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Teacher allegedly 'knocked out cold' by student's angry mother

Hempstead - An irate parent allegedly attacked a teacher in the hall of a middle school in Long Island — and the whole disturbing incident — filmed by surveillance cameras, shows the teacher knocked out cold.

Want to learn more about technology? Try these courses

Whatever your experience level, there are some great courses available online to teach you more about the world of technology. Covering skills from programming and web development to network management, everybody can learn new skills in their own time.

Headteachers threaten to call police as children play '18' games

A group of UK headteachers have threatened to report parents to police for neglect if they allow their children to play violent computer games that have an 18-rating, claiming that the children have access to unsuitable levels of violence.

Minecraft to be given free to every school in Northern Ireland

Every secondary school in Northern Ireland is to receive free copies of the massively popular computer game Minecraft after the title was recognised for its unique educational potential and ability to teach children about the world.

Instagram insult leads to teacher firing Special

Longmont - A Colorado visual arts teacher has been fired after insulting a student by posting a picture of a student on the social media website on Instagram.

Op-Ed: Bill to bypass high school end-of-course exams hurts education

Austin - To graduate from high school in Texas, you must pass standardized tests: Algebra I, English I and II, Biology, and U.S. History. With many students unlikely to pass them all, the state Senate has just passed a bill allowing exemptions. It's bad law.

Op-Ed: U.S. Millenials' weak job skills due to 'cover your *ss' teaching

When it comes to comparing our low academic test scores against other wealthy nations, we typically point to the fact that we test ALL of our high school students...while other nations only test their top performers. But a new test should give us pause.

Teacher jailed for 90 days for showing graphic film

Columbus - A former substitute teacher in Ohio was sentenced to jail last Wednesday, after she was convicted of showing a graphic movie to a class.

Op-Ed: Technology makes education more accessible than ever

The advent of the digital era has revolutionized education and learning for millions of children worldwide, enabling greater collaboration between teachers and pupils and bringing education to places where it was never available via virtual classrooms.

Op-Ed: Competency-based college credit offers big benefits if done right

Competency-based college credit is poised to be the next big thing in higher ed. If regulation is maintained, competency-based college education is a great way to get the social, cultural, and financial benefits of nontraditional students on campus.

Review: Archer School for Girls

Los Angeles - Archer School for Girls is a private school in California educating and training girls for the future. Using the latest technology and teaching techniques these girls are ready to be all they can be in life and their careers.

Op-Ed: How to boost U.S. high school graduation rate to Europe's level

The U.S. has just experienced an on-time high school graduation rate of 81 percent, which is a record. However, other G-8 nations are doing far better, with many enjoying on-time graduation rates of over 90 percent. What can, and should, the U.S. do?

Op-Ed: Decline of Teach for America warns of impending education woes

For the first time, Teach for America is experiencing a significant decrease in applications. While much of this is likely due to an improving economy, it heralds tough times ahead for public K-12 education.

Op-Ed: How to fix academic fraud in the NCAA

The NCAA academic scandal is continuing to gain ground in the news as a class-action lawsuit is filed in North Carolina. According to the plaintiffs, UNC and the NCAA failed to provide them with the education it promised. Want to fix the NCAA? Here's how.

Video: Teen dies as teacher looks on while prank goes wrong

Moscow - A bullying prank went horribly wrong in a classroom in Moscow. Footage of the incident shows class bullies tormenting a teenager in the presence of their teacher. The teen collapses, hits his throat against a desk and dies while classmates stood laughing.

Review: Become an outstanding teacher today

Everyone knows a teacher or an aspiring teacher. What would they possibly like to receive for Christmas, this year? A Christmas card? A chocolate box? A gift card? A colourful scarf for this winter?

Male teacher drags 14-year-old girl to pool during class

Stockton - A male PE teacher at a Stockton school was filmed dragging a 14-year-old girl, and trying to force her into the pool during his class.

Op-Ed: U.S. should consider incentive pay in filling teacher assignments

The Obama administration has just instructed states to develop plans by next June showing how they will ensure that poor and minority students are being taught by "high-quality" teachers. This "equity of assigning teachers" presents a huge challenge.

Teacher resigns amid Ebola concerns, after returning from Kenya

Louisville - A teacher in Louisville, Kentucky resigned amid swirling frustration and fears about Ebola, after she returned from Kenya.

Op-Ed: Tenure debate: Why we teachers must stop saying that we love kids

The teacher tenure debate has returned to the forefront of the news cycle, this time due to the controversial cover of the latest TIME magazine. After an op-ed in CNN about protecting teacher tenure, this teacher needs to speak out: I don't love your kid.

