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Temperature News

Cooler temperatures may affect lifespan

Do cooler temperatures alter lifespan of an animal? This question does not appear to have a general answer and is instead linked to the genes of an organism,

New way to generate energy from temperature changes

Boston - A new system, based on graphene, can draw power from daily temperature swings. The technology can harness temperature fluctuations of many kinds in order to produce electricity.

Adding cinnamon to the diet lowers body temperature

Melbourne - A surprising fact has emerged from a food technology project. Researchers have discovered that adding cinnamon to the diet can cool the body by a temperature of up to two degrees. This adds to research about other health benefits from the spice.

Even short-term heat waves could lead to failure of coffee crops

Coffee drinkers around the world may not be concerned about how hot it may be outside when they have that first cup of coffee in the morning, however, as the world gets warmer, finding that cup of coffee could become a lot more difficult.

Record heat in 2016 but no drop in CO2 emissions: reports

Marrakesh - The year 2016 is on track to be the hottest on record, the UN forecast Monday, while the World Bank calculated that 26 million people slip into poverty annually due to natural disasters, reflecting the risks posed by climate change.

Temperature throws the body clock back and forth by one hour

New York - The internal body clock is finely tuned and disruptions are associated with a range of diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease (which is a concern for shift workers). Changes to temperature can also disrupt the fine balance.

2015 temperatures 'to hit 1C above pre-industrial levels'

London - Global mean surface temperatures this year are set to reach one degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels for the first time, Britain's Met Office said Monday.Data from January to September showed global mean temperature at 1.

Temperature in Alaska hits record high

Juneau - Perhaps unfairly known for dark, cold and bleakness, Alaska has recorded its hottest weather in 91 years, and this is only the start of the summer.

Man hit by 100-kg chunk of ice while walking along street

A 56-year-old man was sent to hospital with a concussion late Tuesday afternoon after a 100kg chunk of ice landed on his head in downtown Ottawa as he walked along the pavement, leaving him in serious condition.

Rising temperatures signal problems for honeybees

A bee parasite, normally associated with more exotic climates is threatening British bees. A new research model indicates that a rare gut parasite could cause increasing damage to U.K. bees as the climate warms.

Soil microbes can help tackle climate change

Researchers have developed a new climate change modeling tool. The tool shows that carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, as result of greater plant growth can be offset by changes in the activity of soil microbes.

Alaska frogs survive in freezing conditions

Anchorage - In subarctic Interior Alaska, wood frogs spend winter in the ground covered by duff and leaf litter in conditions where temperatures can remain below freezing for more than six months with minimum temperatures of minus four (minus 20 Celsius).

Florida’s mangroves are on the move

Miami - Satellite images from the past three decades reveal that Florida’s mangrove forests are on the move. The trigger is fluctuating temperatures.

Coldest part of the world identified (video)

Using thermal-sensing satellites, scientists have pinpointed a region in East Antarctica with the coldest recorded temperatures on Earth.

Bleach can treat inflammation

Scientists have shown that the active ingredient in bleach can reduce inflammation by targeting an activator in the immune system of mice.

New compound cools down as it heats up

The headline may read a little odd, but the compound vanadium dioxide does indeed become cooler as heat is applied. This insight means that it could be used to disguise soldiers from infrared sensors.

Predicting U.S. heat waves

Scientists have located a distinctive atmospheric wave pattern high above the Northern Hemisphere. This pattern appears to appear prior to the emergence of summertime heat waves in the U.S.

Heatwaves linked to increases in bowel diseases

The recent run of higher temperatures in many parts of the world have been associated with an increase in inflammatory bowel disease-related hospital admissions.

Does light or temperature affect the body clock?

Studies undertaken on fruit flies have shown how their body clocks are affected by changes in temperature. Fruit flies are often used to mimic studies in humans. The findings have implications for conditions like jet-lag.

Sydney experiences its hottest day on record Special

Sydney - Sydney recorded a record high of 45.8 degrees Celsius (114.44 degrees Fahrenheit) in the city, at 2:55pm, beating the previous high of 45.3 degrees set on 14 January 1939.

Scientists record hottest temperature ever measured

Scientists have measured the hottest recorded temperature ever. Paradoxically this highest ever temperature is actually expressed as a negative value. The finding will be useful for understanding theoretical dark matter in the universe.

Telling lies leads to a temperature increase

When a person tells a lie the temperature of the nose increases, which is equivalent to a kind of “Pinocchio Effect”, according to new research.

2012 warmest year in India

Delhi - Weather forecasts in India rarely come true. The year 2012 has however been an exception. The entire north India was reeling under scorching summer heat.

Nearly 6,000 U.S. weather records broken in March

Nearly 6,000 United States weather records–in large part due to the unusually warm temperatures–have been broken thus far in March.

Australia Climate Commission says warming earth is ‘beyond doubt’

Canberra - Australia’s Climate Commission states action to battle effects of a warming planet has “never been more urgent” than now, with huge societal, health and economic risks the result if we fail to respond to risks currently being faced.

2010 the warmest year on record

Despite the debilitating snowstorms affecting Europe and North America in December, 2010 has been dubbed the warmest year since global temperatures were first recorded in 1850.

Heat wave kills 66 in Japan, thousands hospitalized

At least 66 people died of heat stroke and more than 15,000 others were brought to various hospitals in Japan for treatment due to soaring summer temperature.

Extreme Heat Kills Three People in Metro Manila

At least three people died of heat stroke in different areas of Metro Manila as summer temperature soars during the past few days. A brief rain shower Tuesday did not help in lowering the temperature in the metropolis.

Philippine Temperature Soars to 37 Degrees Celsius

The early summer heat has wreak havoc on Philippine agricultural and commercial sectors as temperature soared to almost 37 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country Sunday causing huge damage to agricultural crops due to lack of water for irrigation.

Berlin freezing this week

Berlin is recording a temperature of -17° C (2.2° F), and it should be drop to -19 ° C (-1.4°F) during the night. Freezing weather will welcome the stars for the Berlinale 2010.
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Temperature Image

This graph shows how the average surface temperature of the world s oceans has changed since 1880. S...
This graph shows how the average surface temperature of the world's oceans has changed since 1880. Sea surface temperatures have been higher during the past three decades than at any other time since reliable observations began in 1880,
Warm air from the central Atlantic is expected to move over Britain this Saturday.
Warm air from the central Atlantic is expected to move over Britain this Saturday.
Thermal Images Obtained with the Thermograph  from the research study.
Thermal Images Obtained with the Thermograph, from the research study.
Emilio Gómez Milán and Elvira Salazar López
Marcelo Cypriano
Deep wells  a mile or more deep  can tap reservoirs of steam or very hot water that can be used to d...
Deep wells, a mile or more deep, can tap reservoirs of steam or very hot water that can be used to drive turbines which power electricity generators.
What is Geothermal Energy?
India Meteorological Department

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