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Tea News

Teen develops hepatitis after drinking too much green tea

A teenage girl from Britain attempted to lose weight by drinking green teen. However, she drank too much of it and she ended up developing acute hepatitis.

What it's like to enjoy afternoon tea at London's Savoy Special

London - Afternoon tea in London is always a pleasurable experience, whiling away time with good conversation, strong tea and an array of delicacies to munch on. Every venue is different, and one of the most interesting is the Savoy Hotel.

Indiana cop claims McDonald's served him tea laced with chemicals

Indianapolis - An Indiana police officer isn't "Lovin' it" after he allegedly drank sweet tea laced with cleaning fluid at a local McDonald's. The officer stopped by the fast food chain Saturday to use the self-serve drink dispenser.

With grand rooms restored, it's tea time again at The Old Mint Special

San Francisco - As the weather begins to chill, something hot to drink is appealing. And, what is more soothing than a cup of tea! With less than a month before the holiday season goes into full swing,

A cup of Earl Grey 'is as good as statins'

Calabritto - Scientists believe bergamot, a key ingredient in Earl Grey tea, can significantly lower cholesterol and may be as good as some statins.

2014 food trend predictions: Freekah, 'year of gin', tea leaves

Happy New Year, everyone! It's time to dish about what 2014 has in store for us in food trends. Find out why everyone will soon be talking about the side dish freekah and why tea will see a big boost this year.

The key to a good wine could be tannosome

Tannins have been long established as the basis to the taste of many good wines, and for teetotalers, tea as well. The basis of tannins has now been established as a chemical called tannosome.

Nigeria: Susan Rice, the CIA and MKO Abiola's last cup of tea

Since Obama nominated Susan Rice for the position of National Security Adviser, questions have been asked in the Nigerian media about allegations of her role in the death of the winner of Nigeria's annulled 1993 presidential election, Chief MKO Abiola.

Photo Essay: Dining in Turkey Special

From shish kabob to baklava to strong tea and coffee, you can find great culinary experiences in Turkey, the land of cafes.

The health benefits of a cuppa — made from insect droppings

All the best teas made from faeces, it seems, come from China. The latest to hit the headlines is tea made from insect excrement which Chinese scientists believe reduces hypertension and improves digestion.

Photo Essay: Shops in Turkey Special

You can find the most interesting and unique shops in Turkey. From Istanbul in the north to Antalya in the south, browse through displays of spice, tea, gold, sweets, vegetables, pottery, glassware, clothes, and surprising things you can't even name.

Starbucks to open specialty tea-only store this fall

Seattle - Starbucks has unveiled plans to open a tea-only store in October. The coffee giant has hopes of establishing a standard for tea the way it has with coffee.

World's most expensive tea will have panda poo in it

An Yanshi is a Chinese entrepreneur who plans on producing the world’s most expensive tea, which will have panda poo in it.

Panda poo used for world's most expensive tea

The world's most expensive tea, selling for a whopping $36,000 per pound, is due to hit the market in spring. The special ingredient behind the price tag is panda excrement.

Op-Ed: Republicans Must Embrace The Tea Party

The victory that the Republican Party achieved on November 2nd must be tempered with the realization that it was not a mandate, but rather a term of probation, with an electronic tether around its ankle.

Study: Drink more coffee and tea to lower brain tumor risk

A new study suggests that people that drink more than 3.5 ounces of coffee or tea a day had a one-third reduced risk for developing brain tumors.

Study: Tea more beneficial for health than water

New research has revealed that drinking tea at least three times a day could be has beneficial for people's health as drinking water.

Drinking coffee, tea reduces Type 2 diabetes risk

The George Institute researchers have discovered that high consumption of coffee and tea is associated with a substantially reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

Drink to Your Health with Green Tea

If you were to ask people around the world to name activities commonly associated with the English, chances are drinking tea would figure quite highly on the list. And if recent research is anything to go by it might be one activity worth imitating.

