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Taser News

Unarmed teen graffiti artist Tasered to death by Miami Beach cops

Miami Beach - An up-and-coming 18-year-old graffiti artist has died after being Tasered by Miami Beach police for running away from officers.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 4 comments

First perjury trial in relation to Dziekanski Taser death begins

Vancouver - RCMP Const. Bill Bentley is the first of four RCMP officers to be tried for perjury for alleged false testimony made to an inquiry examining the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski in 2007.
In the Media by Arthur Weinreb - 4 comments

UK: Knife man tasered by police outside Buckingham Palace (Video)

London - London’s Metropolitan Police have confirmed that a man was disabled with a taser outside the Queen’s residence, Buckingham Palace, in London. The man is reported to have broken through a cordon and held a knife to his throat.
In the Media by Robert Myles - 1 comment

Video: Connecticut cops stomp and kick Tased suspect

Bridgeport - Three Bridgeport, Connecticut police officers have been placed on administrative leave after the release of a video showing them brutally kicking and stomping a chase suspect after immobilizing him with a stun gun.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 11 comments

Man dies after police Tasered him four times

Kendal - A body builder struggled with police as they tried to arrest him. They claim to have feared for their lives, and so they used a Taser gun on him four times.
In the Media by Eileen Kersey - 15 comments

Nashua, NH police Taser woman who tried to buy too many iPhones

Nashua - New Hampshire police used a stun gun on a Chinese woman who does not speak English after she was told to leave an Apple Store for trying to buy too many iPhones.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 6 comments

Lawsuit filed over cop who Tased boy, 10, on career day

Santa Fe - A lawsuit has been filed against Police officer Christopher Webb and the New Mexico Department of Public Safety on behalf of a ten-year-old boy who alleges the officer used a Taser on him.
In the Media by Fox Shepard - 4 comments

Diabetic teen Tasered after traffic accident (video)

Cleburne - Ricky Jones, a 19-year-old diabetic patient, was involved in a traffic accident in the city of Cleburne in April this year, after going into hypoglycemic shock when his blood sugar dropped dangerously low.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 6 comments

Study says it's safe to Taser teens

Wake Forest - A new US study has found that teenagers who are Tasered, don't appear to be at any higher risk of injury than adults. Researchers examined data from "real life" altercations between youth and police.
In the Media by Darren Weir - 1 comment

Intruder arrested outside Miley Cyrus' home carrying scissors

Los Angeles - Police have arrested a man, allegedly carrying a pair of scissors, who had snuck onto the property of the Los Angeles area home of singer Miley Cyrus.
In the Media by Darren Weir - 1 comment

Palestinian man tasered repeatedly in front of family (video)

Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv police were responding to a call about a fight occurring in a Tel Aviv water park. A man criticized the police for their handling of the situation, and got tasered five times.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 6 comments

Video: Palestinian man repeatedly tasered by Israeli police

Tel Aviv - A Palestinian man from East Jerusalem has filed a complaint of police misconduct after he was tasered five times at a Tel Aviv water park this week, in front of his five children.
In the Media by Darren Weir - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Thugs in uniform Taser pregnant women

Police officers put their lives on the line every time they step outside their front doors, often having to face such dangerous public enemies as dementia patients and pregnant women.
In the Media by Alexander Baron - 9 comments

Video of CA cops beating homeless man to death shown in court

Almost a year ago, 2 California police officers beat a 37-year-old homeless man, Kelly Thomas to death. Now video footage of the brutal attack has been revealed in court.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 20 comments

Taser death victim in Australia may not have committed a crime

Sydney - Over the weekend a man who was being arrested for a robbery was shot with a taser and subsequently died. Now several media outlets are reporting a robbery may not have even been committed.
In the Media by Leigh Goessl - 6 comments

London, Ontario, police use stun gun on teen Special

London - City police in London, Ontario, used a Taser on a teenage boy involved in a street brawl Thursday. It is being reported that the boy may have been struck in the face by the prongs of the powerful stun gun.
Digital Journal Report by Ken Wightman - 2 comments

A fanatic Cowboys fan pulls a stun gun out at Jets 9/11 game

Hackensack - It was a wild scene at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys came to town to play the New York Jets. But Leroy McKelvey of South Carolina did the unheard of. He attacked Jets fans with a stun gun, injuring three people.
In the Media by Joan Firstenberg - 1 comment

