Tesla unveiled a new electric crossover SUV, the Model Y, during an event at the company’s design studio in Hawthorne on Thursday evening. Chief Executive Elon Musk said the compact SUV would be priced at about $47,000.

Tesla raises prices and walks back plan to close most showrooms

Tesla is backtracking on its plans to close its showrooms. Additionally, Tesla will raise the price of its vehicles, with the exception of the Basic Model 3 sedan.

Landlords may throw wrench into Tesla's planned store closings

Elon Musk's cost-savings plan to save money by closing most of its retail stores may have back-fired on him. Besides blindsiding many employees - Landlords are asking how Tesla plans to get out of its lease contracts.

Tesla announces that all sales will be on the Internet in future

Just last week, Tesla announced that it was closing most of its showrooms in order to cut costs. Tesla will now sell its vehicles online rather than through stores with showrooms.

New Tesla Model Y to be unveiled March 14, tweets Musk

Hawthorne - In a tweet Sunday evening, Elon Musk announced Tesla will reveal the Model Y at its design studio in Los Angeles on March 14.

Tesla launches cheaper Model 3 - Wall Street not impressed

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made some splashy announcements Thursday, but Wall Street analysts were unimpressed after Musk announced a cheaper Model 3.

The world's most successful EV model may surprise you

The most popular electric vehicle in the world today is not made in the U.S. or China. Even though China’s BYD and Tesla continue to vie for top dog in sales, it is Japan's Nissan Leaf, which is the most popular electric vehicle of all time

Op-Ed: Tesla CEO & founder Elon Musk calls bitcoin technology brilliant

Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Tesla and SpaceX has made public his belief that cryptocurrencies offer an improved alternative to conventional money. He also claims that bitcoin's technology is brilliant.

Tesla is bleeding executives — experts say it may create problems

Tesla is known for its high rate of turnover among executive and senior-level employees. The level of turnover Tesla has experienced in its senior ranks is unusual in the auto industry and could make recruiting more difficult, Keller said.

Tesla's giant battery in Australia turns in a top performance

The huge battery at Hornsdale in South Australia is continuing to make its mark on the energy market in Australia. It made another $4 million in the fourth quarter from providing services. The battery is on track to recoup a third of its cost in one year.

Op-Ed: Tesla needs to find new customers for the Model 3

After Tesla had a year first of "production hell" and then "delivery hell" as far as Model 3 production was concerned the question now arises how many more customers are there for the vehicle especially the higher priced models.

Tesla to roll out Sentry and Dog Modes for Teslas this week

There are often news reports of dogs, and even young children, being left in cars that overheat in the sun with harmful or even fatal results. Tesla's new Dog Mode would solve that problem by keeping the car inside at around room temperature.

Large investor in Tesla increases stake by about $32 million

The second largest shareholder of Tesla stock Baillie Gifford and Co. has increased its share in the well known maker of electric cars and energy storage batteries. CEO Elon Musk is the largest shareholder who owns about 20 percent of Tesla.

Tesla faces problems with its first Model 3 deliveries in Europe

It is a year and a half after US Tesla customers began to receive their orders for the Model 3 until the first shipment of the models arrived at the beginning of this week at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge.

Volkswagen to install Tesla battery packs at EV charge stations

Volkswagen's Electrify America said on Monday it will install Tesla battery storage packs at more than 100 charging stations across the United States to keep costs down for drivers charging electric vehicles.

Tesla to buy battery tech maker Maxwell Technologies

Tesla Inc is buying Maxwell Technologies Inc for $218 million in an all-stock deal that will help the electric car maker beef up its battery technology at a time when it is ramping up production of its crucial Model 3 sedan.

Tesla's 4th quarter profits miss expectations — CFO retires

Tesla reported its second consecutive quarterly profit Wednesday and better-than-expected sales, but its fourth-quarter earnings fell short of analysts' expectations— with its shares dipping slightly in after-hours trading.

Tesla fined $29,365 for violating California labor laws

Fremont - The EV maker Tesla has had a fine of $29,365 imposed on it for violating California labor laws in its parking lot tent, GA4, where the company has been assembling the popular Model 3.

