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Trump advisor refuses to listen to Khashoggi murder tape

Washington - John Bolton, the influential White House national security advisor, said Tuesday he will not listen to the tape recording of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi's murder because he doesn't understand Arabic.

Turkey denies giving 'any kind of audio tape' on Khashoggi to US

Istanbul - Turkey on Friday denied giving "any kind of audio tape" from the investigation into the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo or any American official.

IBM and Sony store 330TB of uncompressed data on a single tape

IBM and Sony have announced a new world record for data storage, successfully cramming 330TB of uncompressed files onto a single tape drive. The breakthrough makes tape a viable solution for the cold storage of cloud archives.

IBM develops computer tape capable of storing 220TB of data

IT giant IBM has developed a new form of magnetic tape for computer storage that can hold 220TB of data on a reel of tape that could fit in the palm of your hand. The development will make it much easier to store vast amounts of data.

Squids inspire novel sticky-tape

Want to fix something and need a tape that really is transparent? Scientists have developed a tape coated with cephalopod proteins to reflect infrared light.

Sony creates record storage tape

Japanese tech giant Sony has developed a new storage tape that is able to hold up to 185 terabytes (TB) of data per cartridge.

Caine's Arcade: 9-year-old's entrepreneurial dream comes alive

Los Angeles - A nine-year-old boy Caine Monroy, who created an arcade in his father's auto parts store with cardboard boxes, is the latest Internet sensation. A short film about him, "Caine's Arcade," got 3.5 million views in four days and over 5 million in 10 days.

Nurses fired for taping patient's mouth shut

A hospital located in Utah, fired a couple of nurses after they taped a patient's mouth shut, according to hospital officials.

New Bin Laden tape calls for French withdrawal in Afghanistan

In a new audio message, Osama Bin Laden is calling on France to withdraw troops in Afghanistan in exchange for release of French hostages held by al-Qaeda and a failure to do so is “a green light” for the hostages’ murders.

Dognapping caught on video

York - York Regional Police have released CCTV footage showing suspects in a dognapping which took place in August. The dog is diabetic and should have medication daily.

Osama Bin Laden Releases New Tape Sunday Evening

Osama Bin Ladin has supposedly released a new video tape Sunday evening. The audio message in Arabic warns the American people about the government's being involved with Israel.

Bin Laden Tape Threatens Americans

A tape that is said to be from Osama bin Laden warns Americans that they will pay the consequences of President Obama's seeds of "hatred and vengeance towards Americans." The tape comes as President Obama arrives on a peace mission to the Middle East.

Christian Bale's abusive rant captured on tape

In a story that left many abuse victims baffled, the verbal abuse charges against actor, Christian Bale were dropped following a change of heart and lack of real evidence. Recently, a leaked tape of one of Bale's tirades hit the Internet. Abusive?

Cadman Tape Not Altered Expert Says

A court-ordered analysis of the tape by Harper's own audio expert has found.a tape recording at the centre of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's $3.5-million defamation suit against the Liberal party was not altered as the prime minister has claimed

Duct Tape, the Newest School Villain

Duct Tape is like the Force, it has a light side, a dark side, and holds the universe together. It also can catch sneaky teens violating curfew on school field trips.

Alleged Jimi Hendrix sex tape to be released

An adult entertainment company from Los Angeles claims it has sex tapes of the music legend Jimi Hendrix that was made 40 years ago.

Marilyn Monroe sex tape sells for £750,000

A grainy black and white film, showing Marilyn Monroe performing a sex act with an unidentified male, has been sold for £750,000 ($1,500,000).

Quick Thinking Van Driver Films Carjacking

The driver of the van, who has not been named holds the key to a recent carjacking

Iraqi Sunni Terrorist Group Post Tape of Killings

Sunni terrorists post tape showing execution of government security forces.

Babies' mouths allegedly taped shut at Russian hospital

Prosecutors said Thursday they are investigating allegations that workers at a central Russian hospital taped infants' mouths shut to keep them from crying.

Paris' Pal Caught Up in New Sex Tape Scandal

SugarDVD is an Internet Porn company that assures there is a video tape featuring Kim Kardashian (Paris Hilton´s pal) with Ray J. her ex and now Whitney Houston´s new beau.

Reports Surface of Jessica Simpson Sex Tape

First Brittney, now Jessica? Apparently a tape of her and former-hubby Nicky in different sex scenes is surfacing or exists. The girl who likes to make men wait has them waiting again.

No Britney sex tape, lawyer says

Contrary to reports in the media, there is no sex tape involving pop star Britney Spears and her estranged husband Kevin Federline, his lawyer says.

Duct tape no magical cure for warts, or is it?

Dutch researchers reported on Monday in a study that contradicts a popular theory about an easy way to get rid of the unattractive lumps.

Sex Tapes Have Come To A "Screech"ing Halt

Saved by the Bell fans have a whole new episode to look at

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A piece of art by Erika Simmons  using only tape. The art plays with sheet music of Mozart s Serenad...
A piece of art by Erika Simmons, using only tape. The art plays with sheet music of Mozart's Serenade No 10
Courtesy Erika Simmons
The latest artwork from Erika Simmons  using film reels to design portraits of Pavarotti and Albert ...
The latest artwork from Erika Simmons, using film reels to design portraits of Pavarotti and Albert Einstein
Courtesy Erika Simmons

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