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Dell releases its most powerful 12'' full rugged tablet yet

Dell has released its most powerful 12” full rugged tablet on the market, built to meet the demands of workers in harsh environments: from the factory floor to ambulances, desert sandstorms to Arctic conditions.

Walmart plans to launch inexpensive Android smart tablet

Walmart is preparing to launch a low-cost tablet, under its ONN brand, and equipped with Android technology. The tablet will be made by a Chinese manufacturer to be shipped to the U.S.

Samsung planning to launch a folding smartphone next year

Samsung is designing a folding smartphone for launch in 2017, according to a new report based on its efforts to create folding displays. Such a design would make larger phones easier to put in pockets while retaining the high-resolution display.

Apple unveils the 'ultimate upgrade', a 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Apple has announced a new smaller model of its iPad Pro premium tablet. The 9.7-inch alternative will join the 12.9-inch original, opening up the line to people who want the Pro's high-end internals without the large and sometimes unwieldy display.

Tablet sales to fall as Windows 'detachables' rise in popularity

Sales of tablet computers are expected to fall almost 6 percent this year as other more versatile products rise in popularity. Hybrids are expected to see particular success, driven by Windows-based laptops that convert into tablets.

Amazon removes encryption from Fire tablets, reduces security

Amazon has issued an update for its range of Fire tablets that removes the option to encrypt the device's storage. The company has confirmed the latest version of Fire OS won't encrypt data amid a lawsuit between Apple and the FBI over the technology.

Apple planning to unveil a smaller iPad Pro in March, not Air 3

Rumours of Apple updating its iPad Air line of premium tablets this March have been around for a while. With only a few weeks left, a new report now claims that plans may have changed and a smaller version of the iPad Pro will be launched instead.

Lenovo launches new budget tablets and premium Yoga laptops

Lenovo has used the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade fair in Barcelona to show off a selection of new tablets and computers with low prices but respectable specifications. It has launched a new product family with consumer and business options.

Canonical to 'reinvent' personal computing with new Ubuntu tablet

Canonical, creators of the Ubuntu operating system, have announced a new tablet to showcase the platform's "Convergence" feature. It makes switching between desktop and mobile computing simpler with intuitive apps and window controls.

Microsoft Surface now even more powerful, key blogger slams brand

Microsoft has refreshed its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book with new range-topping options. The additions include Intel Core i7 processors and 16GB of RAM for demanding workloads. The announcement came as a key commentator slammed Microsoft.

Microsoft: Apple's iPad Pro is a 'companion device,' not a PC

Microsoft has publicly discussed its feelings on Apple's iPad Pro and how it compares to its own range of Surface tablets. The company considers the newest member of the iPad family to be only a 'companion device' that can't do productivity on its own.

Lenovo's new modular tablet lets you switch parts at will

Lenovo has unveiled the next generation of its range-topping Windows 10 tablet family, the ThinkPad X1. The new line-up includes a selection of modular optional accessories that can be connected to the tablet for extra functionality.

Google's criticised Pixel C tablet wasn't meant to run Android

Days after the creators of the Google Pixel C tablet were overwhelmed with negative feedback in a Reddit AMA, it's emerged the criticised device may never have been built to run Android. Its software is largely viewed as its major weakness.

Google did a Reddit AMA for its new tablet and got destroyed

The team behind Google's Pixel C Android tablet participated in a Reddit ask me anything (AMA) session earlier this week. The conversation was quickly flooded with overwhelmingly negative comments though, fuelled by media criticism of the device.

iPad popularity wanes as Microsoft Surface sells more strongly

A report has concluded that the Microsoft Surface now sells more strongly online than the iPad, often perceived to be the leading tablet device. Although Apple still dominates overall market share, Microsoft is seeing the most sales.

One of Microsoft's killed Nokia tablets has shown up online

An image of a cancelled Microsoft tablet project has appeared online, revealing the company once worked on something very different from the metal Surfaces of today. Mercury is a bright and bold device with a design drawn from Lumia phones.

iPad Pro goes 'completely dead' if charged for more than an hour

Owners of Apple's newest iPad model, the 12.9-inch 'Pro,' have taken to the company's support forums just days after launch to complain their device regularly becomes unresponsive after charging for a long time. The only cure is to force restart it.

Tim Cook still adamant Apple won't merge iPad and MacBook

Tim Cook has made it clear that people should not expect Apple to reveal a hybrid device anytime soon. The company is known for defiantly resisting the large numbers of convertible devices in the market at the moment by keeping iPad and Mac separate.

Apple opening pre-orders for 'epic' iPad Pro on Wednesday

Apple has confirmed its 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be available to pre-order online this Wednesday before heading to retail stores later in the week. The company says the response to the premium tablet from customers and developers has been "incredible."

Samsung's Galaxy View is an 18.4-inch super-size Android tablet

Samsung has unveiled its long-rumoured giant Android tablet. The company claims the 18.4-inch display "offers a new dimension" in mobile entertainment but analysts have questioned whether such a large device will prove popular or even practical.

