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Satanists not pleased after Boehner compared Cruz to Lucifer

While people who dislike Ted Cruz found John Boehner's comments, comparing the presidential candidate to Lucifer entertaining, members of the Satanic Temple were not amused. They were upset.

Op-Ed: GOP vs. the proletariat masses

New York - If the GOP throws its supporters under the bus, who will remain to elect its members to office? If the GOP is splintering, who will pick up the pieces?

Wisconsin could thump Trump as Cruz takes commanding lead

The state of Wisconsin has taken an important role in the 2016 primaries. On the Republican side, depending on the poll you look, at Ted Cruz has as much as a 10-point lead in the Badger state and a Cruz win could put the brakes on the Trump train.

Op-Ed: Trump's most outrageous comment yet? Warns of riots if he loses

He's spoken of deporting 11 million illegals, building a wall on the Mexican border and not allowing Muslims to travel to the U.S. Donald Trump has also taken his time to disavow the KKK, made fun of women and the handicapped. But now he's gone further.

Op-Ed: Trump vs. GOP — Endgame?

Las Vegas - Trump's win in Nevada was convincing. His rivals are now in catch-up mode. Neither of them have Trump’s profile. The Nevada result comes right at the start of the main race for primaries, and the heat is now on the GOP establishment.

Op-Ed: Presidential candidate Ted Cruz and the art of being pathetic

The nutballs on the GOP side of the 2016 race for the presidency do not fill me with hope. That's especially true for Rafael "Ted" Cruz who seems so disconnected from reality that someone has to grab him out of the air.

Donald Trump says he would torture much worse than waterboarding

Manchester - Republican presidential hopefuls attempted to one-up each other on war and torture during Saturday night's New Hampshire debate, with frontrunner Donald Trump promising to "bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding."

Texas lawyer files 'birther' case against Ted Cruz

Is Senator Ted Cruz eligible to be president? That is the question a Texas lawyer wants the courts to answer. Following Donald Trump's attacks on Cruz's Canadian birth, there is now a legal challenge underway.

Ted Cruz vows to 'carpet bomb' Syria, praises Donald Trump

Washington - Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has ramped up his hawkish anti-terrorism rhetoric in the wake of last week's Islamist terror attack in California, vowing to "carpet bomb" Islamic State (IS) "into oblivion."

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 9 points in New Hampshire

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has gained a respectable nine-point lead over front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, and he's picking up steam over her among Iowa voters in the Democratic presidential race, two new NBC News/Marist polls report.

New Hampshire, Iowa voters unimpressed with all but one candidate

Iowa and New Hampshire voters apparently aren't impressed with the current crop of candidates running in the primary-election races for president in 2016, and only one candidate gained a positive favorability rating.

Op-Ed: Bush's 'people need to work longer hours' remark stirs Democrat ire

Hudson - On Wednesday, Jeb Bush sparked a kerfuffle when he said that "people should work longer hours" in order to improve economic prosperity. The Bush campaign argues this was a reference to part-time workers who are underemployed.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz is part of a dying breed of social conservatives

Many Americans are taking on more liberal views but Ted Cruz is sticking with his social conservatism. But will his grassroots bible belt base be enough to get him elected in 2016?

Bloomberg's Mark Halperin apologizes for Ted Cruz interview

Mark Halperin, the managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, apologized on Monday for his recent interview with presidential candidate and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) that was interpreted as racially insensitive.

Op-Ed: Campaign Manager: Sanders raises $1.5 mn in less than 24 hours

Washington D.c. - It seemed like a long shot, but Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has proved otherwise — so far. Having jumped into the race for the presidency, Sanders has managed to raise more money than GOP hopefuls Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio. Who'd a-thunk it.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz doesn't stand a chance this time around

Washington, D. C. - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first official major candidate for president. He won't win the GOP nomination, but winning in 2016 is likely not his game plan. He is playing the long game and will win through 2016 martyrdom.

