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As marijuana use increases, societal perceptions are altering

Seattle - A new report, seeking to understand if perceptions about marijuana use are changing with the greater liberalization in the U.S., has found the most significant affect to be among eighth- and tenth-graders.

New approach for treating teens with depression

Washington D.c. - Depression is a growing problem among teenagers as the pressures from schools increases, together with interactions with peer groups and from social media. The rise requires new strategies for treatment by health authorities.

Facebook aims for video-loving teenagers with new app

San Francisco - Facebook took direct aim at video-loving adolescents, and Snapchat, with the release of a new iPhone app that allows teens to watch clips about the lives of their classmates.

Los Angeles police fatally shoot 14-year-old

Los Angeles - Authorities in Los Angeles on Thursday were investigating the fatal shooting by police of an armed 14-year-old boy amid growing public concern over the use of deadly force by US law enforcement.

Should teen drivers be allowed to drive at night?

Washington - Newly qualified teenage drivers are often regarded as a risk (to themselves and other road users.) Some U.S. states have restrictions on teen drivers. A new report calls on these restrictions to be extended.

New study finds weed and alcohol reduce teens’ mental faculties

New research performed on 6,509 middle and high students from Southern California found that alcohol and marijuana use can be detrimental to the youths’ mental health and academic outcomes.

Sick, bad, wicked: London's colourful slang on the rise

London - Sitting on the floor of a rehearsal room in east London in leggings, T-shirts and headbands, a group of teenage dancers laughed about how quickly their language changes, rattling off "old" words still unfamiliar to many older English speakers.

Hungarian teens get their kicks with charity work

Tomor - With his dyed blonde hair, wristbands and ripped jeans, 17-year-old Domonkos Sera -- Domi for short -- looks more like a typical teenage punk rocker than a crusading do-gooder running his own charity.

Teenage voices from around the world

Paris - For teenagers the world over, life is often an edgy, even volatile balance -- do you live for the moment or plan for what's ahead, chase the ideal or focus on the pragmatic.

How generation body art has got under our skin

Paris - Timothee clenches his jaw and grips his sweatshirt as the tattooist's needle sinks into his skin. The angel he wants on his shoulder is not going to get there by itself. He is going to have to suffer for his body art.

YouTube music videos may get teens hooked to booze, cigarettes

A study examining Youtube music videos from Britain's top 40 chart has questioned whether the high prevalence of alcohol and tobacco consumption in the videos might be a strategy by companies to target teenage audiences.

This UK school starts in the afternoon for its tired teenagers

Hampton - A school in the U.K. has started classes for teenagers at 1.30 p.m. because this fits better with the body clock of young people. The start-times have been running for a year, with success.

Two Oklahoma teens in custody after family found stabbed to death

Broken Arrow - Two teens are now in custody in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma after police responding to the scene of a 911 hang up call found five people stabbed to death. The two teenagers were apprehended after running out the back door when police arrived.

Review: Teenager concussion warnings explained in new book Special

The brain of a young adult is very vulnerable and concussion can cause long-term, sometimes irreversible damage. A neuroscientist and mom is seeking to raise awareness among parents about the risks along with the safety precautions kids should take.

Teenage binge-drinking could influence brain into adulthood

New research on rats, supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reports that adolescent binge drinking can disrupt gene regulation and brain development.

Diet or an eating disorder? Signs every parent needs to know Special

Tucson - Teenagers often follow fad diets. However, what is the difference between teenage finickiness and the development of an eating disorder? A leading therapist has provided Digital Journal with some advice.

Op-Ed: A tale of two 'classic' movies about teenage angst

John Hughes' beloved 1980s teen drama “The Breakfast Club” turned thirty years old last weekend, while the iconic James Dean flick “Rebel without a Cause” will be sixty later this year. Which movie holds up better today? You may be surprised.

Generation Z: Born in the digital age

Paris - Facebook? Of course. Books? Definitely not. Video games? For sure. Sport? No way. Speed? Yes. Patience? Not so much.This, in a nutshell, is the life of the "Generation Z" -- independent, stubborn, pragmatic and always in a rush.

British teens think Churchill was fictional figure

Twenty percent of British teenagers think Sir Winston Churchill was a fictional character, while a large proportion believe King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes, and Eleanor Rigby were real living persons, according to a new survey commissioned by UKTV Gold.

Two teens shot by hunter unloading rifle

Tamaqua - Local police and the Pennsylvania Game Commission are continuing their investigation today into the shooting of two teenagers on Tuesday. The apparent accidental shooting occurred around 5 p.m. when a hunter was unloading his rifle.

Review: 'Concord Floral' an eerie, powerful look at suburban T.O. teens Special

Toronto - It's hard to write good dialogue and monologue for teen characters. Adult playwrights and screenwriters often suffer from a lack of familiarity with the new lingo, yo, or resort to contrived, artificial “Buffy”-style irony and pop culture.

Israel kills 2 Palestinians suspected of teens' murders

Hebron - Israeli troops on Tuesday killed two Palestinians in the West Bank suspected of the murders of three Jewish teenagers in June, which sparked events leading to the devastating war in Gaza.

'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother'- 14yo carries 7yo brother 65 km

A 14-year-old Michigan teenager raised awareness about cerebral palsy by walking 65 kilometers or 40 miles with his seven-year-old brother strapped to his back. Hunter Gandee carried Braden, who has cerebral palsy from Bedford to Ann Arbor.

Op-Ed: One more girl: 13-year-old American injured by the HPV vaccine Special

Thirteen-year-old Skylee Butler's life has not been the same since receiving the Human papillomavirus or HPV vaccine in Massachusetts last August.

French teen jihadists home to face the music

Toulouse - Two French school students who ran away to fight in Syria were back home Tuesday with some explaining to do to their bewildered parents and teachers and the police.

Disabled teen stands strong against bullies

Chicago - Today bullies still exist in an alarming number of schools. Disabled people are often targets. One girl, however, is positively fighting back with many methods.

Teenage girls in Britain ranked second as biggest boozers

For years, drinking alcohol and getting drunk in public was something that most women and girls in the U.K. would have seen as socially unacceptable. But times have changed, and young women, wanting "to be cool" are instead getting falling down drunk.

Teens are more prone to genital herpes

Teenagers today may be more likely to contract one type of herpes virus than teenagers in years past, a new study finds.

Regular to vigorous daily exercise helps teens in academics

Glasgow - Now parents have yet another reason to encourage their teenagers to exercise each day - it could improve how they perform in class.

Teen 'super-hacker' netting $600,000 a year arrested in Argentina

Buenos Aires - Police in Argentina have arrested a 19-year-old man who is being accused of heading a gang of hackers who targeted international money transfer and gambling websites.
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Falling down drunk
Falling down drunk
Russian teenagers scaling one of the tallest structures in Russia
Russian teenagers scaling one of the tallest structures in Russia
The video shows the victim  a mentally disabled man  being beaten up.  Graphic violence.
The video shows the victim, a mentally disabled man, being beaten up. Graphic violence.
Youtube screenshot.
Teenagers play in the flooded Songhua river.  Notice the fake crocodiles in the pool nearby.
Teenagers play in the flooded Songhua river. Notice the fake crocodiles in the pool nearby.
Some poor teenagers resort to selling their bodies to pay for food.
Some poor teenagers resort to selling their bodies to pay for food.
Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department

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