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Note 7 batteries too big for enclosure says consulting company

An engineering consulting company called Instrumental tore down a Galaxy Note 7 and came up with the best theory so far as to why its batteries exploded.

Plastic holes can aid wearable electronic devices

A way to improve the efficiency of wearable devices has been developed. This is based on gold wires being embedded onto flexible, thin plastic film. The wearable devices will be used primarily for health monitoring.

Future solar storm could cause trillions in damage to technology

In 1859, an invisible wave crashed into the Earth. Electrons, swept up like so much detritus in the magnetic current, coursed along telegraph wires.

Israeli firm can steal phone data in seconds

Petach Tikva - It only takes a few seconds for an employee of one of the world's leading hacking companies to take a locked smartphone and pull the data from it.

South Korea blocks Google export of map data

Seoul - South Korea on Friday rejected Google's request to export government-supplied data for its global mapping service, arguing it would make the country more vulnerable to attack by North Korea.

Dairy farmers using technology to keep their herds healthy

In 350 farms in two dozen countries around the world, dairy cows have had a hotdog-sized wireless sensor embedded in their stomachs. This may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it actually will help farmers to better manage their herds.

Trump presidency means billions of tons of CO2 could be released

There are plenty of numbers that differentiate President-elect Donald Trump from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. There's 270, the number of electoral votes it took for Trump to be declared the winner of presidential election.

Three ways a Trump presidency could affect Apple

Republican Donald Trump is now the president-elect in what's being called the biggest upset in American political history.

Israel presents its own pavilion at the upcoming MEDICA 2016 Special

The Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy of Israel together with the Non-Profit Organization Israel Export Institute, will present the Israeli Pavilion at MEDICA 2016 the upcoming international medical exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany

Rob Bernshteyn's book 'Value as Service' says this is the model Special

The CEO of the software company Coupa, says the next major disruption facing businesses is a new business model that is evolving to a new standard. It will be where companies must offer a clear and quantifiable long-term value in order to compete.

U.S. Navy can't fire new gun due to $1 million cost per round

The US Navy can't fire its awesome new gun that can hit a target more than 70 miles away because the rounds are costing the service nearly a million bucks a piece.

Autumn in New York — on the verge of change

The Big Apple always buzzes with quiet tension in autumn. While the leaves fall and the threat of winter creeps into the days, New York embraces the change.

Hyperloop One just hinted at its first passenger system

Hyperloop One may reveal plans for a Dubai-based Hyperloop system on Tuesday. The company tweeted about the event Sunday evening saying that the news will mark a "BIG moment in transportation history."

Smart wireless earbuds controlled by touching your face

Bragi wants to turn your body into a remote control. The Munich-based tech company is announcing the latest software update to its smart, fully wireless Dash earphones on Wednesday.

National Novel Writing Month ready to inspire in November

Writers the world over celebrate the annual National Novel Writing Month each November. The marathon writing exercise encourages participants to set a goal of writing 50,000 words — the size of a small first draft of a novel — in just one month.

Peter Thiel says other Silicon Valley insiders support Trump also

The billionaire tech investor gave a speech on Monday at the National Press Club in which he discussed his political values and support of the Trump campaign.

Campbell's invests in meal delivery service based on your DNA

Big food-maker Campbell's Soup announced on Wednesday it was the sole investor in Habit, a nutrition-focused startup that uses data from an at-home test kit to make personalized dietary recommendations based on your genetic makeup.

Uber's 'Elevate' project to bring flying cars to cities by 2026

Uber has launched a new project to bring flying cars to commuters by 2026. The company published a white paper today outlining its plans for Uber Elevate, a network of on-demand electric aircraft.

Indian washermen keep tradition alive despite daily grind

New Delhi - Standing knee deep in a cement tank of milky water, Dinesh Kumar dunks clothes before vigorously scrubbing them with a brush at an outdoor laundry in the Indian capital.

Apple's TV boss: 'Television needs to be reinvented'

Apple's head of internet software and services Eddy Cue discussed the problems with the current television landscape during an interview at Vanity Fair's conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

World's most high-tech city revealed

A list of the world's leading centers for technology have been revealed. The city occupying the number one spot might come as a surprise (and it isn't San Francisco).

