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Tea party movement News

Op-Ed: Tea Party — Party of Deadbeats

Washington - Try an experiment. Go without paying your credit card bill next month. And then, if you have a car payment, ignore it. And that mortgage? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Tea Party, trying to survive, looks to DC insiders and funding

The Tea Party movement, losing favor and trying to survive, plans on looking for assistance and funding from Washington insiders.

Op-Ed: Anti-tax zealots willing to jump over fiscal cliff to avoid taxes

Boston - After rejecting Speaker Boehner's proposal to raise taxes on those earning more than a million a year, some anti-tax conservatives are now ready to commit suicide by opting to go over the fiscal cliff with no deal.

NC Tea Party chapter holds a gun raffle in response to Newtown

In response to the Newtown shooting and the growing calls for gun control legislation, a North Carolina branch of the Tea Party responded with a gun raffle.

Dick Armey blasts both the Republican Party & Tea Party Movement

Former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas, who recently resigned from FreedomWorks, gave words of criticism to the GOP and Tea Party Republicans.

US fiscal cliff continues to be a shaky 'Mexican standoff'

As a growing number of Republicans become more shaky, the fiscal cliff confrontation still remains an unpredictable "Mexican standoff."

GOP Senate leadership: No more 'Todd Akin-like' candidates

In preparation for future elections, the GOP leadership have some things in mind. One of them is prevent future Todd Akins from getting chosen as party nominees.

Video: Paul Ryan weighs in on US President Obama's re-election

GOP Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is the latest to weigh in on why Mitt Romney lost to President Barack Obama on Election Night.

Video: GOP weighs in on Latino voters

Republicans had weighed in on the recent GOP losses. Several members of the GOP feel the party needs to do better in reaching out to Latinos.

Allen West continues fighting tooth and nail for US House Seat

While projected to lose his US House seat, GOP incumbent Allen West of Florida isn't giving up. It seems that he plans on fighting tooth and nail in this undecided race.

Op-Ed: Cain, Righties Playing Race Card to Deflect Sexual Allegations

It has been amusing and confounding watching conservatives pundits react to the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations, as if they have just discovered the horrors of anti-black racism.

Tea Party director details movement's heart and 2012 sustenance Special

The Tea Party movement inspired political discourse and activism heading into the November 2010 mid-term elections and continues to be an influence heading into the 2012 elections. Benjamin Grivno, director and founder of Tea Party Heart explains why.

Tea Party Demographics: White, Republican, Older Male with Money

Several polls are now out, assessing the demographics of the Tea Party Movement that largely agree the majority of its members are Republican, largely white, above the mean in age and income and voted for John McCain.

Op-Ed: Ayn Rand materialism at the core of America's anger

Baby boomers hold the reins of power during a time of anger, hate and lack of moral leadership, all due to predominant philosophies learned in critical years.

Meghan McCain calls the Tea Party movement innate racism

Meghan McCain, daughter of former 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain, recently sat down with "The View" and explained that the recent Tea Party movement is filled with "innate racism."

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Tea Party Express bus.
Tea Party Express bus.
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People s Protest against Obamacentric Healthcare Bill organized by Tea Party Movement.
People's Protest against Obamacentric Healthcare Bill organized by Tea Party Movement.
Tea Party protesters in Wisconsin.
Tea Party protesters in Wisconsin.

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