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Review: ‘Chappaquiddick’ explores the accident that destroyed dreams Special

‘Chappaquiddick’ is a look inside the cover-up that destroyed the Kennedys’ last hope of getting another man in the White House.

Daughter of Ted Kennedy dies at 51

Washington - Kara Kennedy, 51, the eldest child of Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy from Massachusetts, died Friday after collapsing at a Washington health club.

Burton Hersh talks about his new Ted Kennedy Biography Special

On the Aug. 25, 2009 Edward Kennedy, Democratic party member and United States Senator died of a brain tumour. He served for close to 47 years and he was among the longest serving Senators in the history of the United States

Op-Ed: The Message From Massachusetts, For Both Parties

The armchair quarterbacking has begun in the wake of Republican Scott Brown's stunning victory in deep blue Massachusetts. Yet in its wake, many in both major parties seem to be seriously misinterpreting the results. Dangers abound for all in November.

Op-Ed: Coakley Concedes to Brown in Historic Massachusetts Senate Race

The Senate race is over. Democrat Martha Coakley, the US Senate candidate from Massachusetts, has just conceded the race to Republican Scott Brown, who currently leads the voting by over 100,000 votes: 843,516 to 736,627.

Inside the Brown-Coakley Senate Race in Massachusetts

With five days to go in the Senate race in MA, things are heating up. Rudy Giuliani just stumped for Brown. Bill Clinton will be in Boston today to stump for Coakley. Obama will be in town this weekend. Most of the news, however, has been bad for Coakley.

Op-Ed: Is Another Revolution Brewing in Boston?

In many ways, there is as much riding on the Senate race between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley as once rode on the back of another well-known Bay Stater, Paul Revere. Will Boston again host a revolution? Will a Brown win be 'The Shot Heard 'Round D.C.'?

GOP Concerned Over Stonewalling In Massachusetts

GOP members are concerned that should Scott Brown win the vacant seat that Democrats may drag out the certification process so that Brown can not be involved with the health care legislation.

Mancow Congratulates the Late Sen. Kennedy on His Sobriety

Radio and television personality Erich "Mancow" Muller posts a message on twitter to the late Senator Ted Kennedy congratulating him for "being six weeks sober."

Family, friends, and colleagues pay final tribute to Ted Kennedy

Earlier today, the funeral for the late Senator Ted Kennedy was held in Boston, where leaders from across the country gathered to pay their respects to the last Kennedy brother.

Huckabee: Kennedy would have been urged to die under 'Obamacare'

Former Governor of Arkansas and 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee told listeners on his radio show that Edward Kennedy would have been told under 'Obamacare' to "go home to take pain pills and die."

Richard Nixon Wanted Bodyguards to Spy on Edward Kennedy

Tapes recorded at the Nixon White House reveal that, so fixated was the man who resigned in 1974, with impeachment over Watergate looming, on the political threat posed to him by Edward Kennedy that he wanted bodyguards to spy on his long-time opponent.

Pope Benedict XVI noticeably quiet on the passing of Ted Kennedy

The Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI have been noticeably silent on the death of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), a prominent Catholic and member of a strict Catholic family.

Nancy Reagan: Ted Kennedy, Ronald Reagan were 'quite close'

While most people differ over Democrat and Republican, or Conservative and Liberal, Ronald Reagan (R) and Edward Kennedy (D) were good friends, according to the former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Rush Limbaugh Making Big News On Kennedy, Beck, FCC

Rush Limbaugh said of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, "He was the Lion of the Senate, and we were his prey." Then Mr. Limbaugh appeared with Glenn Beck on FOX to sky-high ratings. Now Newsmax reports that a new FCC Chair called on liberals to go after Rush.

Op-Ed: Ted Kennedy, the liberal adversary to the conservative movement

With Ted Kennedy's passing early this morning, most news outlets are airing tributes and having guests on to share memories of the later senator, but not all people are holding off their criticisms of Kennedy.

Senator Harry Reid issues statement on passing of Ted Kennedy

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has released a statement via email to Digital Journal on the passing of Ted Kennedy today.

Op-Ed: Ted Kennedy, the man who so many people felt they knew personally

Senator Edward Kennedy has died. He had suffered from a brain tumor for some time. The public watched him triumphantly return to Congress.

Limbaugh's Remarks on Health Care and Kennedy Condemned by Dems

Just when you think Limbaugh might have gone too far, here comes another zinger. To announce about the health care bill “before it's all over, it'll be called the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care bill” takes insensitivity over the top, some say.

Wikipedia to close its open-to-all policy

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia is putting forward a controversial proposal to make sure that changes to the most popular wiki-pages are vetted before they go live.

Ted Kennedy Constituents Unhappy With Caroline's Withdrawal

So far, Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn her bid for Hillary Clinton’s vacated New York Senate seat. However, there are many unhappy with that decision.

Congress Passes Mental Health Parity Bill

After a long hard fight, earlier this week both houses of Congress passed bills that would put the coverage of mental health patients on par with that of other health conditions.

Op-Ed: Kennedy Receives Standing Ovation on Senate Floor

Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts made his return today to the Senate. Under normal circumstances, not a big deal for a long term Senator to return to work, but for Ted Kennedy, today was important, as being there meant not breaking his word.

Mr. Media Interview: Chuck Workman & Stephen J. Kern, 'In Search of Kennedy'

If MTV edited a presidential campaign video, it would probably look and feel a bit like In Search of Kennedy, a new documentary film by Chuck Workman and Stephen J. Kern.

Ted Kennedy To Undergo Risky Surgery

This morning in Durham, North Carolina, Senator Edward Kennedy is scheduled to undergo what is being described as risky surgery on his malignant brain tumor.

Ted Kennedy Wants His Wife Vicki To Succeed Him

Recently Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy was diagnosed with malignant brain tumor, after suffering a seizure and being rushed to the hospital. Reports now say that Kennedy wants his wife, Vicki, to succeed him.

Updated: Sen. Ted Kennedy Diagnosed with Malignant Brain Tumor

Sen. Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in the left Parietal Lobe. Treatment will take place and doctors are considering surgery or chemotherapy.

Why Ted Kennedy Endorsed Obama Instead of Clinton

The liberal icon known as Ted Kennedy was infuriated by comments made about former US President Lyndon B. Johnson by US Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton. As a result, Kennedy chose to endorse Barack Obama instead.

NOW's New York Chapter Blasts Ted Kennedy for Endorsing Barack Obama

After endorsing US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, Senator Ted Kennedy has come under fire by the National Organization of Women (NOW) for what is deemed a ‘betrayal.’

Ted Kennedy Calls Barack Obama Worthy Successor To JFK

When endorsing US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, Senator Ted Kennedy said that Obama would be a worthy heir to late former president John F. Kennedy.

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