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Telephone News

Businesses now face a 'vishing' threats Special

2019 has seen a growth in different cyber-threats, many of increased complexity. Threats do not only come via emails and downloads. Machine learning has become sophisticated enough to pose a voice communication threat.

Q&A: Alexa, why are voice assistants always women? Special

Some 47.3 million adults in the U.S. have access to voice assistants at home and work. Before companies jump on the voice assistant bandwagon, they need to consider how these devices will affect the dynamic between men and women at work.

Record multi-million fine for chatbot nuisance calls

A record $120 million fine for nuisance robocalls has been levied in the U.S. The fine related to Miami based salesman Adrian Abramovich who sold holidays and timeshare properties via an unsolicited robocall.

Majority of U.S. homes have mobiles but no landline

Is the idea of a fixed landline and a mobile phone coming to a steady end? A new survey of U.S. homes indicates the majority of households have mobiles but no landline.

A Sicilian and her cell phone saving Syrians at sea

Rome - Nawal Soufi is never without her mobile phone and thousands of Syrian refugees have reason to be grateful for that.

Bell Labs claims Internet speed record

Bell Labs is celebrating breaking the Internet speed record. Bell Labs researchers transmitted data at 10 gigabits per second. This feat was undertaken using copper lines.

Ring, ring, it’s an all-IP future calling, say MegaPath and AT&T Commissioned

In an era where we are offered a variety of communication options such as Skype, chat, and social media, many families still opt for “old-fashioned” landline phone calls. Thing is, how should businesses view the future of communications?

LG Display unveils bendable and unbreakable OLED display screen

LG Display recently showed off their latest technology, a six-inch flexible OLED display that may be arriving to next generation smartphones as early as Q4, November 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini scheduled for release this weekend

If the five-inch Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be a bit overkill for your purposes, the good news is you do not have to wait much longer. Samsung has revealed the release date for the 'Mini' series for the S4 arriving this weekend.

Rumors for the upcoming iPhone 5S reveals possible new features

It's no surprise to see Apple slowly losing its place in the market as Samsung unleashes their 5-inch Galaxy S4, HTC revealing its 'One' series, and Research In Motion struggling to stay in the game by offering up the revamped Blackberry Z10.

Industry attempting to make landline telephones still attractive

Hastings - Have we neared the end of the telephone? As the current and future generations opt for mobile devices as their main form of communication, the Western world may soon cut off its connection to the landline.

VoIP to cost global telecom industry $479 billion until 2020

Belize City - Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VoIP, has become one of the staples of modern day technology. Instead of using a basic phone line, those who wish to speak to someone can do so over the Internet.

Has your financial institution's caller ID been 'spoofed'?

Lake Oswego - Is the practice of caller ID spoofing a crime? That is the debate that is going on in several countries around the world. This causes the telephone provider to display a number on the person’s caller ID that is not actually from the originating number.

Man turns telephone box into lavatory

Taunton - A man in the UK has created a unique lavatory by renovating an old phone box he found in a reclamation yard. He added a toilet, cistern, basin, heater and frosted glass panes.

Is cellphone use safe? Experts disagree with FDA study

Washington - The FDA and WHO have recently released studies on the use of cell phones and report no increased danger for users. Other experts in the field including the scientific team at Mast Sanity disagree and saying studies were funded by the cell phone companies.

Queen unveils new-look website

Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee joins the Queen to launch her new look website. The new site contains many advanced technological features, giving users more access to the Royal Family.

Muslim couple marry via telephone

An Indian Muslim groom residing in Kuwait didn’t have enough funds to go back home to get married, so he got married by exchanging vows via telephone with the bride in India.

Book argues that Bell stole phone idea

According to a new book just released, the book claims that Alexander Graham Bell stole the idea of the telephone from his rival, Elisha Gray. Evidence of this technological crime have actually been established.

Nokia Launches Phone in Ethiopia Capable of Local Language

By 2010, 80 per cent of mobile phone owners will be located in the first world. A third-world country embracing text messaging in local languages for the first time is Ethiopia. Its government banned SMS services during violent uprisings in 2005.

Telephone Checks Your Heart

A six month trial suggests, heart checks via the telephone could save the NHS millions of pounds.

Mobile Phones Worst Invention Since Weapons

The UK mIrror releases results from research into what people do not like in the UK.

The EU plans missing children hotline

The EU will set up a single hotline for parents to report missing children.

Japan`s biggest satellite suffers glitch on antenna

The biggest satelliteJapan has which was launched last year and designed to improve mobile phone communications, has a technical glitch on one of its massive antennas.

Dog uses phone to save owners life

A beagle named Belle saved its owners life by biting his mobile phone and calling the emergency services. Mr Weaver fell unconcious after his blood sugar was low being a diabetic, after Belle couldn't wake him by licking and nipping she diallled for an...

Today in History January 25, 2007

This is what happened on this Day on:

The Millionaire Founders of Skype to launch internet TV

Entrepreneurs Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, the founders of Skype and music-sharing website Kazaa, have named their new venture Joost.

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Video conference facility and telephonic service for a conference room.
Video conference facility and telephonic service for a conference room.
Wooden kiosks for telephones  found near the old entrance into Aldwych underground station.
Wooden kiosks for telephones, found near the old entrance into Aldwych underground station.
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A telephone
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Adolf Hitler, Gustaf Mannerheim, and President Risto Ryti in front of Hitler's private converted plane. Hitler had telephone access on all his transportation, be it by palane, train or automobile.
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The Ooma VoIP Telephone

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