Smith Dairy Announces Voluntary Recall on Smith’s Tea with Lemon

Smith Dairy Products Company today announced a voluntary recall on SMITH’S Tea with Lemon in gallon size, lot no. 07/07/09.

Bunn-O-Matic Recalls Single Cup Tea, Coffeemakers

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, announced a voluntary recall of the Bunn Single Cup Pod Brewers due to a burn hazard.

Woman makes cup of tea after being shot in head

A woman in Mississippi who was shot in the forehead at point blank by her husband made herself a cup of tea.The bullet had passed through her skull and exited through the back of her head.

Study: Drinking hot tea can increase risk of throat cancer

Researchers from Iran have found that drinking hot tea at temperatures of 70 degrees C (158 degrees F) or more can raise the risk of throat cancer.

Drinking Chamomile Tea Daily May Affect Diabetes Complications

A cup of chamomile tea each day may help prevent the complications of diabetes such as loss of vision, nerve damage, and kidney damage.

Japanese women calms down a thief with a cup of tea and a chat

A Japanese mother and her six-month-old baby escaped from a thief unhurt after the mother calmed him with a cup of tea and a sympathetic conversation.

No Teaspoons Needed With New Self-Stirring Tea Cup

French designers have a created a special tea cup that will make the teaspoon obsolete. The drinker just has to gently swirl the cup to mix the tea contents and sugar.

Color Matching Mug Helps you Make the Perfect Brew

If you want a perfect cup of tea or coffee with the right amount of milk, then there is a solution in the form of MyCuppa color matching mugs offered by Suck UK. This color mug offers different shades of colors to suit your different coffee or tea tastes.

Of Tea I Sing: The Health Benefits of Tea

Did you know that there are only two calories in a cup of tea? Is this your cup of tea? If so, read on and learn about the benefits gleaned every day by consuming this ancient, delicious beverage introduced to the world via the Chinese.

Cocoa lowers blood pressure

German researchers today claim that cocoa not tea, may help to lower your blood pressure.

How to make a Perfect Tea, the British Way

Have a perfect cup of tea, the English Way.
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Tea Image

A cup of tea
A cup of tea
David Wilmot
A sampling of Lovejoy s tea service  scones  bite size sandwiches  cookies all presented with an abu...
A sampling of Lovejoy's tea service, scones, bite size sandwiches, cookies all presented with an abundance of fresh brewed loose leaf tea.
The tea is brewing in the pot at The Savoy.
The tea is brewing in the pot at The Savoy.
Tea any time is a relaxing way to ease the stress of the day.
Tea any time is a relaxing way to ease the stress of the day.
Jasmine tea  popular in China  is a tea scented with aroma from jasmine blossoms. This makes a delic...
Jasmine tea, popular in China, is a tea scented with aroma from jasmine blossoms. This makes a delicately a scented tea.
Japanese Green Tea
Japanese Green Tea
Cocoa is used in many recipes all over the culinary world. Here you can see some that is mixed with ...
Cocoa is used in many recipes all over the culinary world. Here you can see some that is mixed with other ingredients and used in tea.
Choco Late
Insect droppings tea is also named as dragon ball tea  a speciality of Guilin of Guangxi Province.
Insect droppings tea is also named as dragon ball tea, a speciality of Guilin of Guangxi Province.
Jiangtea - China Tea Wholesale
Some of the best tea is in loose leaf form  not in tea bags.  I like to make custom blends for custo...
Some of the best tea is in loose leaf form, not in tea bags. "I like to make custom blends for customers," said Tea and Crumpets owner, Mark Bowden.
Enjoy a cup of tea
Enjoy a cup of tea
Lovejoy s Tea Room in San Francisco s Noe Valley neighborhood.
Lovejoy's Tea Room in San Francisco's Noe Valley neighborhood.
Owners and staff of the Tal-y Tara Tea & Polo Shop of San Francisco at Rededication Ceremony of the ...
Owners and staff of the Tal-y Tara Tea & Polo Shop of San Francisco at Rededication Ceremony of the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park (2010)
A kettle on a stove boiling
A kettle on a stove boiling

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