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Tesla wants to sell cars with insurance and maintenance included

Tesla has actually been quietly experimenting with this model in Asia by selling cars with insurance and maintenance included, Jon McNeill, Tesla's president of sales and services, said during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call.

Alphabet releases tool to combat Internet trolling

Google’s subsidiary Alphabet announced today the release of a tool to combat toxic comments from Internet trolls. The machine learning technology, Perspective, is still in the early stages of its development.

Internet of Things needs effective power systems to advance

The Internet of Things, the catch-all term of connected devices across multiple settings, is set to transform the way we interact with devices through our everyday lives. To advance the technological revolution further, efficient power is needed.

Cocaine and groping — bombshell report on Uber

A former engineer's claims of sexism at Uber is apparently only the tip of a much deeper problem inside the company's culture, according to a scathing report published on Wednesday.

11 U.S. cities will get '5G' service later this year from Verizon

Verizon on Wednesday said that it will start offering “pre-commercial” 5G service to certain customers in 11 U.S. cities sometime in the first half of 2017.

Tech tools gain traction amid Trump war on leaks

Washington - As President Donald Trump warns of a crackdown on US government leaks to media, interest is growing in technology tools that allow sources to share information anonymously.

Ethical qualms make UK police cameras a mixed success

London - With accusations of police misconduct raging on both sides of the Atlantic, Britain has taken the lead in supplying officers with body cameras despite worries about ever-increasing surveillance by the authorities.

Tim Cook: Giving away Apple tech for free will sell more iPhones

A short remark by Apple CEO Tim Cook to The Independent reveals a big part of the master plan behind Swift — an Apple-created programming language that's found a large-and-growing group of fans.

Self-driving car AI technology gets $1.0 Billion boost from Ford

Ford Motors is taking a big chance on the future of self-driving car technology by investing one billion dollars in a little-known startup called Argo AI, led by the former leads of Google and Uber's self-driving programs.

Algorithms: the managers of our digital lives

Paris - Algorithms are a crucial cog in the mechanics of our digital world, but also a nosy minder of our personal lives and a subtle, even insidious influence on our behaviour.

Germany, France plan cross-border self-driving test zone

Frankfurt Am Main - European neighbours Germany and France plan to test self-driving vehicles on a stretch of road linking the two countries, the transport ministry in Berlin said Wednesday.

Pedal power revival in China as bike-share apps race for glory

Shanghai - Unlock them with an app, drop them off anywhere, and nip past lanes of stationary car traffic: the humble bicycle is seeing a revival in China as a new generation of start-ups help tackle urban congestion and pollution with fleets of brightly coloured ...

Wearable sensor designed to measure skin hydration

A new wearable, low-cost sensor has been developed to measure skin hydration. The sensor reliably informs the wearer when they need to drink more water, making it ideal for those who exercise or who are worried about becoming dehydrated.

Uber's CEO and Trump apparently had a disastrous phone call

"Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the president or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that," Kalanick wrote in the memo, which was obtained by Business Insider.

New wearable provides continuous blood pressure monitoring

For a growing number of people control and monitoring of their blood pressure is vital to their leading a healthy lifestyle. A new innovation in wearable technology offers a continuous blood pressure monitoring system.

One income for all: far-fetched, or future fact?

Paris - It is a utopian idea, literally, but is enjoying a renaissance as politicians and policy wonks grapple with technology-driven changes that could redefine our very understanding of work.

Real-life 'Q' is a woman, British spy chief reveals

London - The inventor behind James Bond's ingenious gadgets, codenamed "Q" in the spy films, exists in reality and is actually a woman, the head of Britain's MI6 espionage agency has said.

The French ponder 'joie de vivre' in a work-free future

Paris - What role will work play in our future lives populated with robots and driverless vehicles? As France prepares to elect a new president, it is wrangling with bigger issues than simple election manifestos.

Elon Musk gets serious about digging a tunnel under Los Angeles

Elon Musk wants to build a tunnel to cut down on traffic in Los Angeles — and it looks like he's actually going to make it happen.

