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Ferguson leads teens to develop app documenting police abuse

Decatur - As questions surrounding the police response to protests in Ferguson, MO continue, three Georgia teens announce the release of an app allowing users to document abuse by police.

Viewers control screen action: New interactive movie theater fun

Audience Entertainment has developed a new gadget coming to movie theaters around the world that welcomes viewers to become a human joystick as part of the big-screen viewing action right from their seat.

'Smartest' motorcycle helmet raises over $800,000 in one day

Indiegogo campaigns rarely reach massive levels of funding. However the hi-tech Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet has broken all expectations and is one of the most popular projects the site has ever seen.

Scientists create water-based tractor beam

Canberra - Researchers with the Australian National University (ANU) have created a water-powered beam which can move objects with the flow.

Technology spurs surge in India's e-commerce

The e-commerce boom may seem like old news to some, but for those in many parts of the world, the online shopping trend is relatively new and is growing at an impressive rate.

App combines beer with free movies

Developer Aleksandr Semenov has created a way to get free movies for buying beer. Bluetooth technology reads information on the bottle and unlocks movies on your computer. You only need to tap it on a sensor to make it work.

Amazon and Disney square off over blocked DVD titles

Amazon has blocked preorders on several Disney titles in another disagreement over business practices. 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' and 'Maleficent' are both being cut out while negotiations begin between these massive companies.

Russia tightens Wi-Fi laws, public denounces their actions

Russian government officials have begun enforcing a previously approved law which requires citizens to use ID when signing into public Wi-Fi. Citizens and journalists have responded by criticizing their actions.

Yahoo News hacker tweets about Ebola outbreak in Atlanta

Some Yahoo News users panicked after hearing about an Ebola outbreak in Atlanta. Apparently a hacker got into a major Twitter account for the company and sent this information out as a joke.

China requires the use of real names during instant messaging

Everyone including companies, celebrities and citizens now has to sign an agreement before using instant messaging systems. Users must agree to "obey the law and uphold the socialist system,” while using this technology and use their real names.

All USB devices are 'critically flawed'

Los Angeles - New research calls into question the security of using USBs to connect devices to computers. The research points towards a virus risk and argues that it would be extremely difficult to remove a virus residing in the USB firmware.

10,000 Facebook users are infected with 'color change' malware

New reports from Security Company Cheetah Mobile state that the Facebook color change app has reappeared and 10,000 or more users are now infected.

MIT researchers create transforming origami robot

Origami creates the body of a new robot from MIT researchers. Technology experts have written about the device heavily since it can actually change the shape of the pieces which make up its body.

Vizio recalls 245,000 TVs at risk of suddenly tipping over

Irvine - Consumer Product Safety Commission officials have received 51 reports of models tipping over. According to reports no one suffered injuries but manufacturer Vizio has issued a recall for several lines so they can fix the problem.

How smart guns change the gun control debate forever

Smart guns have ignited a firestorm of debate between both sides of the gun rights conflict. Now tensions are rising and citizens are calling for action on smart gun laws.

Serious security vulnerability puts WordPress and Drupal at risk

WordPress and Drupal users should update their code now to seal a security hole. Users on an older framework could see their site shut down after hackers exploit holes in XML or other security vulnerabilities.

Sony pulls out of the e-reader market

Facing tough competitors such as Amazon and unsure financial situations in other areas Sony will be pulling out of the market for e-readers in upcoming months.

Wikipedia gives photo copyright to monkey

Nature photographer David J. Slater had his camera taken by a crested black macaque in Indonesia who then snapped "selfies." Slater wants to get royalties for the famous photos but managers say he has no right to payments since the monkey took the pics.

Russian criminals stole 1.2 billion user names, passwords

Hackers based in Russia reportedly stole information from more than 420,000 websites. They allegedly now have a collection of stolen info, including 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses.

Anonymous email app tells reporters that they are 'really mean'

Paris - Leak is a new service which provides anonymous e-mail for anyone who needs it. Now they are facing criticism in the media after sending out strange e-mails that claim to detail personal information in their lives.

Check out the 'Smartest Cat Feeder. Ever.'

San Mateo - Developers of the "Bistro" cat feeding device have developed a system which tracks your cat's eating patterns and helps you manage their diet. You can even check in on them from home with the built-in camera and app.