Teacher, 73, loses job for appearing nude in film 40 years ago

A 73-year-old teacher at an elite private school in Montreal lost her her due to appearing nude in a number of films in Europe 40+ years ago.

Florida teacher quits job, becomes professional twerker

If you are looking for a new career making a six-figure salary, you may want to consider becoming a professional twerker like a Florida teacher recently did.

Teacher captures stunning photo of great white shark

Swiftly spreading across the Web is this photo of a hungry great white shark taken by New Jersey elementary school teacher Amanda Brewer. “I wasn’t even a little bit frightened,” she said in an interview.

Video: UBC President Arvind Gupta talks about opportunities Special

Vancouver - Dr. Arvind Gupta, the new President of the University of British Columbia, hopes to usher in much-needed change for the university. Unlike previous generations, investing in a university degree may not guarantee a high-paying job when students graduate.

Remembering Jane Modry: Saint Francis Prep Athletic Director

Fresh Meadows - On September 8, it was with heavy heart that Saint Francis Preparatory High School in Fresh Meadows, New York, announced the loss of one of its finest educators, Miss Jane Modry.

Op-Ed: New book signals immediate need for better teaching at colleges

A new book has provided a scathing critique of higher education in the United States, asserting that many college students learn very little during their undergraduate years. Perhaps it's time to change from "publish or perish" to, you know, TEACHING...

Op-Ed: This fall, students should set a good first impression and write!

Millions of kids, teenagers, and even adults are heading back to classrooms as the fall semester begins. Here is what you should do to start off on the right foot.

Teacher allowed 6th grade students to re-enact Ferguson shooting

Selma - A teacher at Brantley Elementary School in Dallas County, Alabama, was suspended after 6th grade students re-enacted the shooting of Michael Brown, as well as the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Special Ed teacher shows up for school drunk, arrested

Wagoner - An Oklahoma teacher didn't exactly start the school year off on the right foot, ending up behind bars after showing up for the first day of school drunk and pantless.

Op-Ed: ACT report reveals need for allowing teachers to fail students

We want our high school academics to be very rigorous. As rigorous as possible. So long as every student passes, that is. And that is why American education is not improving.
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Arvind Gupta teaching Indian children about science
Arvind Gupta teaching Indian children about science
Courtesy Arvind Gupta
Sir Thomas Allen as Don Alfonso (at right) with the COC Chorus in a scene from the Canadian Opera Co...
Sir Thomas Allen as Don Alfonso (at right) with the COC Chorus in a scene from the Canadian Opera Company’s new production of "Così fan tutte", 2014.
Chris Hutcheson
Denzel Washington teaches  The Great Debaters
Denzel Washington teaches 'The Great Debaters'
Vivendi/The Weinstein Company
Teacher and chorus master Gregg Breinberg walks down a hall at PS22 in Staten Island. Director Jonat...
Teacher and chorus master Gregg Breinberg walks down a hall at PS22 in Staten Island. Director Jonathan Kalafer says his documentary has a deeper thread: "The PS22 Chorus story shows us that when a teacher is given the freedom to choose the direction of their curriculum and has the support of the administration, the sky is really the limit."
Jonathan Kalafer
Unemployed teachers wait for an interview at Brooklyn Museum  NYC.
Unemployed teachers wait for an interview at Brooklyn Museum, NYC.
Former teacher  Jessica Vanessa  is now a professional twerker.
Former teacher, Jessica Vanessa, is now a professional twerker.
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Student slams teacher on the floor
Student slams teacher on the floor
BES Photos
RoboThespian robot teacher teaches class in Israel
RoboThespian robot teacher teaches class in Israel
Photo of Juan Gonzales speaking at awards ceremony (2009)
Photo of Juan Gonzales speaking at awards ceremony (2009)
A school teacher was arrested for trafficking in methamphetamine.
A school teacher was arrested for trafficking in methamphetamine.
Video screen capture
Does a teacher have  the right to question a student s Christianity  or for that  matter  religious ...
Does a teacher have the right to question a student's Christianity, or for that matter, religious beliefs?
Arvind Gupta teaching Indian children about science
Arvind Gupta teaching Indian children about science
Courtesy Arvind Gupta
An American teacher writing on a blackboard
An American teacher writing on a blackboard
A teacher in Cape Town  South Africa
A teacher in Cape Town, South Africa
Fund for Teachers
Engineering students at Saint Louis University in Spain
Engineering students at Saint Louis University in Spain
Via SLU Madrid Campus
Student pushes teacher against a desk
Student pushes teacher against a desk
Charlie Santos
Charlie Santos