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Profit shifting allows massive tax avoidance by multinationals

Between 1985 and 2018 the average statutory global tax rate has fallen by more than half from 49 percent to just 24 percent. A main cause of this decline is profit shifting.

Op-Ed: The easy way to search the Panama Papers — Without the hype

Sydney - Have suspicions that your local duly elected, taxpayer-funded saint may be a less saintly than it appears? Think your employer is living remarkably well in a few extra mansions? Just search the Panama Papers. It’s easy.

Walmart accused of avoiding billions of dollars in tax

Walmart accused of systematically routing profits through tax havens such as Luxembourg, in order to reduce their tax liabilities.

Op-Ed: Can closing tax havens really feed the world?

Shut down the world's tax havens, and global hunger will disappear. That is the message from the recent G8 Conference. If only.

Op-Ed: Spain's tax take tumbles as Spanish companies seek tax havens

Madrid - Spain's revenue from taxes on businesses has shrunk by two thirds as compared to pre-crisis levels. Spain's large global companies are seeking profits abroad and shelter in tax havens.

Former PM: 'Greece would have avoided bailout if not robbed'

Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has said the country could have avoided economic bailouts if it had "not been robbed by funds being funnelled to tax havens." Ironically, his government presided as funds were sent to Swiss bank accounts.

Op-Ed: Offshore tax havens for wealthy, income tax for the rest?

Average citizens of the United States have been dutifully paying their taxes, while wealthier Americans, have followed the lead of multinational mega-corporations, seeking tax havens to shelter their profits.

World's super-rich are holding $32 trillion in tax havens

A report published on Sunday claims that the global super-rich elite may be holding as much as $32 trillion in offshore tax havens, and may be depriving governments worldwide of as much as $250 billion in tax revenues every year.

Op-Ed: Europe's ‘austerity’ backlash means trouble for the world

Sydney - France and Greece have shown clearly how the public reacts to “austerity”. The maniacal targeting of the poor and total disregard for public welfare in Greece has demolished the two main parties there. France has answered austerity with venom.

Obama reforms tax laws

Funds sent by the rich in America to tax havens abroad, intending to dodge the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have attracted the eye of President Obama. He has announced reforms to the nation’s international tax code, say reports.

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A map of Walmart subsidiaries and where they are located
A map of Walmart subsidiaries and where they are located
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