Underwater travel system by Hyperloop One closer to reality

Hyperloop One just got a little closer to making its vision of a high-speed transit system for cargo a reality. The Los Angeles-based start-up secured a $50 million investment from DP World, the third largest port and terminal operator in the world.

Facebook plans to test low-flying drones above its headquarters

The skies above Facebook's Silicon Valley headquarters may soon be buzzing with the sound of quadcopter drones. Recently filed documents with the FCC show that Facebook has requested the right to operate an experimental radio in the 2.4 GHz band.

Robots galore as Asia's biggest tech fair opens near Tokyo

Chiba - A Japanese inventor is hoping a robot that still needs humans will win over Asia's largest tech fair, offering a counterpoint to major technology firms pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI).

Self-driving chairs soon at Japanese restaurants

Tokyo - Nissan has unveiled what it's calling the self-driving chair designed for those who hate queuing at their favorite restaurant.

Microsoft says QWERTY keyboards 'will die out' in the near future

A Microsoft executive responsible for predicting future technologies ahead of time has said the QWERTY keyboard is set to die out in the face of emerging input methods. Microsoft expects voice input, gesture tracking and facial recognition to take over.

Millennials would rather delete their phone than Snapchat

Millennials hate calling on the phone so much that they'd rather delete their main phone app altogether than lose Snapchat. That's according to a new study from LivePerson, which surveyed 3,000 US smartphone users ages 18 to 65.

Electric car breaks world land-speed record

An electric vehicle built in 2013 has smashed the world land-speed record during a recent run on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Obama endorses self-driving cars as U.S. issues safety checklist

Washington - In an opinion piece published in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, United States President Barack Obama endorsed self-driving vehicles as long as they are safe, as the U.S. government outlined a new policy on autonomous cars.

Briton accused of US govt hack can be extradited: court

London - A British man accused of hacking into thousands of United States government computers can be extradited to the US to face trial, a court in Britain ruled Friday.
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File photo: U.S. President Barack Obama meets Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at a dinner with tech...
File photo: U.S. President Barack Obama meets Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at a dinner with tech company executives in Woodside, Calif., in 2011.
White House / Pete Souza
Car Phone Warehouse
The ultra-thin MacBook Air
The ultra-thin MacBook Air
Courtesy Apple
Curious Playground is now live in the iTunes App Store.
Curious Playground is now live in the iTunes App Store.
Image Courtesy of Curious Hat
The Microsoft sign at the entrance of the German Microsoft campus  Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1  Unterschleiß...
The Microsoft sign at the entrance of the German Microsoft campus, Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1, Unterschleißheim, Germany
Johannes Hemmerlein
A TV showing the Netflix in-queue interface.
A TV showing the Netflix in-queue interface.
Starbucks Song Pick of the Week.
Starbucks Song Pick of the Week.
Pakalert Press
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called  Ara  which is going to be the greatest t...
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called "Ara" which is going to be the greatest turn in smartphone history. Motorola called it an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones, that can gives the power of choice to the users to decide which smartphone components do they want in their hands. Ara consists of what we call an endoskeleton (endo) and modules, the endo is the structural frame that can hold all the modules. looks like the concept of phoneblok is bec
A water soluble radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag that can melt away in a matter of minutes ...
A water soluble radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag that can melt away in a matter of minutes has been developed in John Rogers' lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US. A transient medical device, exhibited at the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences in 2016.
American Association for the Advancement of Sciences
Lack of demand dictated Sony s withdrawal from the e-reader market  spurred on by strong competition
Lack of demand dictated Sony's withdrawal from the e-reader market, spurred on by strong competition
Julie Jenson Bennett
NAB 2013
NAB 2013
Laptop wrapped in crime scene tape.
Laptop wrapped in crime scene tape.
Tim Robberts
The Google NEXUS 10  2013
The Google NEXUS 10, 2013
Apple logo
Apple logo

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