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Community solar projects — Gaining consumers' confidence

Consumer interest in solar power, and in particular, community solar, is rapidly increasing, however, many people are still straddling the fence. What is holding many people back from taking the plunge?

Microsoft won't hold its annual hardware launch event this year

For the last several years, Microsoft has thrown a splashy New York City event in late October to introduce new Surface computers and other gadgets into the world.

Avast's popular PC-cleaning software has been hacked

Hackers have successfully hidden a multi-stage malware in the anti-virus app CCleaner, which has been distributed to millions of people, cybersecurity experts say.

Insurance companies increasingly using 'InsurTech' to set rates

The latest World Insurance Report (WIR) finds a wave of new digital technology is confronting most insurance sectors. While disruptive, the InsurTech movement is forcing insurance companies to rethink their business model and customer relationships.

Canada's biggest economic hurdle is keeping technology talent

Ontario - Mike Lazaridis, the former chief executive officer of BlackBerry Ltd, has added his voice to the growing number of people saying Canada’s main economic hurdle is keeping technology talent.

Startup developing reusable laundry sheet to remove microplastics

Waterloo - Microfibers have become a serious threat to our drinking water, and while no studies on their impact on human health have been done, a group of entrepreneurs has come up with something that looks like a dryer sheet that attracts and removes the fibers.

Elevate Toronto emboldens diverse community of innovators

What began as a pitch to Toronto’s Mayor 90 days ago has become the biggest innovation festival in Canada. Elevate Toronto kicked off its first year in fine form.

Here's why Nvidia could go to $250 price target

Not enough people are talking about artificial intelligence. At least, that's the thinking behind Evercore's massive price target increase for Nvidia on Friday.

Some pathogenic bacteria more resistant to antibiotics in space

To understand why some bacteria develop cell mutations, becoming more resistant to antibiotics in the microgravity environment of space, a study was conducted aboard the ISS to track the physical changes in E. coli after the addition of antibiotics.

New cryptography required to protect users from quantum computers

Quantum computers promise unparalleled computer power and data analysis. However, they also pose a significant risk to how the Internet is currently configured in terms of security and privacy according to the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Solar industry meets Energy Department goals — Three years early

Washington - The solar industry got a huge boost on Tuesday when the US Department of Energy announced the 2020 utility-scale solar cost target set by the SunShot Initiative has been met, three years early.

$5 billion Slack hits a $200 million milestone

When Slack first launched in 2013, it didn't take too long to set a new record as the fastest-ever startup to achieve a $1 billion valuation.

Robot 'conductor' steals the show from Italy's top tenor

Pisa - Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli's voice soars to the rafters of the Tuscan theatre, but all eyes are on the orchestral conductor beside him -- a robot with an apparent penchant for Verdi.

Apple launches Face ID with new iPhone X

Today’s Apple launch announced a number of big things for the technology giant. From wearables to AR, Apple’s Tim Cook had a lot of new technology to share with fans of the brand.

Hurricanes shed light on the vulnerabilities in U.S. power grid

Two Category 4 hurricanes, back-to-back, not only caused extensive damage, massive flooding, and loss of lives – they also laid bare the poor condition of the nation's electrical grid.

John Deere advancing machine learning in agriculture sector

Last week, John Deere, the 180-year-old company known for its iconic green tractors, acquired Blue River Technology, a Sunnyvale, California-based startup that has already become a leader in applying machine learning to agriculture.

An interview with BDO USA cybersecurity expert Gregory Garrett Special

In combating cyberattacks, like the recent hacking into energy company systems, every company, regardless of its size needs to understand the risks involved as we become more dependent on data-sharing and machine-learning capabilities.

Edison Awards celebrates the 'Women Behind Innovation'

The Edison Awards are celebrating the “Women Behind Innovation”. This scheme recognizes those women who are paving the way with technology as well as encouraging young women to develop the critical skills they need to fuel tomorrow’s innovations.

Amazon to open new $5 billion headquarters in a mystery location

Amazon is opening a new headquarters, HQ2, somewhere in North America. It will employ up to 50,000 people, most of them white-collar workers.

