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Q&A: Expert tips for online school courses due to coronavirus Special

Attending classes online used to be an infrequent but it's become the norm for colleges as well as K-12 schools across the country and around the world due to coronavirus. Zach Sims of Codecademy looks into the issue.

ClassDojo, an app for teachers and parents, raises $35 million

The classroom communication app, ClassDojo, has announced that it has raised $35 million in Series C funding. This app helps facilitate communication among teachers, parents and their children at the school setting.

Tunisia govt, teachers reach deal to end strike

Tunis - The Tunisian government and a teachers' union reached a deal Saturday to end a months-long strike that has disrupted schools across the country.

Artificial intelligence used to mark exam papers

Trials in China have shown how artificial intelligence can at least match, and sometimes surpass, the ability of teachers to mark exam papers. One in every four schools is evaluating machine-led technology.

Thousands of Polish teachers protest against education reform

Varsovia - Teachers held demonstrations across Poland on Monday in protest against education reforms proposed by the right-wing government that critics say could see thousands of jobs slashed.

Thousands march over dissolved Ecuador teacher union

Quito - Thousands of demonstrators marched in Quito and other Ecuadoran cities Thursday against the socialist government of Rafael Correa and its dissolution of a public teachers' guild.

Germany recruits 8,500 teachers for child refugees

Berlin - Germany has recruited 8,500 people to teach child refugees German, as the country expects the number of new arrivals to soar past the million mark in 2015, Die Welt daily reported Sunday.

1,400 India school teachers resign in fake degree probe

Patna - Some 1,400 primary school teachers have quit in an eastern Indian state in recent months amid an ongoing investigation into fake qualifications, an education official said Friday.

Op-Ed: Decline of Teach for America warns of impending education woes

For the first time, Teach for America is experiencing a significant decrease in applications. While much of this is likely due to an improving economy, it heralds tough times ahead for public K-12 education.

Review: Become an outstanding teacher today

Everyone knows a teacher or an aspiring teacher. What would they possibly like to receive for Christmas, this year? A Christmas card? A chocolate box? A gift card? A colourful scarf for this winter?

Op-Ed: Tenure debate: Why we teachers must stop saying that we love kids

The teacher tenure debate has returned to the forefront of the news cycle, this time due to the controversial cover of the latest TIME magazine. After an op-ed in CNN about protecting teacher tenure, this teacher needs to speak out: I don't love your kid.

Op-Ed: ACT report reveals need for allowing teachers to fail students

We want our high school academics to be very rigorous. As rigorous as possible. So long as every student passes, that is. And that is why American education is not improving.

Op-Ed: The value of failure — What Obama missed at his teacher luncheon

Recently, four teachers sat down with president Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan for lunch at the White House. They did not tell these men what they needed to hear.

Op-Ed: Common Core Rorschach test — We all hate it in different ways

The American Federation of Teachers, a previous ally of Common Core education, has withdrawn much of its support, meaning the controversial legislation now faces political attacks from both sides of the aisle.

Op-Ed: Rapist walks free, non-violent offenders still in prison

A convicted rapist has been put back on the streets while numerous non-violent offenders are imprisoned every day across the nation.

Why Philadelphia schools will close their doors forever

Philadelphia - The School District of Philadelphia, the eighth largest school district in the United States, nestled in the country’s fifth largest city, will make history when it permanently closes it doors within the next two years.

Cursive writing will soon become a lost skill Special

Do you remember any of these items: slide rule, cassette tape, 8-track tape, vinyl music, a dot-matrix printer, typewriters, and a wind-up alarm clock?

Review: The Freedom Writers Diary by The Freedom Writers

Los Angeles - Diving into a heartfelt book is something that's a novelty today but diving into a book that teaches us something is a rare treat. The Freedom Writers leave something unique between the pages.

Thousands of Spanish teachers and students take to the streets

Hundreds of thousands of teachers and students joined protests yesterday in yet another revolt against austerity measures in Spain.

39 music school teachers face inquiry relating to sexual abuse

Thirty-nine teachers from two leading music schools in Manchester are under investigation in relation to allegation of pupils who were sexually abused.

Teacher sends students email containing faculty insults of them

A student protest was triggered after a teacher accidentally sent out a mass email containing a document that included insulting comments about students made by teachers.

Pew research shows: Teachers cannot escape digital technology Special

Washington - Pew's latest research of digital technology use in schools, including mobile devices, finds that tech permeates teachers’ lives and classroom activity and that teachers wish students would stop relying heavily on Google and Wikipedia for research studie

Op-Ed: Our Broken Education System and Possible Solutions to Fixing It

The state of our education system has been on my mind lately, I have some opinions on how I think we can make immediate changes to improve it. It requires sacrifice and give on both sides of this debate but I am positive as a nation we can do anything.

Op-Ed: Arming teachers, a law enforcement and educators' perspective Special

Shortly after the Sandy Hook School shooting, some gun advocates suggested having teachers carry guns in the classroom, a prospect some educational organizations, teachers and law enforcement officers don't support.

Teachers' work to rule action reaches the Ontario economy Special

There was much talk about Ontario Teachers strikes and work to rule actions coming up on the December 31, 2012 deadline before Bill 115 took affect and little mention of how the teachers' actions affect the Ontario seasonal and tourism economy.

Ontario teachers can't legally strike until 2014

When children go back to school in Ontario it will not be business as usual, said Sam Hammond, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario president this morning, after Education Minister Laurel Broten imposed contracts using Bill 115 on teachers Thursda

Op-Ed: Guns in classrooms — Bad idea

Many things do not mix well with guns. Classrooms full of students is one of them. Should it be the responsibility of educators to safeguard students with lethal force?

Adam Lanza quarreled with four teachers day before he shot three

Reports say that Adam Lanza visited the school the day before the massacre and was involved in an altercation with four members of the school staff. He killed three of the staff members the next day, the fourth escaped because she was not at school.

UK teachers prepare to go on strike

Teachers in the UK have voted to go on strike because of poor working conditions and pay, with 82.5% of The National Union of Teachers (NUT) members voting in favor of the strike.

Teachers preparing for a new school year in Ontario Special

Mississauga - It won't be long before students begin roaming the halls in the school Christine Starfas works in and the third grade teacher says she cannot wait for them to return to class to begin learning again.
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