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Op-Ed: American universities have a value problem

When something is essential, can it really be regulated by the free market? The demands and pace of change in the modern economy mean that decent-paying jobs require ever more skills, knowledge, and training to be filled.

Microsoft HoloLens teams up with Volvo to reinvent selling cars

In another indication of where Microsoft wants to take its HoloLens holographic headset technology, the company has announced it is working with Swedish car manufacturer Volvo to reinvent car buying as an interactive and enjoyable experience.

Hasbro thinks robotic pets are great for lonely oldsters

Technological advances in robotics have produced some amazingly real-life creations, and one toy company is using the world's fascination with them to target a huge consumer-base, seniors. Hasbro suggests getting grandma a robotic companion pet.

Technology is changing disaster relief and saving human lives

Disaster responses now revolve around technology. Driven by big data and the almost universal spread of smartphones, it's now apps like Facebook and Twitter that are most useful to both the aid workers helping disaster victims and those people themselves.

Zing: The perfect gift this Christmas Special

'Zing' is a brand new device developed by a team of hardworking entrepreneurs in Cambridge. Digital Journal spoke to one of them, Ludo Chapman, a great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin.

Moscow tells Twitter to store Russian users' data in the country

Moscow - Moscow has warned Twitter that it must store Russian users' personal data in Russia, under a new law, the national communications watchdog told AFP on Wednesday.

Mat Clayton, one of the creative minds behind Mixcloud Special

Online radio platform Mixcloud has recently launched an exclusive app for the latest version of Apple TV. Co-founder Mat Clayton filled Digital Journal in on the details.

How your smartphone will play a key role in your healthcare Special

Despite forecasts that 2015 would see a slowing of tech sector investment, this fiscal year is poised to be the most successful year for startup businesses and tech since 2000.

'Nearly all' children under 4 use mobile devices on a daily basis

A U.S. study of mobile device usage by children under the age of 4 has concluded that they are faced with "almost universal exposure" to digital devices and most will have their own device by the time they turn four.

German police stage raids against malware users

Berlin - German police have searched the homes of 13 people as part of an international swoop on users of the mobile phone malware DroidJack, authorities said Thursday.

Op-Ed: Why ESPN layoffs are just the beginning

ESPN just announced it will have to layoff somewhere in the range of 300 people. This layoff is not an aberation, but the start of a trend for what is coming in the paid television industry.

Going Dutch to help conquer the rising seas

Middelburg - Had nature been left to take its course much of the Netherlands would be a muddy swamp and the tiny coastal nation would never have risen to be the eurozone's fifth largest economy.

Irish court orders investigation into Facebook data transfers

Dublin - Ireland's High Court on Tuesday ruled that the country's data protection agency should examine whether to suspend the transfer of Facebook users' data from Europe to the United States.

Op-Ed: Baseball playoffs reveal pitfalls of over-reliance on technology

Toronto - If baseball was smart in the way Apple Computer and Barack Obama were smart, it would endeavor to ensure that the extraordinary opportunity presented by the events of October 2015 was not frittered away.

Op-Ed: Microsoft's new hardware represents the company's evolution

This week, Microsoft hosted a much-anticipated press event in New York during which it unveiled Windows 10 smartphones, an upgraded Surface Pro and even an all-new laptop in a presentation that I think completed its transition to an exciting new company.

Facebook blames engineer for causing net neutrality controversy

A day after controversy heated up over Facebook’s alleged role to end net neutrality in India, the social media giant has come out with an explanation to clear all doubts regarding its part in the Digital India initiative.

Facebook founder threatening net neutrality in India?

The introduction of a new colour filter to alter profile pictures on Facebook is seen by many netizens in India as a step by the social media giant to end net neutrality in the country.

Review: Why the office treadmill desk can fight your sitting blahs Special

It's an odd feeling at first: I'm typing and scrolling pages on my Macbook while strolling on the TR1200-DT7 LifeSpan Treadmill Desk, forcing my heart rate to rise higher than it normally does while editing news articles.

Mexicans mark killer 1985 quake with massive prep drill

- Mexico City marked the 30th anniversary of a killer earthquake Saturday with a massive preparedness drill that saw six million residents participate.

Hungary activists race to help migrants by smartphone

Budapest - As migrants are shunted by countries between borders on trains and buses, a team of Hungarian activists are racing to send them accurate information, straight to their pockets on mobile phones.

