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Singapore trials driverless taxis in world first

Singapore - The world's first driverless taxis went into operation on Thursday in Singapore in a limited public trial, beating giants like Uber in the race to roll out the revolutionary technology.

Ultrasound used to 'jump-start' a 25-year-old man's brain

Bradley Crehan was hit by a car after walking out of a bar in Santa Monica, California, last February. The 25-year-old's head slammed to the ground, causing a severe brain injury.

Mobileye and Delphi to create automated driving solution

British automotive equipment maker Delphi and Israeli technology company Mobileye are teaming up to develop a system for autonomous driving.

Refugee who made it returns with drone to halt drownings

Kallon - Standing on a pebbled beach on the Greek island of Lesbos, Mehdi Salehi searches for a good spot to set his drone loose.

Costco's switch to Visa from Amex hits unanticipated challenges

Issaquah - If it isn't one thing, it's another complicating discount retailer Costco's switch to Visa-branded credit cards from American Express.

Lenovo will load up with Microsoft apps

Lenovo will soon install Microsoft apps and services on its new mobile devices that will still be powered by Android software, the latest smartphone maker to embrace the American firm’s technology.

Could future humans lap Usain Bolt?

At the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, some of the fastest and strongest people in the world showed us what humans in peak physical condition can accomplish.

Fire experts use technology to help assess damage from wildfires Special

San Bernardino - Fire-ravaged terrain in the path of this week's Blue Cut fire was still smoldering when CalFire assessment experts fanned out into the damaged area, trying to figure out what exactly was destroyed and what it would cost to replace it.

Statues of Donald Trump taken down in S.F., other cities

San Francisco - A giant, naked statue of Donald Trump that was surreptitiously installed in a San Francisco plaza has been taken down, but not before attracting a lot of attention here and in four other cities around the country.

Ride-sharing giant Uber buys autonomous truck startup Otto

Ride-sharing service Uber has acquired Otto, a self-driving technology company, as it is vigorously pushing through with its autonomous vehicle undertaking.

730 million people will be online in India by 2020

India is widely regarded to be the last remaining major economy yet to fully succumb to the digital revolution. It's well on the way to getting online though, due to the rise of smartphones. A new report has predicted it will have 730m web users by 2020.

McDonald's wearable toy in rash warning

Fast food burger chain McDonald's has withdrawn a give-away wearable device aimed at children after complaints that the device was causing rashes.

Google's education expert talks education of robots vs. kids

Computers may be getting a better education than students, according to one expert at Google. The good news for our kids is that teaching methods — like programming strategies — can change.

Audi vehicles will talk to U.S. traffic lights for first time

German car maker, Audi has come out with a technology for automobiles in the United States that will let cars communicate with traffic signals, allowing for what the company says is a more stress-free driving experience.

Macy's to close 100 stores while boosting online presence

New York - Macy's, the largest U.S. department store chain, announced plans Thursday to close 100 stores across the country and reallocate resources to increase its online presence.

Police pull UFO over in Ireland to discover a publicity stunt

Gorey - The next time you hear talk about publicity stunts, be sure to mention this one from Ireland that's almost literally out of this world.

Earthquake shakes up California town but causes no evident damage

Upper Lake - Tuesday night's earthquake in Northern California might be described as a moving experience, at least for employees and patrons at a restaurant and bar on the shore of Clear Lake.

Thousands of tiny robots will look 11 billion years back in time

An army of 5,000 tiny robots has been given a giant mission. Under the command of scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL), the robot soldiers will peer 11 billion years back in time (just 400,000 years after the Big Bang).

Delta says it can't predict when schedule will be back to normal

Atlanta - Delta Air Lines still was forced to cancel nearly 700 flights Tuesday, even as operations began to normalize following a massive computer outage on Monday that stranded thousands of passengers worldwide.

The promise of flying cars could be right around the corner

Flying cars may not just be a figment of "Back to the Future." "We’re going to have thousands and millions of flying drones in corridors, and then we’ll also see people carrying," Peter Diamandis said. "You know, I think it’s an inevitability."