Why Ted Cruz is signing up for Obamacare

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, the Tea Party favorite who has made repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—aka Obamacare—a central pillar of his political raison d'être, is signing up for... Obamacare.

Op-Ed: Fun times as Canadian born Ted Cruz (Dad Cuban!) seeks Presidency

Many members of the Tea Party were among those loonies that jumped on an Internet rumor about U.S. President Barack Obama and turned it into the birther movement. They said he wasn't born in the U.S. - they were way wrong - and so could not be President.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz is 1st official 2016 prez candidate, but will fade fast

Lynchburg - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first official presidential candidate of 2016, with sources confirming that he will announce his candidacy on Monday, March 23. While Cruz will quickly falter, he does have a chance to guide the political conversation.

Op-Ed: Obama should pursue term limits instead of mandatory voting

Washington D.c. - President Barack Obama has just suggested that making voting mandatory in the United States — like it is in other industrialized democracies — could help counteract the influence of big money in politics. While his goal is noble, his theory is incorr

Op-Ed: Cruz wrong to say political signs, donations both free speech

Washington D.c. - Firebrand libertarian U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has courted controversy yet again, this time by saying there should be no limits on campaign contributions. Cruz claims that political spending is equal to free speech.

Op-Ed: Sen. Ted Cruz reveals that he knows little about net neutrality

Senator Ted Cruz, who criticized president Obama's defense of net neutrality as "Obamacare for the Internet," has published an op-ed defending his views. Unfortunately, Cruz appears to know little about economics, the Internet, or Constitutional rights.

Op-Ed: Net neutrality furor — Why the Internet should be a public good

The Internet is the greatest invention in modern decades in terms of education and consumer why are some conservatives upset that the Obama administration wants to preserve Net Neutrality?

Op-Ed: Five things wrong with Sen. Ted Cruz' Ten-Point Plan for Congress

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has announced his GOP plan for Congress starting in 2015, outlining what should be done if Republicans regain the Senate. Unfortunately, he's half wrong.

Op-Ed: Speaker Boehner's House stuck on Cruz Control as border bill dies

Washington, D. C. - The newly-installed House leadership, still led by Speaker John Boehner, had a plan for resolving the child migrant crisis on the nation's southern borders. The ingenious plan was designed to make Republicans look good, and for Democrats to look bad.

Ted Cruz claims FAA flight ban is 'economic boycott of Israel'

Texas Republican Ted Cruz attacked the Obama administration on Wednesday, claiming the FAA flight ban to Israel was politically motivated.

Muslim reporter claims she was ridiculed at Texas GOP convention

Fort Worth - During the 2014 Republican State Convention in Fort Worth, an aspiring journalist from the University of Texas in Arlington had a very chilling experience when covering the story.

Republican U.S. president hopeful Ted Cruz no longer a Canadian

A Republican presidential hopeful, Ted Cruz was born in Canada with dual citizenship. That has somewhat clouded his efforts to become the 2016 presidential candidate for his party and so Cruz has renounced his citizenship from his country of origin.

Op-Ed: Rafael Cruz is why I want Ted Cruz for POTUS Special

Twain Harte - I had the chance to listen to Pastor Rafael Cruz, the father of Rep Ted Cruz (Tex.) Ted Cruz may be a bit of a novice at politics, but his family of origin suggests to me, I could live with Ted Cruz as President.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz deserves kick in tea bag for turning his back on Canada

Austin - Ted Cruz, the darling of the American right wing Tea Party, was born in Canada, but he is willing to give up hockey, Timbits and universal health care to try to become president of the United States - bad trade
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Ted Cruz speaking at Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.
Ted Cruz speaking at Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.
Gage Skidmore
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Ted Cruz in Oct. 2015
Ted Cruz in Oct. 2015
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Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Des Moines during a panel discussion hosted by the Net...
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Des Moines during a panel discussion hosted by the Network of Iowa Home Christian Educators
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Tea Party s Ted Cruz
Tea Party's Ted Cruz
Gage Skidmore
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) ...
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.
Gage Skidmore
Gage Skldmore

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