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Tattoo News

Marked for life: South Korea's tattoo artists seek legalisation

Seoul - South Korean tattooist Doy counts Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt and members of K-Pop band EXO among his celebrity clients, but his delicate, detailed designs could land him in prison.

Taiwan graffiti artist swaps spray for ink in epic tattoos

Taipei - In a small workshop down a narrow alleyway in Taipei's Ximending district, tattoo artist Bobo Chen is refreshing a scene from a Japanese epic with new ink on a client's back.

Indonesia's tattoo removers zap the sin from your skin

Jakarta - Indonesian tattoo remover Sandi Widodo does a brisk business zapping sin from skin -- at bargain-basement prices.

Tattooed and proud: Chinese women peel away stigmas

Shanghai - Once the mark of criminals or sex workers, for centuries tattoos have been stigmatised in China but the growing influence of celebrity culture is changing all that -- particularly for women.

Brazil vigilantes tattoo teen's head with 'I am a thief'

Rio De Janeiro - A Brazilian teenager accused of trying to steal a bicycle was tied up and tattooed with the words "I am a thief and a loser" on his forehead.Two men have been arrested near Sao Paulo on charges of torturing the 17-year-old.

Manchester shows pride with bee tattoos after attack

Manchester - Since the terror attack, Manchester's tattoo parlours have been swarmed by requests for tattoos of bees -- a symbol of the city and its residents' deep community spirit.

Graffiti and tattoo artist Matthew 'SOLE4' Thomas opens up Special

Long Island graffiti artist Matthew 'SOLE4' Thomas chatted with Digital Journal about his elaborate work in the graffiti and tattoo scene on Long Island.

British man gets tattoo of president-elect Donald Trump

A British man decided to mark the U.S. election by getting a unique tattoo on his leg. The tattoo is of president elect, Donald Trump.

Thais get inked in tribute to beloved king

Bangkok - Wincing slightly as the tattoo gun punches holes in the nape of her neck, Ohm says getting inked in memory of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died last week, is the greatest tribute she can pay.

A tattoo in your 80s? Yes, says Judi Dench

Guildford - Things to do as you get older: Dame Judi Dench has got her first tattoo, just in time for her 81st birthday. The tattoo was a present from her daughter Finty Williams.

Tapping emotions with electronic tattoos

Tel Aviv - Collecting information about a patient’s physiological condition ordinarily involves a procedure called electromyography. This isn’t always the most pleasant of experiences. A new "electronic tattoo" promises a different approach.

Death is just a pretty face for Brazilian tattoo fans

Rio De Janeiro - In their quest for beauty, Brazilian tattoo fans are turning to the most unlikely of pretty faces: the death skull.

Indonesian tattooists revive tribal traditions

Jogjakarta - Men in tribal dress stand amid dense jungle on the Indonesian island of Java, their bodies covered in elaborate, traditional tattoos inspired by cultures in distant corners of the vast, tropical archipelago.

German neo-Nazi sentenced over concentration camp tattoo

Berlin - A German far-right local politician was given a suspended sentence Tuesday over a tattoo bearing a notorious Nazi concentration camp slogan and a rendering of Auschwitz.

German neo-Nazi charged over concentration camp tattoo

Berlin - German prosecutors laid charges Wednesday against a far-right local politician over a tattoo bearing a notorious Nazi concentration camp slogan and a picture of Auschwitz.

Man says ISIS (girl's name) tattoo led to him getting fired

Long Island City - A New York man says he was fired because of his tattoo, which said ISIS. He claims that his ex-girlfriend was named ISIS.

Hunter Hayes surpasses two million fans on Facebook

Atlantic Nashville recording artist Hunter Hayes has celebrated a new digital milestone. He has surpassed two million fans on Facebook.

Penis tattoo leads cops to rape suspect

Panama - A 27-year-old man with a tattooed penis is being charged with statutory rape after he allegedly had sex with an under-age girl.

Hunter Hayes to kick off 'Tattoo (Your Name)' tour in New York

Country star Hunter Hayes will be kicking off his "Tattoo (Your Name)" tour with New York's Nash FM 94.7 at Best Buy Theater in Times Square on October 28.

What are they inking? Starbucks could let workers reveal tattoos

Seattle - Most customers probably do not know this, but Starbucks has always required its tattooed coffee servers to cover up body ink when behind the counter.

Hunter Hayes talks upcoming shows in New York and 'Tattoo' single Special

New York - Country star Hunter Hayes took some time from his schedule to chat about his upcoming shows in New York this week, as well as his newest single "Tattoo."

White and Blue Lion Tattoo Kits receive FDA warning

Washington - U.S. FDA is warning consumers that not all tattoo ink is safe. California company White and Blue Lion Inc. recalled inks in in-home tattoo kits after testing confirmed bacterial contamination in unopened bottles.

Review: Hunter Hayes delivers on new single and video for 'Tattoo' Special

Atlantic Nashville recording artist Hunter Hayes has released his highly-anticipated new music video for his single "Tattoo," which is high-energy and a lot of fun.

Sri Lanka detains British tourist over Buddha tattoo

Colombo - Sri Lanka has detained a female British tourist for having a Buddha tattoo on her right arm and ordered her deportation, police said Tuesday.

Teenager gets a second tattoo of a receipt

It appears that Stian Ytterdahl, 18, from Norway wasn't happy with his first tattoo of a McDonald's receipt. As he has recently got a second tattoo which covers most of the teenagers forearm.

Daily Relief: Friday 28 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a new TV show starring Prince Harry, a weird tattoo and a shocking look at the effects of drug abuse.

World map back tattoo records man's travels

A backpacking enthusiast tattooed the map of the world on his back and has been filling it in with color blocks as he travels.

Coloured tattoos escape ban in France

Paris - Tattoo artists in France, who were up in arms about a government ban on certain dyes, say the health ministry has reassured them they will be able to keep using coloured ink, attributing the uproar to a misunderstanding of thousands of pages of regulat

Vanilla Ice gets fake Miley Cyrus tattoo on his feet

A photo of Vanilla Ice emerged, showing the rapper showing off the bottom of his feet, which had 'Miley Cyrus' written on them.

Op-Ed: Is having a tattoo a no-no for job interviewers?

Thinking of whether or not to hide your tattoo before a scheduled job interview for your dream job or whether or not having your body inked can affect your chances of getting employed?
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Tattoo Image

Sabelink Tattoo
A member of the Mexican Mafia has the organization s name tattoed on his abdomen.
A member of the Mexican Mafia has the organization's name tattoed on his abdomen.
U.S. Department of Justice
A tattoo repair booth
A tattoo repair booth
Mehndi (Hena) applied at back of both hands.
Mehndi (Hena) applied at back of both hands.
AKS 9955
The friendly new electrode is comfortable and accessible  allowing users to carry on as usual with t...
The friendly new electrode is comfortable and accessible, allowing users to carry on as usual with their daily routines, while monitoring their muscle activity for many hours, for a range of medical and other purposes.
Prof. Yael Hanein, Tel Aviv University
Screenshot from video called Tattoo a Banana
Screenshot from video called Tattoo a Banana
YouTube screenshot

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