New app seeks to lower stress through meditation

A new app, called Aura, combines mindfulness meditations with machine learning to fight stress and anxiety. The developers state the app to be the first meditation app to combine machine-learning with three-minute mindfulness meditations.

Apple reportedly planning major push into TV shows and movies

Apple is preparing for a major push into original video content, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal — a move that could set it on a collision course with the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

Asteroid just flew by Earth and we barely saw it coming

Early Monday morning, while people on the East Coast were making coffee, dropping kids off at school, and cursing in traffic, a space rock as big as a 10-story building slipped past Earth.

Op-Ed: iPhone celebrates 10 year anniversary

Today marks the ten year anniversary of Steve Jobs' unveiling of the iPhone. Ten years on, the iPhone is undeniably one of the most important pieces of consumer technology out there.

New battery promises to double smartphone life

A new battery, intended for smartphones and other mobile devices, promises to boost power and running time. This comes about by the battery weight being reduced by half.

Health app to be tested out by the UK health service

London - The British National Health Service is to test out an new health app. The app is designed to provide reputable health advice and acts as an alternative to people making medical calls.

App to send alerts when Donald Trump tweets about stocks you own

When President-elect Donald Trump tweets about a public company, the market listens. And if you hold the stock of one of the companies that has come into Trump's crosshairs, finance app Trigger thinks you'll want to know about it.

Five key technology trends for 2017

From a fitness app linked to an exercise mat to a predicted big advance in Cloud computing, we select five technology innovations that could help to shape technology in 2017.

French workers win 'right to disconnect'

Paris - French companies will be required to guarantee a "right to disconnect" to their employees from Sunday as the country seeks to tackle the modern-day scourge of compulsive out-of-hours email checking.

Myanmar farmers reap rewards from 3D printing

Yangon - Whizzing across a blue-lit platform with a whirr and a squeak, liquid plastic emanating from its chrome tip, the 3D printer seems a far cry from the muddy, crop-filled fields that fringe Yangon.

Silicon Valley's 'prosperity paradox'

Silicon Valley is a land of extremes. At one end are California's wealthy and super-wealthy — the 76,000 millionaires and billionaires who call Santa Clara and San Mateo counties home.
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Apple Inc
Engineer Ben Wu manipulating his smartphone as a mouse
Engineer Ben Wu manipulating his smartphone as a mouse
YouTube screenshot
Two treats  made in a 3D printer simply by using sugar and a pattern.
Two treats made in a 3D printer simply by using sugar and a pattern.
Windell Oskay
The ultra-thin MacBook Air
The ultra-thin MacBook Air
Courtesy Apple
Cyborg insect.
Cyborg insect.
YouTube screen grab
Two girls try new devices at a smartphone store.
Two girls try new devices at a smartphone store.
An iPhone charging
An iPhone charging
Bentley Smith
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called  Ara  which is going to be the greatest t...
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called "Ara" which is going to be the greatest turn in smartphone history. Motorola called it an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones, that can gives the power of choice to the users to decide which smartphone components do they want in their hands. Ara consists of what we call an endoskeleton (endo) and modules, the endo is the structural frame that can hold all the modules. looks like the concept of phoneblok is bec
Audi s RS 5 has sleek styling to match an advanced engine.
Audi's RS 5 has sleek styling to match an advanced engine.
YouTube, Tech Vehi
Humanoid robot from the 2004 movie i-Robot.
Humanoid robot from the 2004 movie i-Robot.
Robert Acevedo
Intel Capital
The two powerful fingers on the device are used to hold a variety of items.
The two powerful fingers on the device are used to hold a variety of items.
YouTube, MIT
Throngs of people come over to CES every year
Throngs of people come over to CES every year
Wikimedia Commons
Silicon Valley from above
Silicon Valley from above
Patrick Nouhailler
Brother s MFCJ6510DW All-in-one multi-function centre
Brother's MFCJ6510DW All-in-one multi-function centre
Courtesy Brother
A new e-mail app stunt left some journalists a bit unnerved.
A new e-mail app stunt left some journalists a bit unnerved.
Ben Grey

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