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Reverend sues Pittsburgh police over hospital tasing incident

Pittsburgh - Reverend Earl Baldwin Jr. has filed a lawsuit against Pittsburgh police after they are alleged to have restrained and tased him while he claims he was praying for his stepson Mileek Grissom in a hospital emergency room.

Georgia man died after being Tasered up to 13 times

Atlanta - Last April 11th officers in East Point Georgia, southwest of Atlanta, used a Taser gun on Gregory Towns as many as 13 times in order to make him get up and walk. Towns was handcuffed at the time.

Police arrest teen weapons dealer for making a killing online

Casarrubios Del Monte - A minor near the city of Toledo in Spain has been arrested by police for selling hundreds of illegal weapons online. Officers found a huge arsenal of these weapons in his home.

Man dies after police Tasered him four times

Kendal - A body builder struggled with police as they tried to arrest him. They claim to have feared for their lives, and so they used a Taser gun on him four times.

Op-Ed: Thugs in uniform Taser pregnant women

Police officers put their lives on the line every time they step outside their front doors, often having to face such dangerous public enemies as dementia patients and pregnant women.

RCMP halts use of older model Tasers

The British Columbia government has announced that all older model M-26 Tasers don't meet the manufacturer's specifications; the RCMP have pulled this model from the field.

Media Audit Faults Police Over Taser Reports

A report on Canada's freedom-of-information laws says Canadian police force continue withhold key information from the public about how officers are using tasers.

New Policy For Taser Use In Orange County Jails

Orange county deputies will no longer use Tasers on inmates that are handcuffed or restrainted. The new policy has been adopted after the department was criticised on the use of stun guns in the jail setting.

Mixed Reactions To Taser Policy For Uniontown Schools

In Uniontown Area, Pennsylvania, there is a discussion going on about a taser plan being set up which would allow the use of tasers to be used in the Uniontown schools. The plans are receiving mixed reviews.

Saskatchewan: Municipal Police Will Not Get Tasers

Municipal police officers in towns and cities throughout Saskatchewan will not be issued tasers. RCMP and municipal tactical squads will still deploy them.

The Wild West Taser Style

When Harvey Epstein, co-owner of Mamacitas restaurant in Boulder, Colorado and Casey M. Dane, a supervisor for Colorado Security Services Inc. started to argue over a metal boot that was parked behind Epstein the guns came out, Tasers that is.

Tasers a form of torture, says UN

The UN’s Committee against Torture said that the use of Taser stun guns are a form a torture that can kill. After the recent deaths in the U.S. and in Canada, the committee said countries should give up using Tasers.

Op-Ed Tasers Are Now In Criminal Hands

The stories are just piling up like an electric train wreck, complete with victims twitching and screaming and dying. This technology needs responsibility to go along with it.

Man Shot With Stun Gun As He Tries To Leave US Hospital With His Baby

In a shocking clip from a CCTV camera in Houston, Texas, a man is shot with a Taser gun after trying to leave the hospital with her in his arms. The 30 year old man is now claiming his baby girl was seriously injured in the incident

Armed robot for police, military, jails?

A new Taser-armed robot is being developed for use of non-lethal force. Warrior X700 is a possible contender for the dangerous jobs normally done by humans. Those familiar with military bomb disposal robots will notice a distinct similarity.

Homeowner hits Cops with a Taser Gun, Judge says he had 'a right to resist'

Homeowner hits the cop with a Taser gun of the cops and the Judge said the homeowner had the right to resist.

La. Sheriff puts tiny cameras on Tasers

Now in Jefferson Parish: Tasercams. Any time a sheriff's deputy turns off a stun gun's safety, a tiny camera will roll. The video will both help defend deputies against lawsuits accusing them of excessive force and reduce any chance of such abuse by deput

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