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China backs Huawei not to be 'silent lamb' in US legal fight

Bejing - China threw its weight behind Huawei's legal battle against the United States on Friday, saying the telecom giant will not be a "silent lamb to the slaughter" and vowing to defend the rights of Chinese companies.

China's Huawei sues US over federal ban on its products

Shenzhen - Tech giant Huawei on Thursday opened a legal front in its counter-offensive against US warnings that it could aid Chinese intelligence services, filing suit to overturn a US law that bars federal agencies from buying its products.

Huawei exec due in court in Canada as row with China heats up

Vancouver - Meng Wanzhou, the Chinese telecom executive at the center of an escalating row between Ottawa and Beijing, was due in court in Canada Wednesday to get a date for a hearing into a US extradition request.

China's Huawei steps up charm offensive, rejects security fears

Dongguan - Chinese telecom giant Huawei insisted on Wednesday its products feature no security "backdoors" for the government, as the normally secretive company gave foreign media a peek inside its state-of-the-art facilities.

Canada launches extradition of top Chinese executive to US

Ottawa - Canada on Friday launched the extradition of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou to the United States -- the latest move in a case that has roiled relations between the North American neighbors and China.

Huawei's founder faces fight for company and family

Bejing - Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei survived food shortages during China's Cultural Revolution, but now the reclusive billionaire identified as "Individual-1" in a US indictment faces an existential fight for his family and company.

Oxford says no to additional Huawei funding

Bejing - Oxford University has decided to forgo further funding from Chinese tech giant Huawei as scrutiny grows in Europe over the telecom company's relationship with the Beijing government.

Huawei executive gets bail in case rattling China ties

Vancouver - A Canadian court has granted bail to a top Chinese telecom company executive wanted in the United States, as diplomatic tensions turned to the detention of a former Canadian diplomat in Beijing.

Apple phones still sold in China despite ban

Bejing - Apple stores in China continued with business as usual Tuesday despite a court-ordered ban on iPhone sales, but the US tech giant faces a growing nationalist backlash over the US-sought arrest of a Huawei executive.

China summons US ambassador over Huawei arrest

Bejing - China summoned the US ambassador on Sunday to protest the arrest of a top executive from telecom giant Huawei in Canada, as Washington's top trade negotiator rejected suggestions that the case could affect talks aimed at settling a trade war.

China summons US ambassador over Huawei arrest

Bejing - China summoned the US ambassador on Sunday to protest the "extremely bad" arrest of telecom giant Huawei's chief financial officer in Canada and demand that the United States drop its extradition request.

Huawei arrest a 'despicable rogue' action: Chinese media

Bejing - Chinese state-run media on Friday condemned the arrest in Canada of a top executive of telecoms giant Huawei on a US extradition request as a "despicable rogue's approach" to contain Chinese high-tech ambitions.

China arrest another sign of Trump's disjointed diplomacy

Washington - When Donald Trump flew back from a summit with China in Buenos Aires, he hailed it as "amazing" and raised hopes of a breakthrough on ending a trade war.

Canada defends Huawei arrest after markets wobble

Montr - Canada on Thursday defended its arrest of an executive of Chinese tech giant Huawei on a US extradition request after markets wobbled on fears of fresh friction between Washington and Beijing.

White House knew in advance about Huawei arrest

Washington - The White House said Thursday it knew in advance that Canada planned to arrest an executive of Chinese tech giant Huawei on the same day as a summit between Washington and Beijing.

Arrest of tech exec signals tougher US stand on China tech firms

Washington - The arrest of a top executive of tech giant Huawei at the request of US authorities signals a toughening stand in Washington on dealing with Chinese tech firms amid longstanding concerns over cyberespionage.

New tech regulation 'inevitable,' Apple CEO says

Washington - Apple CEO Tim Cook predicts that new regulations of tech companies and social networks to protect personal data are "inevitable.

Storm left wide swath of Florida a communications dead zone

Panama City - Since Hurricane Michael roared through on Wednesday, a wide swath of Florida's northwest coast has been without telephone or Internet service, adding to the daunting challenges facing residents, loved ones trying to reach them, and the work crews strug...

China hails Trump's ZTE olive branch ahead of trade talks

Bejing - China on Monday hailed President Donald Trump's offer to prevent Chinese telecom giant ZTE from collapsing due to a US technology ban, as the two sides prepare for new negotiations this week to avert a trade war.

Trump says working with Xi to save telecom giant ZTE

Washington - US President Donald Trump said Sunday he was working with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to prevent telecom giant ZTE from going out of business after it was hit by an American technology sales ban.

ZTE petitions US government to lift sanctions

Bejing - Chinese telecom giant ZTE has asked the US government to lift a ban on sales to the company, which threatens its survival and has added to trade tensions between Washington and Beijing.

T-Mobile and Sprint are forming a $146 billion new company

It's official: T-Mobile and Sprint have announced plans to merge, with a combined company valued at $146 billion. John Legere, T-Mobile's CEO, is expected to serve in that role for the merged entity, which would retain the T-Mobile name.

Australian firm seeks 'Anglo Saxon' job applicants

Sydney - One of Australia's largest telecommunication providers Optus apologised Friday after posting a job advertisement seeking candidates who were preferably "Anglo Saxon".

Trump team weighs plan to nationalize high-speed networks

Washington - President Donald Trump's national security team is mulling a plan to nationalize the newest generation of high-speed wireless internet networks, sparking sharp criticism Monday from across industry and the political spectrum.

US floats idea nationalizing high-speed networks, drawing rebukes

Washington - US officials have launched a debate on a proposal to nationalize the newest generation of high-speed wireless internet networks in the name of national security, provoking sharp criticism from across the political spectrum.

97 Taiwanese arrested in eastern Europe for telecom fraud

Taipei - Nearly one hundred Taiwanese suspected of running telephone scams have been arrested in Slovenia and Croatia, Taiwan said Thursday, the latest fraud bust involving the island's citizens.

Telecom sector makes progress in digital transformation

A recent survey has found that the telecom sector is leading the way with digital transformation. Close behind are financial services.

Developing a green business with the Internet of Things

The possibilities presented by the Internet of Things can lead to a low carbon economy, according to a recent report. This presents opportunities for the telecom sector to contribute to business growth and a lower environmental impact.

How the Internet of Things is starting to disrupt telecoms

The Internet of Things is is forecast to add $14 trillion of economic value to the global economy by 2030. This presents opportunities for the telecoms sector. In embracing these challenges partnership models will become more common.

Telecom startups investing in AI

The future of improved telecommunications services is being driven by startups. From AI integration to cloud security, startups are showing big telcos how to innovate through the use of digital tools and grow the industry.
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