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Essential Science: Skin deep? Review of tattoo ink contaminants

Tattooing is increasing in popularity, especially among younger people. But how safe is tattooing? A recent review has looked at the microbial contamination rates of tattoo inks and has unearthed some concerns.

Skin in the game: Hong Kong protesters get inked

Fpo - As a tattooist's black ink fills the petals of Hong Kong's Bauhinia flower on her upper thigh, 'C' says the indelible act of rebellion will forever serve as a reminder of the city's summer of defiance.

Graphene and silk make self-healable electronic tattoos

Researchers have designed graphene-based e-tattoos designed to act as biosensors. The sensors can collect data relate to human health, such as skin reactions to medication or to assess the degree of exposure to ultraviolet light.

Bataclan survivors' tattoos show their pain and defiance

Paris - Since she was "buried" under the dead and dying at the Bataclan concert hall, Laura Leveque has "carried 130 corpses" on her shoulders."So I may as well mark it," she said.

Essential Science: Smart tattoos for monitoring health

Boston - The next time you're feeling under the weather you might be simply able to look at a 'tattoo' fixed to your arm to see if it's changed color or not. The smart tattoo is an innovative new medical device.

Ink or swim? Tattoos on show at world swimming championships

Budapest - World records have tumbled and gold medals won but the colourful array of tattoos on show at the world swimming championships have proved just as eye-catching, be they designs of sharks, dolphins or even the lion adorning the arm of Adam Peaty's grandm...

Ex-gang members in El Salvador erase tattoos from violent past

Sansalvador - In many countries, tattoos are simple adornment, a small sign of unconventionality, of minor rebellion. In El Salvador, however, they are usually the mark of gang members who live -- and often die -- by codes of violence.

For Bethlehem tattoo artist, religion is more than skin deep

Bethlehem - Pilgrims to Bethlehem often return home with candles or rosaries, but for those who see religion as more than skin-deep, tattoo artist Walid Ayash is there to help.The 39-year-old Palestinian specialises in Christian themes.

Fed's tattoo identification system raises 1st amendment questions

The FBI's plan to compile a database of over 100,000 tattoo images, sourced from prison and law enforcement files has come up against the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit that defends civil liberties in the digital world.

Sailors rush for tattoos as U.S. Navy bends rules to recruit

Washington - An indelible blue drawing of an ornate birdcage, festooned with roses and petals, wraps its way around Navy Corpsman Jessica Bryant's forearm.

Study: Tattoos may toughen people up

The idea behind the tattooing practices done by military personal, get it to prove you're tough enough, has been looked at closely by researchers at the University of Alabama. They are confirming that idea.

How generation body art has got under our skin

Paris - Timothee clenches his jaw and grips his sweatshirt as the tattooist's needle sinks into his skin. The angel he wants on his shoulder is not going to get there by itself. He is going to have to suffer for his body art.

Tattoos may cause Apple Watch to stop working

Some people sporting arm and wrist tattoos are discovering the new Apple watch will not work on their arms. According to one website, the heart rate sensor malfunctions if the watch is worn over some tattoos on a user's wrist.

Man sets world record for most Homer Simpson tattoos

Cartoon character Homer Simpson once said, "If you want to remember something, get a tattoo." Lee Weir took him seriously, because he just set a world's record for having the most Homer Simpson tattoos.

World map back tattoo records man's travels

A backpacking enthusiast tattooed the map of the world on his back and has been filling it in with color blocks as he travels.

Tattooed women outnumber men in recent poll

When it comes to getting tattoos it seems woman hold a slight upper edge over men. In the United States 23 percent of the women have tattoos compared with only 19 percent of the men,

Before going to the Army recruiter, check your tattoos

If you plan to join the Army, think twice about where you get that next tattoo. And if you are already a soldier, soon you will be prevented from get tattooed below the knees or elbows.

Dad, allegedly, tattoos 'daddy's girl' on teenage daughter

Richland - A father, 39-year-old Victor Shane Scroggins, has been arrested. He is accused of tattooing his daughter, 14, last October. The tattoo reads 'daddy's girl'.

Anal tattoos may be hazardous to your health

Palm Beach - The latest YouTube sensation making the viral video rounds this week is Maria Marie Del Rosario who received an anal tattoo on camera. The vid received over 3 million views in three days.

Justin Bieber’s seventh tattoo sends fans into a frenzy

Justin Bieber’s latest tattoo has sent his legion of fans into a frenzy of Internet activity after the Canadian pop singer posted pictures of himself shirtless on his Twitter account.

Op-Ed: Are you unhappy with your tattoo? You're not the only one

Many people have tattoos over their body, but new research shows that people are regretting having them done. Everyone has different ideas about tattoos, Jodie Marsh loves her tattoos.

Op-Ed: Tattoo taboo — Body art is common, companies still discriminate

Tattoos have entered the mainstream and are considered an art form, but corporations continue to enforce dress codes that call for body art to be covered.

Colombian footballer Pino falls foul of Saudi religious police

Riyadh - Colombian football player Juan Pablo Pino has learnt the importance of adhering to Saudi Arabia's strict dress code, following an encounter with the religious police.

UK Job seekers offered taxpayer's money to remove tattoos

Job seekers in Britain who are experiencing difficulty in gaining employment, because of unsightly and prominent tattoos, could be offered government funds to have them removed.

Georgia couple charged with child cruelty for tattooing six kids

Summerville - A Georgia couple who decided to tattoo the hands of six of their children with a device made from a guitar string have been hit with several child cruelty charges.

Gay People Should Be Tattooed Says Church Of England Clergyman

The writer of a blog has got himself into hot water this week when his comments about gay people were deemed to be highly offensive. The writer of that blog was a clergyman of the Church of England

Vaccination by tattoo? Yep, it also works better

Tats look good, but now they’re good for your health, too. German research has discovered DNA vaccines are much better than the old style intramuscular injections. DNA vaccinations are new big thing, and until now, delivery has been poor.

OP/ED: Tattoos During Pregnancy...Yes or No?

How safe is it for a woman to have a tattoo while she's pregnant? There seems to be conflicting views on this subject. The truth is, there's very little information out there about the dyes that are used, and if there are any side-effects to the baby.

With Tattoos, Bigger isn't Always Better

The Marines are banning any new, extra-large tattoos below the elbow or the knee, saying such body art is harmful to the Corps' spit-and-polish image.

Jail photographing tattoos to track gang activity

A northern Kentucky jail is photographing inmates' tattoos in an effort to track and suppress gang activity.
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Suffering for her art? Artist Lydia Leith covered in temporary tattoos. “I want to get a photo of ...
Suffering for her art? Artist Lydia Leith covered in temporary tattoos. “I want to get a photo of me wearing the Queen tattoos but I only have the one of me wearing the sports tattoos at the moment,” she says.
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File photo: A picture of baristas at work in the Starbucks coffee shop, Seattle, WA.
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