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Telecommunications News

China slams US 'bullying' as firms step away from Huawei

Bejing - China berated the United States for "bullying" Huawei on Thursday as Panasonic joined a parade of foreign companies reviewing their ties with the telecom giant after a US ban linked to security concerns.

US charges daughter of ex-Uzbek leader in near-$1 bn scheme

New York - The daughter of former Uzbekistan president Islam Karimov was charged Thursday in New York in connection with a decade-long scheme to pay her more than $865 million in bribes, prosecutors said.

Russian tech giant Yandex unveils first smartphone

Moscow - Russian internet giant Yandex on Wednesday launched its first ever smartphone in a highly anticipated move into hardware that builds on its popular service apps.

Military may soon get communications device worn in the mouth

San Mateo - The future is here, and in this version, US service members can make and receive calls through their teeth. That's the gist of Molar Mic, a communications device detailed in a new $10 million Pentagon contract with a California company.

T-Mobile and Sprint are forming a $146 billion new company

It's official: T-Mobile and Sprint have announced plans to merge, with a combined company valued at $146 billion. John Legere, T-Mobile's CEO, is expected to serve in that role for the merged entity, which would retain the T-Mobile name.

Blockchain introduced for network security

Seoul - Korea Telecom, South Korea's major telecommunications company, is adopting blockchain technology in order to introduce tighter security and improved transparency.

How the Internet of Things is starting to disrupt telecoms

The Internet of Things is is forecast to add $14 trillion of economic value to the global economy by 2030. This presents opportunities for the telecoms sector. In embracing these challenges partnership models will become more common.

Telecom startups investing in AI

The future of improved telecommunications services is being driven by startups. From AI integration to cloud security, startups are showing big telcos how to innovate through the use of digital tools and grow the industry.

India's Ambani to launch free smartphone as he shakes up telecoms

Mumbai - India's richest man Mukesh Ambani said Friday that his telecoms venture Jio would launch a free smartphone, escalating a price war that is shaking up the country's ultra-competitive mobile market.

Russia says Telegram app used in Saint Petersburg attack

Moscow - Russia's FSB security agency on Monday said the Telegram messaging service was used by those behind the Saint Petersburg metro bombing, the latest salvo by authorities after they threatened to block the app.

CRTC declares broadband a 'basic' service for all Canadians

In a landmark ruling, the government of Canada has declared high-speed broadband Internet a ‘basic telecommunications service’ guaranteed to all Canadians.

Samsung slashes profit estimate after Note 7 disaster

Seoul - Samsung Electronics on Wednesday slashed its latest quarterly profit estimate by one third in the wake of a highly damaging recall crisis that ended with the scrapping of its latest flagship smartphone.

Samsung halts sales of Note 7, tells customers 'switch-off'

Seoul - Samsung on Tuesday halted worldwide sales and exchanges of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and told customers to stop using the device, following reports that replacements for combustible models were also catching fire.

Samsung shares plunge 8.0 percent on Note 7 woes

Seoul - Samsung's share price plunged 8.0 percent by the close of trade Tuesday on the back of a decision to halt sales and exchanges of the company's troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.The share price ended the day at 1.

YouTube video shows Note 7 'flamer' in Burger King

Seoul - A YouTube video showing an oven-gloved Burger King employee struggling with a burning Galaxy Note 7 has become a viral illustration of the crisis facing Samsung over its troubled smartphone.

Stickers to stocks: Things to know about messaging app Line

Toukyo - Messaging app Line kicks off a dual New York-Tokyo stock listing later Thursday after one of the year's biggest initial public offerings.Here are a few things to know about the chatting service that has taken Asia by storm.What is Line?

Orange chairman tells Israel he will never back boycott

Jerusalem - The head of French telecoms giant Orange told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday his company had nothing to do with a campaign to boycott the Jewish state, despite Israeli allegations.

1 gigabit speeds on DSL possible by 2016

Amsterdam - DSL (Digital subscriber line), one of the initial technologies that heralded the era of high-speed Internet to homes, is set to leap into the future, with Broadcom announcing a new technology that will allow speeds of 1 gigabit per second through DSL.

Business set to prefer video conferencing by 2016

Video conferencing is expected to be the preferred business communications tool in 2016. This is according to new survey on global video conferencing trends.

EU court rules that data collection rules violate privacy rights

On Tuesday, a data communications collection requirement was struck down in the European Union and declared invalid, on the grounds that it infringed on basic privacy rights.

US military ready to share some airwaves with industry

Washington - The Pentagon said on Thursday it would take steps to share some airwaves in coming years to accommodate the wireless industry, which is clamoring for more bandwidth.Unveiling a strategy for the military's use of spectrum, officials said the approach is...

'NSA collects under 30 percent of all phone data'

Washington - The National Security Agency collects less than 30 percent of all US phone calls, much less than previously thought, according to media reports.

Telecommunications companies dial up innovations for 2014

Following the global meltdown of 2008 and subsequent worldwide recession, US telecommunication firms are looking ahead to 2014 as a year of growth for the industry, according to Neeraj Tewari, a telecommunications expert in Potomac, MD.

China's Huawei denies US compromised equipment security

Beijing - Chinese tech giant Huawei, which has long been dogged by security suspicions abroad, on Wednesday denied a report its telecommunications network equipment had been compromised by US spies.

Mobile phone users make up 60% of the global population

Technology has changed the world in drastic ways. One of the strongest influences in our digital age is the mobile phone. How powerful a tool has it become?

VoIP mobile service RingCredible seeks to lower consumer costs Special

With the constant increase in wireless fees, combined with the current instability in the Canadian Telecommunications sector, RingCredible seeks to lower consumers cell phone costs by introducing a wireless VoIP service.

NASA’s PhoneSat mission using smartphones as low cost satellites

Wallops Island - Last Sunday NASA launched into Earth orbit three satellites in the shape of three smartphones likely to be the lowest cost satellites ever as part of NASA’s PhoneSat mission.

More parents home schooling students with online education tools

Houston - Many students in the United States are unable to complete high school. Whether it's because of family strife, lack of interest in school or the choice of lifestyle (crime), high schools are adapting to technology and offering to complete a GED online.

Google to launch wireless service

Google is once again tapping into another market. This time there won't be a conflict of interest with Apple, especially since Apple is not in the wireless telecommunications business.

Canadian government trying to block 'cell' phones

Ottawa - The Canadian government is shopping for information from telecommunication companies to control and put an end to the operations of criminals. The problem is, these criminals are already behind bars.
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Manilla claims the Chinese have a garrison in the Spratly Islands.
Manilla claims the Chinese have a garrison in the Spratly Islands.
Reuters 2011
The Alexandra Palace television station in North London is one of the oldest television transmission...
The Alexandra Palace television station in North London is one of the oldest television transmission sites in the world.
Unifor protest rally against Verizon and foreign competition in Canada s telecommunications sector.
Unifor protest rally against Verizon and foreign competition in Canada's telecommunications sector.
A Rogers Plus store in Markville Mall in Markham  Ontario.
A Rogers Plus store in Markville Mall in Markham, Ontario.
Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine
A standard payphone
A standard payphone
The next generation of wireless is coming to Ontario and Quebec.
The next generation of wireless is coming to Ontario and Quebec.
Verizon workers on strike.
Verizon workers on strike.
Thomas Slatin
The next generation of wireless is coming to Ontario and Quebec.
The next generation of wireless is coming to Ontario and Quebec.

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