Toronto tech firm provides hope to those with Alzheimer's disease

Toronto - Toronto-based Vielight Inc. has produced two wearable technology devices that have the potential to help people affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Dangerous smartwatches recalled

Intel's Basis Peak smartwatches have been recalled following reports that the watches are overheating and causing skin blisters and burns.

Elevated bus in China is finally starting tests

A new elevated bus design that hopes to ease congestion on Chinese city streets started tests this week. The design for the bus has been circulating the Internet since 2010, when it left many observers both flabbergasted and excited.

Google and Facebook put their fierce rivalry aside to save money

Back in March, Google finally joined up with the Open Compute Project — the Facebook-led effort to build better computer hardware that's shaking up a $140 million industry.

Uber, Airbnb workers to benefit from new S.F. janitors contract

San Francisco - Workers for web-enabled car and home rental services will be paid more under a deal with San Francisco's janitors' union negotiated with the help of the city's mayor.

Are kids dangerously addicted to iPads?

It's now routine for kids to get their first tablet or smartphone before they even start elementary school. One addiction expert thinks that's causing a public health crisis — and some of his anecdotes about young digital addicts are staggering.

People power will lead to success of autonomous vehicles

Brisbane - As we move closer to autonomous and self-driving vehicles, we continue to put most of our eggs in the technology basket. But many road-safety experts think we need to look at psychology to better understand what is needed to improve highway safety.

Aging workforce putting strain on skilled manufacturing workers

Hooksett - Even though presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are promising to bring good-paying jobs back to America, neither candidate is mentioning the substantial lack of skilled workers in this country needed to replace aging baby-boomers.

U.S. scientists hope prehistoric fish can solve modern problem

Chicago - A giant prehistoric fish once thought to be extinct could be the solution to the worsening invasion of non-native Asian carp that is choking U.S. rivers and crowding out local species.

Ecologists propose technological solution for disease tracking

Many disease patterns are predictable provided that the information about the disease is accurate and a suitable technological framework is constructed. This is complex, but it can work based on appropriate algorithms and accurate information.
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Technology Image

Technology is playing a bigger role in how we manage wildfires today.
Technology is playing a bigger role in how we manage wildfires today.
U.C. Berekley
The Schaft robot was actually able to use a hose properly  drive a vehicle and remove heavy debris f...
The Schaft robot was actually able to use a hose properly, drive a vehicle and remove heavy debris from simulated accident zones. Japanese officials likely think they could win again at another Robot Olympics.
Schaft via YouTube
The Finepix-x100 digital camera
The Finepix-x100 digital camera
Courtesy Fujifilm
The future is looking bright for Vancouver s tech sector
The future is looking bright for Vancouver's tech sector
Image Courtesy of Dekaritae on Flickr
Ben Freedman
The concept Bio-Light from Philips
The concept Bio-Light from Philips
Courtesy Philips
Honig Studios
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called  Ara  which is going to be the greatest t...
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called "Ara" which is going to be the greatest turn in smartphone history. Motorola called it an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones, that can gives the power of choice to the users to decide which smartphone components do they want in their hands. Ara consists of what we call an endoskeleton (endo) and modules, the endo is the structural frame that can hold all the modules. looks like the concept of phoneblok is bec
Tesla Motors Assembly Line
Tesla Motors Assembly Line
Steve Jurvetson
Researchers illustrated their technology by pointing out the differences in vision which they can co...
Researchers illustrated their technology by pointing out the differences in vision which they can correct.
YouTube, University of California
eluniversal editor David Silverberg discussing on CBC the top tech successes and failures of ... editor David Silverberg discussing on CBC the top tech successes and failures of 2010
March 27 to March 29  2014 was the annual Macworld  i-Mac   i-World  event for fans of everything th...
March 27 to March 29, 2014 was the annual Macworld, i-Mac, "i-World" event for fans of everything that Apple computers makes. Held at San Francisco's Moscone Center, the three-day event drew crowds.
Car Phone Warehouse
The LeapFrog system is designed to let kids play in several different ways.
The LeapFrog system is designed to let kids play in several different ways.
YouTube, LeapFrog
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Apple logo

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