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Tesco News

Online criminals steal money from 20,000 Tesco Bank accounts

U.K. banking provider Tesco Bank has announced it has suspended all online transactions for its current account customers. The bank's chief executive confirmed criminals stole money from over 20,000 accounts over the weekend. It is currently unknown how.

Smartphone bill saving for watching adverts

London - Would you agree to watch more adverts sent to your mobile device in return for a reduction to your monthly bill? This is exactly what retail group Tesco is implementing.

Tesco sees plastic bag usage down by 80% since 5P charge

Data suggests that the number of plastic bags taken home by people at Tesco stores in England has dropped by almost 80 percent ever since the company introduced a 5P levy.

MRSA superbug in supermarket pork sparks alarm over farming risks

Cambridge - A strain of the MRSA superbug linked to the overuse of antibiotics has been discovered in pork sold by several prominent British supermarkets, according to an investigation by The Guardian.

Amazon takes Tesco’s spot on top of UK entertainment market

The American-based online retailer Amazon surged past its rival Tesco during the third quarter of this year. The period, which ended with September, saw Amazon holding 22.5 percent of the entertainment market.

Tesco linked to slave food?

According to a human rights group, migrant workers are being enslaved in grim and violent conditions to produce many of the prawns on our supermarket shelves. One of the supermarkets is said to be Tesco.

UK supermarkets lose battle with German chains

Aldi and Lidl are the winners of the British supermarket industry this year. Morrisons, ASDA, Sainsbury's and Tesco are losing ground.

Tesco seeks Asia pick-up after fresh profit setback

London - Supermarket giant Tesco announced a second drop in annual profits in a row on Wednesday, leaving Britain's biggest retailer hoping that recent expansion into India and China can offset weakness in Europe.

Tesco seeks Asia pick-up after fresh profit setback

London - Supermarket giant Tesco announced a second drop in annual profits in a row on Wednesday, leaving Britain's biggest retailer hoping that recent expansion into India and China can offset weakness in Europe.

Tesco criticized for stocking unsustainable tuna

U.K. grocer chain Tesco has been criticized for stocking a brand of tuna described as "unsustainable" due to the tuna being fished with destructive methods that kill turtles, sharks and rays alongside the tuna.

Tesco pins UK turnaround on price cuts and store revamps

Britain's Tesco <TSCO.L>, the world's third-largest retailer, is to cut prices as it relaxes its view on operating margins and steps up its store revamp program and investment in on...

Tesco in talks on future of Turkish business

Tesco <TSCO.L>, the world's No. 3 retailer by sales, is in talks with several companies over a possible restructuring of its struggling business in Turkey.

Op-Ed: A loony rants against the big supermarkets

The supermarket is one of the most wondrous institutions to emerge from the 20th Century. Alas, not everyone sees it that way.

UK: Horsemeat scandal romps home as police raid two meat plants

The scandal involving horsemeat in foodstuffs and ready-made meals was portrayed by the UK government as a fraud involving criminal gangs outside the UK but yesterday, events took a new turn as food inspectors and police raided two UK based meat plants.

Watch Tesco pantomime horse burger prank going viral

London - A pair of pranksters mocked Tesco over the recent horse meat burger scandal by donning a pantomime horse suit and running through the aisles of a Tesco in Bierspool, Pembrokeshire, pretending to be mourning the loss of their horse family.

Teenager made to clean room, finds winning lottery ticket

Penicuik - A Scottish teenager who was told to clean up his bedroom by his mother found a winning lottery ticket hidden away in a drawer.

Op-Ed: Do supermarkets really rip us off?

A BBC documentary on the ongoing supermarket price wars reveals that some of the bargains and price cuts are not all they appear, but do shoppers protest too much?

Armed robbery attempt at Stevenage Tesco Express, woman arrested Special

Stevenage - Several police units rushed to the scene of an armed robbery in progress at a Tesco Express store in the High Street, Old Stevenage on Tuesday night.

Op-Ed: The great cheese conspiracy

David Icke believes there is a conspiracy by giant lizards to enslave the world by abolishing cash and implanting microchips in the backs of our necks, but he has overlooked a far more sinister threat: the plot to rig the price of cheese in Britain.

Retail giant threatens legal action after 'price-fixing' fine

Supermarket giant Tesco said it will fight a huge fine imposed by a regulator after it was accused of colluding with other retail outlets to fix prices of dairy products.

'Virtual shopping' trial a success at subway station in Seoul

Seoul - Fancy shopping from a subway station? Well the concept isn't too far off the West, after UK supermarket Tesco recently trialed the idea in Seoul, South Korea.

Tesco launches school uniform for $5.82

Is your child nagging you for the latest gadgets? Perhaps a digital camera? Maybe a smart phone? It’s in our nature to cut back wherever possible, and while saving money on parental essentials will free up extra pennies to spend on your child, be warned

Black garlic goes on general sale in UK supermarkets next month

Black garlic is to go on general sale in the UK from May and while the Gothic-coloured alliaceae will also give you all the health benefits enjoyed by the traditional cream coloured clove - this won't give you bad breath.

NHS doctor slams Tesco for selling cheap Viagra

A doctor working for the National Health Service in England has warned that selling cheap Viagra in supermarkets could put millions of men's health at risk.

Local Welsh community fights back against supermarket dominance

Cardigan - Three hundred people in Aberteifi (Cardigan), a town on the west coast of Wales, have achieved the first step in an attempt to rebuild their town centre.

Tesco opening first drive-thru supermarket in the UK

Baldock - Tesco is opening the first drive-thru supermarket in the UK. It will be part of the Tesco Extra store in Baldock, Hertfordshire, and if it is popular more will be opened.

Baked-bean pizza and deep-fried Mars bar supper, anyone?

Food comes in all shapes, sizes, tastes and smells. But what's hot and what's not, when it comes to culinary combinations?

The 'Lasandwich' launched by UK supermarket chain, Tesco

Tesco, the UK-based supermarket chain, has launched the ‘Lasandwich’, or lasagna sandwich, which it hopes will become a “top-selling ready meal between two slices of bread”.

Doctor Who hits UK screens tonight – with a new man in the TARDIS

America must hold its breath for two more weeks, but today millions of sci-fi fans in the UK will tune in to see a new actor in the guise of the eccentric Time Lord with the sonic screwdriver and the police-box time machine.

Tesco stops man from carrying daughter on shoulders in store

Cambridge - One of the world's largest retailers, U.K.-based Tesco, has told a man he cannot shop while carrying his daughter on his shoulders.
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Brick of SMA Baby Milk Stage 2. February 18  2012. Photo by (c) Marine Le Nestour.
Brick of SMA Baby Milk Stage 2. February 18, 2012. Photo by (c) Marine Le Nestour.
Homeplus Subway Virtual Store
Homeplus Subway Virtual Store
Screen capture from YouTube
Knight was caught on CCTV shopping at various Tesco  stores across the country.
Knight was caught on CCTV shopping at various Tesco stores across the country.
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Tesco pantomime horse burger prank goes viral
Tesco pantomime horse burger prank goes viral
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