Lenovo's new convertible blends premium power with a tablet form

Lenovo has launched its new Windows 10 flagship laptop, the Yoga 900. The convertible device was unveiled yesterday and is designed to be an "incredibly thin" but powerful hybrid, aimed at professional work requiring tablet portability.

Toshiba to 'reinvent pen and paper' with a unique Windows tablet

Toshiba hosted a major device launch in Japan today that included a Windows 10 tablet design that aims to "reinvent" writing on pen and paper. The two-in-one convertible includes a keyboard dock and precision stylus, rivalling Microsoft's Surface.

Op-Ed: Microsoft's new hardware represents the company's evolution

This week, Microsoft hosted a much-anticipated press event in New York during which it unveiled Windows 10 smartphones, an upgraded Surface Pro and even an all-new laptop in a presentation that I think completed its transition to an exciting new company.

HP unveils its own Surface tablet, one day after the real thing

HP has announced a convertible laptop and tablet deliberately designed to resemble and rival Microsoft's Surface line. The Spectre X2 will go head-to-head against the Surface Pro 4, itself unveiled only yesterday.

Microsoft Surface Book is company's first laptop

Microsoft surprised the audience at its New York event today by announcing an all-new device, Surface Book. Designed as a laptop but able to convert into a tablet, it is for people who require things Surface Pro can't deliver, like desktop-grade typing.

Microsoft officially announces more powerful Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has officially released the next generation of its popular convertible tablet and laptop device, the Surface Pro. The Surface Pro 4 features improvements to all its key features including performance, keyboard, Surface Pen stylus and display.

Wild rumour suggests Surface Pro 4 may have shape-shifting bezels

Ultra-thin bezels are all the rage on premium laptops at the moment but such a design doesn't work so well for tablets with touch gestures at the sides of the display. That creates a predicament for convertibles which Microsoft may have uniquely solved.

Google reveals its own Microsoft Surface, new Chromecast and more

Google unveiled several new devices during its live event today. Alongside its new Nexus smartphones, the company also revealed a large, keyboard-equipped Android tablet to rival Microsoft's Surface as well as a new-look, next-generation Chromecast.

Amazon announces surprisingly capable $50 Fire tablet

Amazon has unveiled a new 7-inch Fire tablet that will retail for just $50. It features modest but respectable hardware specifications and the option of purchasing a family-equipping six-pack at reduced cost.

Dell following Lenovo, building its own Microsoft Surface

Dell is apparently working on a laptop that will directly rival the Microsoft Surface. It will be a 12-inch tablet with a kickstand and detachable keyboard and follows a similar unveiling by Lenovo, proving the success of the Surface line.
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Google Search on an iPad
Google Search on an iPad
Pixabay / Pexels
Digital Journal s tablet apps let you share content via your social networks or by email. You can al...
Digital Journal's tablet apps let you share content via your social networks or by email. You can also interact with Digital Journal via an embedded Twitter feed. The apps are available free on the Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook.
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Amazon s Fire  7  Display  Wi-Fi  8 GB. Price: $49.99
Amazon's Fire, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB. Price: $49.99
Images of the new iPad
Images of the new iPad
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A portion of the oldest written document ever discovered  unearthed in Jerusalem -- a tablet with wr...
A portion of the oldest written document ever discovered, unearthed in Jerusalem -- a tablet with writing on it, dated 14th century BCE
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Lenovo Yoga 900  announced 19/10/2015
The Lenovo Yoga 900, announced 19/10/2015
The Microsoft Surface 3
The Microsoft Surface 3
Windows 10 for small tablets
Windows 10 for small tablets
Microsoft’s Courier is the software giant’s yet-to-be released entry in the tablet-computer fiel...
Microsoft’s Courier is the software giant’s yet-to-be released entry in the tablet-computer field.
2015 Amazon Fire Kids Edition
2015 Amazon Fire Kids Edition
The next phase of retail will be defined by individual experiences
The next phase of retail will be defined by individual experiences
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Lenovo ThinkCentre X1 AIO (2016)
Lenovo ThinkCentre X1 AIO (2016)
Google Nexus 5X and 6P devices
Google Nexus 5X and 6P devices
9.7-inch iPad Pro
9.7-inch iPad Pro
Digital Journal s tablet apps are available free on the Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook. The apps...
Digital Journal's tablet apps are available free on the Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook. The apps feature image galleries showcasing the top images submitted by fans and followers.
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Sûrtab s sterile manufacturing room where the “Made in Haiti ” sûrtab Tablet PC  is  assembled
Sûrtab's sterile manufacturing room where the “Made in Haiti,” sûrtab Tablet PC is assembled
Photo courtesy Sûrtab
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (2016)
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (2016)
The Toshiba dynaPad  announced 13/10/2015
The Toshiba dynaPad, announced 13/10/2015
An Apple iPad
An Apple iPad
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