A growing army of telecommuting professionals in the US workforce

As competition in the U.S. job market grows tighter, many companies are casting their nets wider to find the talent they require when the local talent pool dries up. This has resulted in companies altering their recruiting practices to stay ahead.

Removing microplastics from tap water starts at treatment plants

As we have learned, plastic pollution is not just a problem affecting our oceans. We are now ingesting tiny bits of plastic in our tap water. So this problem leaves but one question - Is there a solution?

Microplastics in drinking water — Huge problem needing a solution

A new study looked at microplastics in drinking water in 14 countries globally. Besides giving us information on how widely spread these microplastics really are, the study also highlights the need for added studies on possible human health risks.

Hurricane Irma is now one of the most powerful storms in history

Irma has become one of the most powerful storms in history with the National Hurricane Center calling it “potentially catastrophic," with wind speeds of 185 mph, making it a Category 5 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Hydrogen power storage development gaining impetus

The global demand for hydrogen storage materials and technologies is growing by leaps and bounds. A number of global energy companies are investing in hydrogen power storage as an optimal choice over lithium-ion batteries.

Becoming more connected: Startups create apps for 'mindfulness'

In our digital world, we're constantly bombarded with data, so much so that we have forgotten how to connect with the real world and give our minds a few minutes rest. Startup companies are now coming to the rescue, developing apps that promote wellness.

S.Korea detects signs N. Korea preparing missile launch

Seoul - South Korea has detected signs that the North is preparing another missile launch, the defence ministry said Monday, adding it could involve an intercontinental ballistic missile.

'Digital influencer' marketing a growing trend on the Internet

Social media has become our "prime time" source for information, from news to what we end up purchasing. And as online platforms become cluttered with ads, marketers are rushing to find new ways to connect with their customers, using digital influencers.

Saudi Arabian 'honesty' app takes internet by storm

Riyadh - Fizzing with boyish exuberance, Saudi programmer Zainalabdin Tawfiq could be mistaken for a college freshman, but the popularity of his "honesty" app has shone a spotlight on the conservative kingdom's nascent tech scene.

Nuclear not dead yet — Interest in small nuclear reactors growing

Chalk River - Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has a vision - And that is to serve as a global hub for the small modular reactor (SMR) development community. CNL has received over 70 responses to its Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI) on SMRs last month.

Energy storage — The need for reliable software modeling tools

One of the biggest issue facing grid-based energy storage today is its availability and one of the reasons it hasn't taken off at a more rapid pace is the bankability of energy storage technology.
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Samsung s invite to their February event hints at a new product
Samsung's invite to their February event hints at a new product
Honig Studios
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
A Google technician at work
A Google technician at work
Plug and Play
Internet Week NY logo
Internet Week NY logo
Researchers illustrated their technology by pointing out the differences in vision which they can co...
Researchers illustrated their technology by pointing out the differences in vision which they can correct.
YouTube, University of California
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called  Ara  which is going to be the greatest t...
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called "Ara" which is going to be the greatest turn in smartphone history. Motorola called it an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones, that can gives the power of choice to the users to decide which smartphone components do they want in their hands. Ara consists of what we call an endoskeleton (endo) and modules, the endo is the structural frame that can hold all the modules. looks like the concept of phoneblok is bec
Apple Inc
Currently solar panels are too costly for companies but a few devices could change that.
Currently solar panels are too costly for companies but a few devices could change that.
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ via Flickr
Tesla Motors Assembly Line
Tesla Motors Assembly Line
Steve Jurvetson
Monitoring a crop using the Internet of Things.
Monitoring a crop using the Internet of Things.
Travis Kalanick  CEO  Uber
Travis Kalanick, CEO, Uber
PC Magazine
Former CEO of Apple  Steve Jobs
Former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs
JF Sebastian
A TV showing the Netflix in-queue interface.
A TV showing the Netflix in-queue interface.
A booth showcasing the game consoles available for Netflix at the Toronto event.
A booth showcasing the game consoles available for Netflix at the Toronto event.