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Teen suicide News

Police save Georgia teen attempting suicide on Facebook Live

Macon - Police in Macon, Georgia received numerous calls about a teen girl attempting to kill herself while streaming her suicide attempt on Facebook Live. First responders were able save her life and she is now in hospital recovering.

Ohio teen commits suicide after school officials' verbal rant

Geneva - He was a high school honors student and a promising football player, but after school administrators allegedly claimed he smelled like marijuana and told him he had "ruined his life," Hayden Long committed suicide, says the family of one of his friends.

Train draws attention for teen suicide prevention in new video

Grammy-winning rock band Train has partnered with SoulPancake for the release of their latest music video "Give It All," which premiered today.

Ontario student live-streams suicide attempt

Guelph - A 20-year-old student at the University of Guelph has been identified as the person who attempted to kill himself while 200 people watched the attempt online.

Saskatchewan mom says bullying caused her son's suicide

North Battleford - Todd Loik took his own life after years of being bullied, more recently on the Internet. He died just days before his 16th birthday.

RCMP arrest two males in connection with Rehtaeh Parsons case

Halifax - RCMP arrested two males at their homes in Halifax in connection with the Rehtaeh Parsons case. The arrests were made at around 8 a.m. (ADT) Thursday.

Poster campaign supports alleged rapists of Rehtaeh Parsons

Halifax - Flyers began appearing in the neighbourhood where the dead teen lived with her mother, defending the four boys who Rehtaeh said raped her in November 2011.

3 teens arrested over alleged rape of girl who killed herself

Saratoga - Three northern California teens have been arrested on charges they gang-raped a 15-year-old girl who then killed herself after photos of the alleged attack went viral.

Reaction to the tragic death of Rehtaeh Parsons

Halifax - In the wake of media coverage surrounding the suicide of 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons, Nova Scotia is reconsidering reopening the investigation into four boys who allegedly gang raped her in 2011 and examining the inaction of Rehtaeh's school.

Mom: Girl hanged herself after being gang raped, bullied online

Dartmouth - The 17-year-old Nova Scotia girl attempted to kill herself on Thursday and died in hospital on Sunday after she was taken off life support. According to her mother she suffered from anger and depression after being gang raped and photographed.

Family of Maine teen who killed herself says she was bullied

Troy - Relatives of a Maine teenager who killed herself last week say that the girl was bullied in the months leading up to her death.

High rate of Latina teen suicide in the US

New York - An alarmingly high rate of American Latina teenagers have contemplated or attempted suicide, according to "Life is Precious".

Op-Ed: Suicide — Killing the teens & young people in America

Teen and youth suicide is rising at an alarming rate while parents, schools officials, and experts are scrambling to learn why.

Nunavut mother guilty of counselling daughter to kill herself

Arviat - The 38-year-old woman in Canada's north was jailed for five days and placed on probation for two years after repeatedly telling her 17-year-old daughter to kill herself. The girl tried but luckily was unsuccessful.

Teacher in France suspended over 'suicide letter assignment'

In France, an unnamed male teacher was given a job suspension due to angry parents because of an assignment he gave students on suicide.

Bullying of Amanda Todd continues after her death

Port Coquitlam - The type of nasty online comments that are believed to have played a role in the 15-year-old's suicide on Wednesday are now appearing on social media pages set up to pay tribute to the troubled girl.

B.C. girl, 15, who posted anti-bullying video commits suicide

Port Coquitlam - Five weeks after posting a video on YouTube about how she had been bullied and cyberbullied, Amanda Todd, 15, took her own life.

Study: 40% of suicidal kids make first attempt before high school

Suicidal thoughts and behaviors may begin in elementary or middle school, much younger than experts on child and adolescent suicide previously thought, a team of University of Washington researchers claimed.

Op-Ed: Plight of the Internet bully and its struggle to be liked

First cousin to the Internet troll, the internet bully thrives by creating an arena of intimidation, all while overdosed in insecurity and emitting squeals like a little pig.

Op-Ed: Councilman Joel Burns tells gay teens it gets better

Teenage suicide among young men who are teased and bullied for their sexual orientation is rising. On Tuesday last week a brave councilman in Fort Worth, Texas gave a moving speech about the crisis.

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Hayden Long.
Hayden Long.
YouTube screen grab WEWS
Students at a vigil for Hayden Long.
Students at a vigil for Hayden Long.
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