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'Bridgegate' lawyers cost New Jersey taxpayers over $10 million

Trenton - Defending New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie from charges that he ordered approaches to the George Washington Bridge closed in 2013 to tie up millions of commuters for hours as an act of political retribution has cost taxpayers more than $10 million.

Manny Pacquiao is Phl second highest individual taxpayer for 2014

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao is the second highest-paying individual Philippine taxpayer for 2014 as shown in the list of Top 500 Philippine taxpayers released by the Bureau of Internal Revenue on Friday.

Op-Ed: Taxpayers hit with legal fees in states that fought gay marriage

It's been two months since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage and declared it a constitutionally protected civil right, and now, attorneys general and governors who battled against it are receiving a pricey thank-you note for their loss.

Internal Revenue Service ignoring 60 percent of taxpayers' calls

The deadline for filing taxes is on April 15, but the Internal Revenue Service is reportedly ignoring 60 percent of phone calls from those working on their tax return.

Op-Ed: $486 million worth of aircraft sold for scrap by Defense Dept.

Close to half-a-billion dollars worth of aircraft bought with U.S. taxpayers money has been destroyed and sold for scrap at six-cents a pound, or $32,000. With a half-trillion dollar budget, the DOD considers a half-billion dollars pocket change.

Op-Ed: Taxation of U.S. MLP Distributions for Canadian Taxpayers

U.S. Master Limited Partnerships are an interesting opportunity for Canadian, yield-oriented investors. Most of them provide distributions above 6%. Unfortunately, many Canadians have been incorrectly informed about tax reporting requirements.

IRS warns taxpayers to watch out for this year's 'Dirty Dozen'

Each year the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sends out a list of its "Dirty Dozen" tax scams. Topping this year's list is, perhaps not surprisingly, identity theft.

Taxpayers to subsidize New York's minimum wage increase

New York - The state of New York’s Senate voted in favor of a $136 billion budget on Wednesday that includes a hike in the minimum wage over a three-year period and a $350 rebate to families with children.

Op-Ed: Alberta — Auditor General-More waste and abuse in Health Services

Edmonton - An Alberta Auditor General report highlights poorly documented expenses. The expenses include spending of public moneys on toys, speeding fines, video games, Calgary Flames seasons’ tickets and overpriced hotel rooms and flights.

French taxpayers on the hook to pay for 100% of abortion costs

Paris - As part of the social security reforms in the socialist government's budget proposal, the nation of France may offer women free abortions and have the taxpayers pay for 100 percent of the abortion when the women cannot afford it.

Taxpayers outraged over $3 million makeover of Vancouver website

Vancouver - The City of Vancouver's website,, received a makeover to the tune of $3 million (and it isn't even mobile friendly). Taxpayers are outraged after it was revealed the website cost seven figures to redesign.

Report: Bilingualism costing Canadians $2.4 billion annually

Toronto - Would you like English or French? A new report from a leading think tank suggests that bilingualism is costing the country approximately $2.4 billion per year. The province of Ontario spends the most out of all provinces with $623 million per year.

Warren Buffett wants U.S. taxpayers to get over their anger

New York - Billionaire investment guru, Warren Buffett, sent out a message to United States taxpayers: Get over your anger. Buffett says the anger towards the Obama administration and Congress is counterproductive.

Survey: Ontario residents not expecting their HST cheque

More than six million Ontario households are due to receive the HST Transitional Benefit payment starting June 10. A survey found found that 80 percent of those residing in Ontario were unsure or didn't expect to get the HST Transitional Benefit payment.

Nova Scotia taxpayers funded $600,000 for Paul McCartney concert

Halifax - It was verified this week that last summer's Paul McCartney concert was partially funded by Nova Scotia taxpayers. How much did the province spend with taxpayers’ money? $600,000, it was reported.

Americans footing $2.5 million bill for Super Bowl ad

In an effort to get more Americans to participate in this year's census, the U.S. Census Bureau is buying an advertisement during the Super Bowl.

Op-Ed: Canadian pension news headed for top spot in 2010

Last year, a Digital Journal editorial predicted pensions would be a big issue in Canada in 2009. This became a reality and we can expect more of the same in 2010.

Over 15 million Taxpayers May Owe Uncle Sam Next Year

Many taxpayers were given a tax credit through the economic stimulus plan. According to the Associated Press, they may owe taxes when they file their federal tax return next year.

Op-Ed: America, End Your Fear Of Wall Street

The Kings of Wall Street have long coveted the absolute supremacy they now enjoy over the largest economy in the world.

Ontario's eHealth CEO's Speech Cost Taxpayers $25,000

In a recent Toronto Star investigation, former eHealth CEO Sarah Kramer gave a speech to the Ontario Hospital Association and cost the taxpayers $25,000.

Op-Ed: Public Officials Work for Us

As time passes, agencies become corrupt. It is no more evident then if you look at your local police force. It is merely appalling to see that people who are there to defend you have become your enforcer.

Op-Ed: Obama & Middle Class Income Tax Increases

The recession is dealing a hard blow to government revenues with tax receipts expected to drop 18 percent this year. The big question being lathered across the Nation, but not being answered honorably by the Administration, revolves around tax increases.

Op-Ed: Obama Mitigating Mortgage Foreclosures?

Obama announced that between $50 billion and $100 billion will be spent on making mortgage payments affordable, as part of the giant gamble he and Congress are making, under the title of “stimulus.”

Let the Automakers Go Bankrupt. It Might Save Us Money

The deadline is now for General Motors and Chrysler to present their reorganization plans to the government so they can keep the billions loaned to them in December, but it doesn't look like they can meet them. Experts are saying, 'Let them go bankrupt'.

Op-Ed: Let's Get Real, Taxpayers Will Support The Suleman Family

She just had eight babies after fertility treatments. She has six children at home. She is unemployed and receives food stamps. Three of her six children have disability payments coming in.

Op-Ed: Obama, Watch Consumers And Learn

American consumers are being accused of closing their wallets. This is evidenced in three months of contracted spending into the end of 2008. The new year has brought more of the same, and consumers are being admonished for spreading “weakness.”

Op-Ed: Disrespecting Taxpayers & Shareholders

As CEOs beg for Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) handouts, the new corporate mantra is, “maintain shareholder trust,” … sorry, make that the new corporate mantra is not, but should be, …”maintain shareholder trust.”

Op-Ed: Vancouver Knocking On Bankruptcy’s Door?

Much of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland population was notified by new Mayor Gregor Robertson, Friday evening, that the City of Vancouver taxpayers would be on the hook for all of $1billion required to complete the Olympic Village.

Op-Ed: Obama - The Second Tell

As follow-up to a November 21, ’08 article regarding signs that may reveal the direction that an Obama Presidency might take, the following presents another “tell.” This one is less innocuous, but may prove to be more expensive to America.

Op-Ed: Revising Government Relationship To Money

There is a disconnect between the objective of bankers and financial institutions, and the objective of government (read: people). The global economic turmoil presents an evolving pathology beyond the reach of Paulson, Bernanke or any other imposition.
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 Our job is to fix it   said CA State Senator Robert Hertzberg. He called together a committee heari...
"Our job is to fix it," said CA State Senator Robert Hertzberg. He called together a committee hearing on Wed. Dec. 9 to talk about the more than $4.5 million per year that is collected from California Taxpayers by way of their tax returns each year, wishing to give to a selected charity. This past August, the AP reported that more than $10 million collected has been going back into the general fund unused.
Ray Sotero, courtesy of CA State Sen. Robert Hertzberg's office

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