Tesla says no deal has been made to source batteries from Lishen

Juicy news and rumors don't take long to spread on the Internet, so when the first reports came out that Tesla had signed a preliminary agreement with Chinese battery maker Tianjin Lishen, they reverberated rather quickly.

Tesla to increase charges at its Supercharger stations

Palo Alto - Tesla will raise rates at its Supercharger stations after it implements a new pricing structure. At present, it charges using a state/region pricing scheme. It will now use a structure that prices individual stations according to local power and demand.

Tesla will cut workforce 7 percent as it tries to lower prices

Hawthorne - Tesla has announced plans to reduce its full-time workforce by 7 percent as it works to increase Model 3 production and cut prices in order to break out of the niche-car market to produce an electric vehicle that more people can afford.

Global car makers intend to spend up to $300 billion on EVs

Global car manufacturers are planning to invest huge sums to develop and obtain batteries and build electric vehicles (EVs) over the next five to ten years.

Cadillac will be GM's lead EV in challenge to Tesla

Cadillac is expected to become General Motors' lead electric vehicle brand as the largest U.S. automaker gears up to introduce a new model under that luxury marquee to challenge Tesla, two people briefed on the matter said Thursday.

China offers Elon Musk permanent residency

Bejing - Tesla boss Elon Musk has been offered a "green card", China said Thursday, a privilege enjoyed by an elite group of foreigners, including several Nobel laureates and a former NBA star.

Elon Musk breaks ground on Tesla's Shanghai factory

Shanghai - After four years of planning, Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is becoming a reality. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong celebrated on Monday the groundbreaking of the electric automaker's first non-U.S. factory.

Tesla customers in Europe and China able to configure Model 3s

Tesla began taking reservations for Model 3s in both Europe and China at year's end of 2018. After making a $1,000 deposit customers were able to use the Tesla online configurator. However, now the customer can use the company's "design studio" as well.

Tesla shares tumble on lackluster delivery numbers

Tesla disappointed investors Wednesday, announcing that it delivered 90,700 vehicles during the fourth quarter — short of Wall Street forecasts despite its efforts to ramp up production. Shares in Tesla fell by more than 9 percent in morning trading.
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Tesla Image

James Lee Taylor stars as Tesla in Off-Broadway production.
James Lee Taylor stars as Tesla in Off-Broadway production.
Photo Courtesy of Nihat Odabasi
Tesla Roadster.
Tesla Roadster.
Digital Journal
Tesla decided to sell a $1500 surfboard  and only made 200.
Tesla decided to sell a $1500 surfboard, and only made 200.
Some analysts warn that CEO Elon Musk's recent social media dust-ups could have a long-term imp...
Some analysts warn that CEO Elon Musk's recent social media dust-ups could have a long-term impact on Tesla
Picture of first Model 3 coming off the production line at the newly erected assembly line in Fremon...
Picture of first Model 3 coming off the production line at the newly erected assembly line in Fremont, California. It took three weeks to build, using minimal resources.
Elon Musk
Twitter @TeslaClubBE
The Tesla Model 3 Sedan
The Tesla Model 3 Sedan
Tesla is readying an assault on Europe  taking advantage of that continent s aggressively expanding ...
Tesla is readying an assault on Europe, taking advantage of that continent's aggressively expanding electric charging infrastucture, with its new Model X crossover utility vehicle.
Tesla Motors
NHTSA, Bloomberg
Tesla car panel  with car image in 3D. Taken at a Tesla showroom in London.
Tesla car panel, with car image in 3D. Taken at a Tesla showroom in London.
Tesla concept pickup truck
Tesla concept pickup truck
Elon Musk
Tesla electric car in a display room at Westfield Shopping Centre  London.
Tesla electric car in a display room at Westfield Shopping Centre, London.
The cab of the ET-One.
The cab of the ET-One.
Thor Trucks
Sam Felder
The Thor Trucks ET-One
The Thor Trucks ET-One
Thor Trucks
The Tesla P85+ all electric car and its charging station are displayed at the North American Interna...
The Tesla P85+ all electric car and its charging station are displayed at the North American International Auto Show on January 14, 2014 in Detroit
Stan Honda, AFP
2016 Tesla Model X finished in black. Picture taken in Lantana  Florida.
2016 Tesla Model X finished in black. Picture taken in Lantana, Florida.
Christopher Ziemnowicz
Elon Musk

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