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Review: Lots of dreams of what was or could be in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a movie who’s reputation precedes it; a relentless comedy; a moving historical drama; a reimagined Western; a heist movie that never stood a chance; and a couple of hypotheticals.

Blockchain-ready adhesive ID tag to stop device theft

A new, prototype adhesive identification tag has been developed, with the aim of ensuring that valuable goods are protected from theft and in a way that does not reveal the location of the items being protected.

Facebook tests 'Satire' tag to help users spot fake news stories

Facebook representatives recently announced that they will be running a spoiler style "satire" tag on fake news stories from sites such as the Onion.

71-year-old given electronic tag after refusing to put dog down

Ashton-under-lyne - A 71-year-old woman has been told that she must wear an electronic tag after she refused to have her elderly dog put down.

A Game Of Lighter Fluid Tag Goes Horribly Wrong

In a attempt to kick the tag game up a notch, some men in Washington State's Clallam County decided that lighting themselves on fire while playing was a good idea.

Colorado Elementary School Bans "Tag"

"Tag, you're it" is a phrase that won't be heard during recess at a Colorado Springs Colorado Elementary school thanks to a ban, imposed by school administrator Cindy Fesgen, that prohibits any tag or chase games.

British Actor Chris Langham Tells Court He Looked At Child Pornography As Therapy

British award-winning actor, Chris Langham has denied charges of accessing child pornography and eight allegations of sexual assault. He told the court, he did not want to be labelled as a paedophile.

What's in a Tag? One heck of a Lot!

So we all have gamer tags, but they don't mean anything right?

What's in a Tag?

Sexual deviant, attention whore or just plain sociopath? Discover what your Xbox Live name says about you.

Games We Played that were Much Worse than Tag

With so many school districts now banning the games we played as kids in school,here's a list of ones that would really make them crazy.

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A scene from  Tag
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