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Telescope News

Strange radio waves emanating from space

Astrophysicists have detected gamma rays that are associated with one of mysterious intergalactic fast radio bursts. Such mysterious flashes of radio waves from deep space continue to be detected.

Better technology results in moving the Earth's prime meridian

Greenwich - Tourists from all around the world come to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England to have their picture taken standing on the prime meridian, long considered to be zero longitude. But technological advances have moved the line 334 feet to the east.

James Webb telescope set to replace Hubble

Houston - NASA has revealed details of the main mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope. The telescope is set to be launched in 2018 and it will be bigger and more powerful than Hubble.

A signal from aliens? No, it's just a kitchen appliance

Parkes - Strange an inexplicable radio signals detected by the Parkes telescope puzzled scientists. Could these be signs of alien life? In the end, the source of the signals was traced to something closer to home and a little more domestic.

Mountain in Chile blasted for new telescope

The top of a 10,000 foot mountain in Chile has been blown up to make way for what will be the world's largest optical and infrared telescope.

Oldest known star discovered by Australian astronomers

Australian astronomers have discovered the oldest known star in the universe through what the lead researcher describes as a "needle-in-a-haystack" situation.

European satellite Gaia will map 1 billion stars

Cayenne - The European Space Agency launched a new satellite, Thursday, which is expected to "boldly go where no satellite has gone before," providing the most accurate three-dimensional map of our part of the Milky Way.

David Parry — To Heaven from Hell with Elchin Special

Baku - Elchin Afandiyev is a playwright who is little known outside his native Azerbaijan. Theatre impressario David Parry intends to change all that.

Kepler telescope to be retired

The Kepler space telescope has been retired from its planet-hunting mission after NASA engineers failed to find a fix for its hobbled pointing system.

NASA discovers three Earth-like planets; could host life

A NASA telescope has identified three distant planets that have close compositions to Earth and are the most likely candidates to host life.

NASA finds tiny exoplanet in 'habitable zone' of space

Mountain View - NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope managed to capture the dimming of a star more than 215-light-years away, alerting scientists to the presence of a tiny planet passing between the star and Earth.

Hubble telescope captures images of 13-billion year-old galaxies

Following an announcement on Wednesday, NASA has released images of seven primitive galaxies they believe formed more than 13 billion years ago.

Australia, South Africa agree to share world's largest telescope

Amsterdam - Australia and South Africa agreed in the Netherlands Friday of sharing the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope, the world's most powerful radio telescope. The SKA telescope is believed to be strong enough to detect extraterrestrial life.

Discovered – black holes large enough to swallow a galaxy

Astronomers have unexpectedly discovered two of the largest black holes ever seen in the universe. The black holes are millions of times larger and denser than any previously recorded: large enough to swallow out solar system many times over.

NASA budget funds telescope, cuts commercial spaceflight

The FY2012 budget, recently signed by the president, includes increased funding for the James Webb Space Telescope, but cuts proposed funding for commercial spaceflight

Pluto's Doppelganger? Latest interplanetary research

Astronomers have made a detailed analysis of the dwarf planet Eris, located at the edge of our solar system. The findings indicate that Eris has very similar dimensions and physical features to Pluto. The news represents a major astronomical discovery.

Op-Ed: Search for alien life off — Budget cuts shut down SETI monitoring

Federal government cuts have shut down the radio telescope used by SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Ironically, it was a form of alien intelligence, for want of a better description, that shut it down- Accountancy.

NASA confirms antimatter production in thunderstorms

NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has detected the creation of antimatter paricles during thunderstorms in earth's atmosphere.

'Potentially hazardous' asteroid spotted heading towards Earth

Astronomers have spotted a large and 'potentially hazardous' asteroid heading towards Earth and it is only less than a month away from passing within four million miles.

SOFIA Observatory Finishes Open-Door Flight Tests

Palmdale - NASA's SOFIA flying observatory recently completed the second series of envelope-expansion flight tests with its telescope door open. The airborne observatory will begin infrared astronomy missions late this year.

Planck telescope releases first full-sky image of universe

Europe's super telescope known as Planck recently captured the first full-sky image of the universe. The image has been called "an extraordinary treasure chest of new data for astronomers."

China building large telescope to explore space

China has been aggressively showing its ambition for space exploration over the past two years. After launching the nation's first lunar probe -- Chang'E-1 -- in 2007, now a giant radio telescope is being built in Shanghai for space data collection.

First Images from Rejuvenated Hubble Released

The Hubble is one of the most complex space telescopes ever launched. It has recently undergone major surgery but astronomers have declared it completely rejuvenated and have now released the first new images from the 19 year old observatory.

NASA Telescope Picks Up Interplanetary Collision

Two celestial bodies have crashed into each other with such force that one of them vaporized. The collision is said to have been powerful enough to melt glass, and is comparable to the impact that created the moon.

Microsoft To Unravel Universe with "World Wide Telescope"

Microsoft is preparing to release their "World Wide Telescope" product which is likely to make history. The product is a desktop app that renders a tiled tour of high resolution, zoomable images of the entire night sky.

ANTARES The Future Telescope

The Antares is a Cherenkov detector being built in the Mediterranean Sea. The name means Astronomy with a Neutrino Telescope and Abyss environmental RESearch. When completed ANTARES will observe the universe by looking through the Earth.

Telescope mirror nearing completion

A giant mirror that will fly on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) - Nasa's next space observatory - is a step closer to completion.

Contacting ET: Our Hopes and Fears

Scientist searching for extraterrestrial life don't ask,"Are we alone" but instead ask,"Just how crowded is it out there?"

NASA Creates Microscopic Technology

NASA engineers and scientists building the James Webb Space Telescope have created a new telescope technology called "microshutters." Microshutters are tiny doorways the width of a few hairs that will allow the telescope to view the most distant stars and

Amazing High Resolution Zoom & Pan Space Photos

This page contains high-resolution images from the Spitzer Space Telescope which you can interactively zoom into and pan around.
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Telescope Image

The 7 large optical telescope allow students to observe detailed images of objects in space - from t...
The 7 large optical telescope allow students to observe detailed images of objects in space - from the nearby Sun, Moon, planets and asteroids, through star clusters and nebulae, to galaxies hundreds of millions of light-years away.
NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy 747SP checks out operation of its telescop...
NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy 747SP checks out operation of its telescope cavity doors while a NASA F/A-18 mission support aircraft keeps pace alongside during a test flight in preparation for Early Science missions.
NASA - Jim Ross
The first full-sky image of the universe  thanks to Europe s Planck telescope
The first full-sky image of the universe, thanks to Europe's Planck telescope
Courtesy ESA
The Marsh Cassegrain Telescope.
The Marsh Cassegrain Telescope.
The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope or FAST.
The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope or FAST.
Chinese Academy of Sciences, People's Republic of China
NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy has completed the second segment of flight...
NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy has completed the second segment of flight tests with its telescope door open to prepare the observatory for first mission.
Carla Thomas- NASA
The Atacama Cosmology Telescope in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile  with Cerro Toco volcanic pe...
The Atacama Cosmology Telescope in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, with Cerro Toco volcanic peak in the background
Adam Hincks, Princeton / U. of Toronto
Artist s illustration of the proposed Thirty-Meter Telescope at the location site on Mauna Kea.
Artist's illustration of the proposed Thirty-Meter Telescope at the location site on Mauna Kea.
TMT Observatory Corporation