Op-Ed: Elon Musk's worry about AI should prompt tech-in-education debate

Famous inventor and tech mogul Elon Musk, he of Space X and Tesla Motors, has just cautioned us against the dangers of artificial intelligence. While AI may be dangerous, we should also be worried about the more basic danger of over-reliance on tech.

Google barge becomes Google garbage

"Google barges" was a large ship event meant to float about and showcase projects such as Google Glass. Now one boat was bought by an unknown owner and is allegedly being turned into scrap.

Sunlight-concentrating tool could cut solar power costs in half

Burlingame - Renewable energy is something that scientists, environmentalists and business people all want to improve. Inventors at the Glint Photonics start-up group claim they have made a breakthrough with a sun-concentrating device.

Researchers create fastest network in the entire world

Researchers with the University of Denmark say that they have created the fastest network in the world, at 43 terabits per second, which would allow you to download full movies in around .2 milliseconds.

RSPCA says cat owners only want cats that look good in 'selfies'

Officials with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have released reports stating that black cats are not being adopted since they aren't popular in "selfies."

Researchers develop display which corrects itself to your vision

Berkeley - Experiments with vision and technology have yielded a display which can change to fit your eyes. Early research does not answer all the questions but provides a promising start for future vision technology.

App lets you ask doctors personal health questions for free

First Opinion is a combination app and network of medical professionals that can give you advice over time for free or very quickly with a paid service. Due to a funding spike they are now making huge headlines.

'Woman in Black' creates Internet mystery

A mysterious woman in black is walking from state to state in America. Due to technology thousands of fans eagerly await the next pictures and news.

Reitzin: ‘We need to bring healthcare closer to Silicon Valley’

Boston - While health apps hold substantial future promise in fulfilling the goals of greater wellness and healthcare delivery, much will depend on issues of trust, utility, and convenience.
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Technology Image

Google Glass
Google Glass
image:148735:2::0 editor David Silverberg on CBC with Apple TV editor David Silverberg on CBC with Apple TV
March 27 to March 29  2014 was the annual Macworld  i-Mac   i-World  event for fans of everything th...
March 27 to March 29, 2014 was the annual Macworld, i-Mac, "i-World" event for fans of everything that Apple computers makes. Held at San Francisco's Moscone Center, the three-day event drew crowds.
An iPhone charging
An iPhone charging
Bentley Smith
A booth showcasing the game consoles available for Netflix at the Toronto event
A booth showcasing the game consoles available for Netflix at the Toronto event
Sony s VPCF136FXB F-series notebook PC
Sony's VPCF136FXB F-series notebook PC
Courtesy Sony
Engineer Ben Wu manipulating his smartphone as a mouse
Engineer Ben Wu manipulating his smartphone as a mouse
YouTube screenshot
Lenovo built their business on a style of tablet and are making a new line with influences from thei...
Lenovo built their business on a style of tablet and are making a new line with influences from their earlier models.
ListenApp launches in UK
ListenApp launches in UK
ListenApp launches in UK
ListenApp launches in UK
Audience members become their own human joystick gadgets in new interactive movie going fun
Audience members become their own human joystick gadgets in new interactive movie going fun
Audience Entertainment
Fans can collaborate with The Rolling Stones  Ronnie Wood using WholeWorldBand.
Fans can collaborate with The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood using WholeWorldBand.
iFilmFest app by Movidromo - Rodriguo Rubano
iFilmFest app by Movidromo - Rodriguo Rubano
The Google NEXUS 10  2013
The Google NEXUS 10, 2013
Courtesy Axis
The Olympus-LS-20M pocketCam
The Olympus-LS-20M pocketCam
Courtesy Olympus
For those just hearing about a VPN this pictures shows a diagram of how they reroute traffic in orde...
For those just hearing about a VPN this pictures shows a diagram of how they reroute traffic in order to give you access to more sites.
Unique hi-tech motorbike helmet with built-in navigation system and voice controlled interface.
Unique hi-tech motorbike helmet with built-in navigation system and voice controlled interface.
Used with permission from LiveMap
Speakers or headphones with magnets are becoming old school now  researchers from Tsinghua Universit...
Speakers or headphones with magnets are becoming old school now, researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing have created earphones that looks pretty ordinary, but doesn't contain those previous technology, these earphone are made up of many strings-like carbon nanotubes (CNT) thermoacoustic chip which can only operate on 60mW of power. This chip is extremely thin and vibration and magnetic free. Yet this technology is now incompatible with the conventional audio output but the scientists ar

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