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Teenager News

German jihadi girl arrested in Iraq: Berlin

Berlin - A German 16-year-old girl suspected of joining the Islamic State jihadists in Iraq was arrested last week in Mosul, a German judicial source said Saturday."The Dresden prosecutor confirms that Linda W.

Publishing's lack of diversity fails readers: Author Rai

Hong Kong - As the film and music industries grapple with the fallout from the race rows that dogged the Oscars and the Brit Awards, English author Bali Rai warns publishing too has a serious diversity issue.

Louisiana teen accused of knocking school bus driver unconscious

An unruly Louisiana teen has been charged with assault after knocking a school bus driver unconscious, leading to another teen on the bus stepping in to bring the vehicle to a halt.

'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother'- 14yo carries 7yo brother 65 km

A 14-year-old Michigan teenager raised awareness about cerebral palsy by walking 65 kilometers or 40 miles with his seven-year-old brother strapped to his back. Hunter Gandee carried Braden, who has cerebral palsy from Bedford to Ann Arbor.

German rent-a-cops watch teenage criminal 24/7 on taxpayers' dime

Essen - Taxpayers in Germany will be thrilled to hear they are paying a private security company €1,500 per day for the 24/7 supervision of a 14-year-old boy, who has committed 30 crimes in three months.

California stowaway survives Hawaii flight in wheel well of plane

Kahului - An extremely lucky 16-year-old boy survived after deciding to run away from home this weekend, stowing away in the wheel well of a plane, in sub-zero temperatures, on a flight from California to sunny Hawaii.

German couple chained their teen to the floor while shopping

Yes, you heard right. A German couple are currently under investigation for allegedly chaining a 13-year-old boy to the floor while they went out shopping. They didn't want him leaving the house to meet unapproved friends while they were away.

Teen robs German bank with toy gun, makes getaway on bike

A 16-year-old boy robbed a bank in Bad Füssing on Friday, threatening the teller with a toy gun, taking a "four-digit amount" of euros. He made his getaway on a bicycle, but was caught by the police shortly thereafter.

French teen accidentally shoots father dead, commits suicide

Sourribes - In a tragic hunting incident over the weekend, a 14-year-old boy slipped and accidentally shot his father dead. On realizing what had happened, he then turned the gun on himself.

PA boy dresses as vagrant for drama class, is suspended

Pittsburgh - Michael Bodomov, 17, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, may have a great career in the future as an actor. In fact, he may be a little too good. When he dressed up as a vagrant at his high school he was so convincing he was suspended.

Police arrest teen weapons dealer for making a killing online

Casarrubios Del Monte - A minor near the city of Toledo in Spain has been arrested by police for selling hundreds of illegal weapons online. Officers found a huge arsenal of these weapons in his home.

Teenage prank goes horribly wrong in 'kidnapping' scare

Valencia - When a teenage girl decided to play a prank on her father, things went terribly wrong, as a Spanish police officer stopped his vehicle and pulled a gun on him. However, it could have been much, much worse.

Teen walks 10 miles in snow to job interview

Indianapolis - An Indianapolis, Indiana restaurant owner who happened to stumble across a teenager walking to a job interview, was inspired by the teen's determination.

Dad, allegedly, tattoos 'daddy's girl' on teenage daughter

Richland - A father, 39-year-old Victor Shane Scroggins, has been arrested. He is accused of tattooing his daughter, 14, last October. The tattoo reads 'daddy's girl'.

Teen shocks students, teachers, comes out at award ceremony

Parsippany - A New Jersey high school student shocked many of his fellow students and teachers during a ceremony honoring him as "Best Actor".

Diabetic teen Tasered after traffic accident (video)

Cleburne - Ricky Jones, a 19-year-old diabetic patient, was involved in a traffic accident in the city of Cleburne in April this year, after going into hypoglycemic shock when his blood sugar dropped dangerously low.

12 year-old hides in closet, shoots burglar

Calera - When a 12 year-old Oklahoma girl heard a window in her home being broken out by an intruder, she called her mom, grabbed the .40 caliber Glock pistol her mom owned, and hid in a closet.

Teenage prank lands boy, 15, in critical condition

Tuscumbia - An Alabama teen remains in critical condition in an Alabama hospital after a friend shot him in the head during a "prank".

Missing teen who tweeted of home invasion, found safe

Clark - At 3:12 PM - 30 Sep 12 Kara Alongi tweeted "There is somone in my hour ecall 911", a tweet that turned her family's world upside and started a #helpfindkara phenomenon on Twitter.

U.S. teenager collapses after Xbox marathon

Columbus - A 15-year-old Ohio boy, collapsed after participating in a four day Xbox gaming marathon. Tyler Rigsby played the game so much that he only came out of his room to use the toilet, have a quick shower and eat snacks from the kitchen, his mother said.

Tinkerbell's dreams are ruined

Florida - Poor Tinkerbell was left heartbroken after she was refused entry into Animal Kingdom and told to get changed into clothes that Disney World gave her.

Report: Average U.S. teenager sends, receives 60 texts per day

Los Angeles - A new report from the Pew Research Center shows that the average American teenager sends and receives approximately 60 text messages each day. It found that three quarters of all teenagers text message.

Video: Alleged fare-dodger thrown off train, says he is innocent

Edinburgh - Going viral online is a video clip of a teenager who boarded a ScotRail service train between Edinburgh and Perth without a valid ticket and was thrown off the train by a passenger who got fed-up with his foul-mouthed challenge of the conductor.

Iowa teen survives being run over by train

A teenage from northwestern Iowa lucked out when he was run over by a train. The 17-year-old walked away with only a few bruises and cuts.

Klayton Wynter, 15, killed at Toronto area shopping mall

Brampton - Toronto's Klayton Wynter was just 15 when his life ended Saturday night. The teen was stabbed in the parking lot at a local shopping mall.

Teenager leaps off Golden Gate Bridge for a dare and survives

A teenager on a school trip has survived a 220ft jump from the Golden Gate Bridge into the icy, choppy waters of San Francisco Bay and survived with just a broken tail bone and a punctured lung.

Florida girl addicted to eating soap

A Florida girl diagnosed with a rare eating disorder says that she was eating up to five bars of soap a week for six months.

Graphic footage of police beating teen outrages Houston

Houston - A video of Houston police officers violently kicking, punching and beating a teenager that aired Wednesday night on local news stations has Houston community activists claiming there is an ongoing cover-up to protect police officers involved.

Teen becomes Toronto's latest murder victim

Toronto - Wednesday afternoon, Toronto Police responded to calls indicating shots were fired at 135 Neptune Drive, a Toronto Housing residence in the North End.

Russian stowaway survives flight in landing gear

Kirensk - A 17-year-old ward of the state has survived an hour-long flight after hiding inside the landing gear bay of an AN-24 airliner; the teenager had reportedly escaped from an orphanage in a Siberian village.
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Raphael Ward
Many children and teens find creative ways to express growing pains and pressures  but a significant...
Many children and teens find creative ways to express growing pains and pressures, but a significant minority attempt suicide during bouts of depression, some making first attempts before age ten, a University of Washington study found.
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Map of Jhaqueil Reagan s walk.
Map of Jhaqueil Reagan's walk.
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Restaurant owner Art Bouvier gives Jhaqueil Reagan a job after seeing him walking 10 miles to a job ...
Restaurant owner Art Bouvier gives Jhaqueil Reagan a job after seeing him walking 10 miles to a job interview.
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