Ontario police use Taser on axe-wielding woman

Whitby - Durham Regional Police officers arrested a Whitby woman, 24, this week who was found in a neighbour's home wielding an axe.
In the Media by KJ Mullins

Taser goes missing after officer forgets it on roof of car

London - A Taser and four cartridges went missing after a London police officer drove off with the items on the roof of a police vehicle.
In the Media by Lynn Curwin

Police track suicidal man with cellphone coordinates

Port Perry - Tension was in the air Monday evening when officers with Durham Regional Police Service's North Division were confronted by a distraught armed man in Port Perry.
In the Media by KJ Mullins

Man dumps paint over himself to avoid Taser

Cheyenne - When police went to the home of a Wyoming man he tried to stop them from using a Taser on him by dumping paint over his body.
In the Media by Lynn Curwin

Gunman Raoul Moat used his own weapon before Police opened fire

Gunman Raoul Moat opened fire on himself before police officers opened fire on him using Taser shot guns given to them only hours before the stand-off.
In the Media by Sarah Shannon

The Dziekanski inquiry denounce RCMP officers as BC reconsiders charges

British Columbia has announced that a special prosecutor will be appointed to review discrepancies in testimony at the Braidwood inquiry.
In the Media by KJ Mullins - 2 comments

Teen Tasered at Philadelphia Phillies game (video)

Philadelphia - A 17-year-old Pennsylvania boy was subdued by a Taser last night during a Phillies baseball game. He ran onto the field before the eighth inning, eluding security momentarily before being detained by a police officer wielding a Taser.
In the Media by David Silverberg - 1 comment

Cops Used Taser on Man's Genitals, Buttocks

Boise - This was not just a case of an Officer using “rough” language to get the Complainant’s attention. He punctuated his offensive speech language by pushing the Taser between the Complainant’s buttocks, anal and genital areas.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman - 11 comments

Father, son say police started fight, tasered them in courtroom

A father and son were fighting a speeding ticket in Ferndale, Michigan's 43rd District Court when a fight broke out between them and police, resulting in the father and son being Tasered and arrested.
In the Media by Laura Trowbridge - 8 comments

Chicago cop allegedly tasered unconscious man 11 times

Police officers from two Chicago suburbs are being sued after one of them allegedly Tasered a man having a seizure because the diabetic involuntarily hit the officer while being taken to an ambulance.
In the Media by Oliver VanDervoort - 8 comments

Canada's RCMP come under fire as reports take aim at Tasering

Outspoken Chairman of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Paul E. Kennedy, has issued two reports in the past week that rip the RCMP for their tasering practices.
In the Media by Stephanie Dearing - 4 comments

Arkansas police officer uses Taser on 10-year-old girl

Called to a home to help control an "unruly child," an an Ozark, Arkansas police officer was given permission by the girl's mother to use a Taser to subdue the child.
In the Media by Oliver VanDervoort - 12 comments

Vancouver man arrested after brother stabbed with butcher knife

Police used a Taser to subdue a man who had allegedly walked away after stabbing his brother with a butcher knife. Police said they had use a Taser shot because the man was non-compliant and was advancing on police.
In the Media by Salim Jiwa
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Taser Image

Robert Dziekanski  a landed immigrant from Poland is seen on this framegrab from a video taken by Pa...
Paul Pritchard
Robert Dziekanski, a landed immigrant from Poland is seen on this framegrab from a video taken by Paul Pritchard, at the arrivals area of the Vancouver airport on October 14, 2007.
A 17-year-old teen is Tasered after disrupting a baseball game in Philadelphia
YouTube screenshot
A 17-year-old teen is Tasered after disrupting a baseball game in Philadelphia
Dziekanski with his arms at his side and nothing in his hands as RCMP officers first confront him
Screen capture from Paul Pritchard's YouTube video
Dziekanski with his arms at his side and nothing in his hands as RCMP officers first confront him
man tasered by police in Tel Aviv
man tasered by police in Tel Aviv
A young man lies on the sidewalk after being stunned by a Taser wielded by a London  Ontario  police...
YouTube Screen Grab
A young man lies on the sidewalk after being stunned by a Taser wielded by a London, Ontario, police officer.
Robert Dziekanski was filmed by Paul Pritchard at the Vancouver airport holding a small table before...
Paul Pritchard / Screengrab
Robert Dziekanski was filmed by Paul Pritchard at the Vancouver airport holding a small table before he was stunned with a Taser by the RCMP. The B.C. Coroner's Service says the death of the Polish immigrant six years ago was a homicide.

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