Technology doesn't make school pupils smarter: Study

Toukyo - Computers do not noticeably improve school pupils' academic results and can even hamper performance, an OECD report said Tuesday that looked at the impact of technology in classrooms across the globe.

Windows 10: Launch, latest bug fixes and updates

Windows 10 seems to be picking up a lot of steam as the company moves toward aggressively changing its computing model to compete with other platforms.

Google advances its healthcare business

San Fransisco - With the creation of Alphabet, Google is investing more money and resources into its developmental healthcare business with several innovations in the pipeline.

New York cabs get smart in battle with Uber

New York - As New York taxi drivers face surging competition from smartphone cab services, the traditional taxi force in the city that never sleeps is preparing to push back against the likes of Uber.

EdgeHTML — Microsoft releases a new open source browser

Microsoft is struggling to keep pace with competition in mobile and they are finally looking to go open source, at least with the new EdgeHTML browser.

Google to kill Adobe Flash in Chrome from next month

Google has said that it is going to continue contributing to the slow death of Adobe Flash next month by updating Chrome so that it freezes all Flash media by default. The company says performance and battery life will be improved as a result.

U.S. sees big surge in close calls with drones

Washington - It was a fine summer day over the airport at Charlotte, North Carolina and a CRJ200 commuter jet was preparing to land when its pilots spotted something odd outside their cockpit window -- a drone.The unmanned craft flew about five to 10 feet (1.

New Google chief joins illustrious Indian club

Mumbai - India's high flyers have proudly welcomed the appointment as Google's new chief executive of Sundar Pichai, the latest home-grown engineer to rise to the top of the US corporate world.

New iPhone set to be presented on September 9

It looks to be business as usual for Apple this fall with well founded sources reporting a September 9th event scheduled for announcement of a new iPhone, new Apple TV and possibly a new 12 inch iPad.

Nokia unveils a 360-degree virtual reality camera with 3D sound

Confirming previous rumours regarding what Nokia was planning to unveil at its VIP press event this week, the company has announced that it is developing a virtual reality camera for the movie industry that can capture 360-degree panoramas.
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Engineer Ben Wu manipulating his smartphone as a mouse
Engineer Ben Wu manipulating his smartphone as a mouse
YouTube screenshot
ListenApp launches in UK
ListenApp launches in UK
Intel Capital
A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
Jon Lim
WholeWorldBand CEO John Holland was approached by a filmmaker friend curious to post a new short wor...
WholeWorldBand CEO John Holland was approached by a filmmaker friend curious to post a new short work, in order to have platform users to collaborate on its soundtrack. "It’s really down to the user and the artist to look at how they best utilize it and make the most of out of it.”
Sulinna Ong
mikael altemark
The BBC micro:bit computer.
The BBC micro:bit computer.
The Microsoft sign at the entrance of the German Microsoft campus  Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1  Unterschleiß...
The Microsoft sign at the entrance of the German Microsoft campus, Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1, Unterschleißheim, Germany
Johannes Hemmerlein
Photo courtesy of Marcelino Alvarez, Safecast
Search Engine Journal editor David Silverberg speaking with CBC host Andrew Nichols editor David Silverberg speaking with CBC host Andrew Nichols
Laptop wrapped in crime scene tape.
Laptop wrapped in crime scene tape.
Tim Robberts
The back view of a woman using Displax s multitouch technology
The back view of a woman using Displax's multitouch technology
Courtesy Displax
The all-electric BMW i3 on the streets of Copenhagen.
The all-electric BMW i3 on the streets of Copenhagen.
Speakers or headphones with magnets are becoming old school now  researchers from Tsinghua Universit...
Speakers or headphones with magnets are becoming old school now, researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing have created earphones that looks pretty ordinary, but doesn't contain those previous technology, these earphone are made up of many strings-like carbon nanotubes (CNT) thermoacoustic chip which can only operate on 60mW of power. This chip is extremely thin and vibration and magnetic free. Yet this technology is now incompatible with the conventional audio output but the scientists ar
Google Glass
Google Glass
NAB show
Dennis Aabo Sorensen  amputee wearing the first prosthetic limb to give wearers sensory feedback
Dennis Aabo Sorensen, amputee wearing the first prosthetic limb to give wearers sensory feedback

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