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Tablets News

Pfizer once-daily arthritis tablets reach FDA review

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer has announced that it is getting closer to producing a once-per-day table designed to reduce the effects of arthritis. The tablets are currently being reviewed by the U.S. FDA.

Windows 10 update brings features, fixes and more finesse

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview that adds several new consumer-orientated features including improved customization options for the Start menu, Taskbar and window accent colours and an enhanced tablet mode.

Op-Ed: Are children still interested in books?

With the rise of the number of children reading on tablets, especially after Christmas, many parents are wondering whether there is any harm leaving their little ones use such technology.

Op-Ed: Smartphones and tablets: Gift options for the holidays

Consumer technology is growing at a rapid pace and with numerous smartphones and tablets available with different features the question is which device is the best fit for the techie on my gift list?

Op-Ed: Has Apple missed an opportunity with eBooks?

Apple revealed their new models of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch in Cupertino this Tuesday in Cupertino, cementing its position in the smartphone market. But it seems to have missed a trick when it comes to eBooks.

Ibuprofen and Oxcarbazepine tablets mislabelled

American Health Packaging (AHP) has recalled Ibuprofen tablets because they may contain individual blistered doses labeled as Oxcarbazepine tablets. This warning comes via the U.S. FDA.

Lenovo will continue to sell small Windows tablets

Last week it was found out that Lenovo stopped selling its 8-inch Windows tablets in North America, due to a steep drop in consumer demand.

Tablet News: Nvidia's entry, small screens and Microsoft prices

Microsoft, Nvidia and established names such as Lenovo are all gearing up for a new wave of competition in the tablet market.

Apple, Samsung in race to put fingerprint technology on tablets

Two of the world's largest tablet makers are racing to include fingerprint technology in their latest offerings in order to capture a larger share of the lucrative business market.

Webcam industry still alive and well

Even with today's leading mobile and desktop devices making it easier than ever to communicate through face-to-face video chats, the pervasive user adoption of smartphones and tablets with forward-facing cameras hasn't obliterated the webcam business.

5 tablets with the highest Geekbench Multicore scores

In the market for a new tablet computer? Having trouble choosing from the large and growing crop of tablets out there? Before you buy, take some advice from Geekbench, the leading next-generation processor benchmark.

Report: Technology may soon be as common as menus in restaurants

On Thursday, ResearchMoz published its latest market research report exploring the trends and outlook for the restaurant technology market. And the findings point to a strong correlation between food and mobile tech in the modern dining experience.

Growth in global tablet shipments to slow in 2014: research firm

Tablet shipments will increase this year but at a much slower pace than in 2013 as consumers remain content with the devices they already own, market research firm IDC said on Thursday.

Honey, can you pick up a tablet at the grocery store?

Originally derided as a pricey niche product for geeks, tablet computers have become so common that supermarkets are now selling their own brands, pushing out low-cost rivals.

Honey, can you pick up a tablet at the grocery store?

Originally derided as a pricey niche product for geeks, tablet computers have become so common that supermarkets are now selling their own brands, pushing out low-cost rivals.

Mobile world prods tablets to get off the sofa

Barcelona - Bigger than a telephone yet smaller than a personal computer, tablets were supposed to usher in a new world of mobility; yet they have hardly budged off the couch.Four years after their launch, tablets remain overwhelmingly stuck at home and connected ...

Top 5 best breast cancer awareness apps

October is 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month', and as part of the promotional campaigns several apps designed to promote breast cancer have become available. The online magazine Laptop has compiled a list.

We’ve had smartphones and tablets, now comes the phablet

Tech giant Nokia has unveiled its first phablets -extra-large phones - as well as its first tablet computer, and a new line of budget smartphones.

Reading devices changing the habits of readers everywhere Special

Technology has changed many things. It's changed the way we buy, listen, watch, and even store content. Now it's changed another aspect of our lives — reading.

Rogers Media bringing Next Issue e-magazine service to Canada

Like Netflix for magazines, the new Next Issue Canada app will give tablet readers on-demand access to over 100 publications, including everything from The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated to Vanity Fair.

Review: Inside the 'Dogfight' between Apple and Google Special

Who'd have thought that in a span of fewer than 10 years, the world would become enamoured with smartphones and tablets? Fred Vogelstein examines the genesis of these two devices as a product of a bitter but fruitful war; the battle of Apple and Google.

Op-Ed: How tablets are replacing several everyday use electronic devices

Internet tablets actually existed for quite a while, but only recently gained popularity. On a retail level, one of the first tablets introduced was the Archos 5 Internet Tablet (IT) in 2009.

Young people prefer to read on a computer screen

London - According to a U.K. survey, the majority of young people prefer to read on a computer screen rather than a printed book or magazine.

Skin patch developed for prostate cancer

A skin patch is being delivered to delivery hormones into the body of men with prostate cancer. Researchers suggest that this is a more effective means than a course of tablets.

Despite eReaders, tablets companies still relying on photocopiers

Fort Lauderdale - Although the business world of documents has dramatically transitioned from stacks of paper to the world of eReaders, tablets, smartphones and netbooks, businesses still rely on the six-decade-old photocopier, which was first introduced by Xerox.

Want to know who stole your phone? There's an app for that

Want to know who's been snooping in or has stolen your phone? A new feature has been integrated into an app for Android that snaps the prying individual's photo and sends it to you via email.

CES Preview: RCA announces Mobile TV Tablet

The one thing that most current tablets have long been missing is that you cannot easily watch a broad scope of live television.

Dietary supplements recalled due to Salmonella contamination

The US FDA have notified consumers and healthcare professionals of a recall of three dietary supplements due to potential Salmonella contamination.

Apple sells three million new iPads in first weekend of sales

Cupertino - Since the new Apple iPad debuted on Mar. 16 in the United States, Canada and elsewhere around the world, the third generation tablet has already generated more than three million sales. When it reaches 24 more countries, how much more will be sold?

Toshiba debuts world's thinnest, lightest tablet

In the wake of Apple's announcement of the debut of the iPad 3, Toshiba has decided to counter the gadget giant with their own offering, the Excite X10 LE, the world's thinnest and lightest tablet PC.
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One of four new tablets at Samsung s press presentation
One of four new tablets at Samsung's press presentation
Samsung Presentation
iPad Air
iPad Air
Apple Inc.
Lenovo built their business on a style of tablet and are making a new line with influences from thei...
Lenovo built their business on a style of tablet and are making a new line with influences from their earlier models.
iPad Air
iPad Air
Apple Inc.
An Apple iPad
An Apple iPad
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Generic ibuprofen tablets
Generic ibuprofen tablets
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Digital Journal s tablet apps feature an embedded Twitter feed so you can follow breaking news  repl...
Digital Journal's tablet apps feature an embedded Twitter feed so you can follow breaking news, reply, retweet and interact with Digital Journal without leaving the app. The apps are available free on the Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook.
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