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Carie Karavas to star in one-hour Crackle stand-up comedy special

Acclaimed comedian Carie Karavas will be starring in her own TV stand-up special on Crackle, which premieres on Thursday, January 23.

Cameron Mathison talks 'Home and Family,' health, family and fans Special

Emmy-nominated actor and TV host Cameron Mathison chatted with Digital Journal. He opened up about his renal cancer surgery, as well as his family, daily motivations and extended his appreciation and love for his fans.

The Monkees debuted their acclaimed TV sitcom 53 years ago today

September 12, 2019, marks the 53rd anniversary of the hit television show "The Monkees," which debuted on the NBC network in 1966.

Strike cripples Lebanese TV station close to PM: employee

Beirut - A Lebanese TV station affiliated with Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri has stopped airing new programmes, with an employee at the channel saying Thursday a strike over unpaid wages was responsible.

Chatting with Matt Blashaw: TV host and landscaping expert Special

HGTV and DIY Network Host Matt Blashaw chatted with Digital Journal about the digital transportation of landscaping with the Philips Hue.

Thousands-year-old Egyptian sarcophagus opened on live TV

Washington - A sarcophagus containing an Egyptian high priest was opened on live TV Sunday during a special two-hour broadcast by the American channel Discovery.

Police slam US actor, say he staged racist attack to boost career

Chicago - An American TV actor was criminally charged Thursday for allegedly masterminding an elaborate "publicity stunt" that sought to exploit the "pain and anger of racism" with a staged assault on the streets of Chicago.

Houellebecq's Muslim France novel to be made into TV series

Paris - A television version of French novelist Michel Houellebecq's most controversial book is in the pipeline, its backers said Wednesday.

TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang announce 'Look Who's Coming to Dinner'

Country stars TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang have announced their new national television series, "Look Who's Coming to Dinner."

Meet Connie and Chrissy of 'Date Night with Connie & Chrissy' Special

Woodbury - On August 10, I sat down and interviewed TV hosts Connie Henriquez and Chrissy Bogue of the TV series "Date Night with Connie & Chrissy."

Scott Takeda discusses upcoming acting projects in film and TV Special

Actor, producer and director Scott Takeda chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming acting projects in film and television.

Roku announces plans to build its own voice assistant

Roku, manufacturer of streaming media players, has announced it's planning an expansion into home audio that will include its own digital voice assistant. The company will license its technology to manufacturers of smart speakers and soundbars.

Why companies like Facebook and Netflix will rule TV's future

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti has a vision of the future of TV-style shows, and if it’s true, the cable TV industry should be getting nervous.

Google brings digital assistance to watching TV

Google has announced that Google Assistant is now available on Android TV. The launch comes with several TV-focused voice commands that help you start watching a show, find out what it's about and interact with apps. It's also a new stage for Assistant.

Russian reporter punched live on air at paratrooper bash

Moscow - A Russian television journalist was punched in the face live on air Wednesday as he reported on raucous annual celebrations by paratroopers in Moscow.

Review: Jessica Jane stars in 'Fool Us' commercial for magic special Special

Female magician Jessica Jane Peterson stars in a television commercial for an upcoming episode of Penn & Teller's "Fool Us."

Microsoft uses TV signals to beam the web into rural America

Microsoft has announced an initiative that aims to connect rural America to high-speed Internet. Unlike the wireless Internet efforts being pursued at companies including Facebook and Google, Microsoft plans to employ unused areas of the TV spectrum.

Sharp sues Hisense over 'shoddy' TVs that will 'destroy' its name

Sharp has claimed that Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense is ruining its brand and reputation by selling poorly built televisions that wear its name. Hisense has a license to use Sharp's brand but is allegedly putting it on poor quality products.

Gabon TV host suspended after Bongo 'death' blunder

Libreville - A newsreader for Gabon state television has been taken off the air after mistakenly announcing the death of President Ali Bongo, the channel said on Saturday.

YouTube targets cable TV with new streaming subscription

YouTube has unveiled a new live TV streaming service that aggressively targets cable channels. Billed monthly, the service is half the price of most TV subscriptions and includes access to dozens of national and regional networks on every device.

Facebook videos are coming to your TV

Facebook has announced a new video app for smart TVs that's designed to let you watch content from friends, family and publishers on the big screen. The launch marks the next step in Facebook's ambition to become a video site in its own right.

Curved TVs just went the same way as 3D

Curved TVs may have reached the end, only a few years after they first appeared. After battling low consumer uptake and critical reviews, LG and Sony have announced they will not launch any new models this year. It follows the end of 3D TV production.

Geert Wilders named Dutch politician of the year

Den Haag - Populist anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders was Monday named Dutch politician of the year in a television poll that came on the heels of his conviction for discrimination.

Man 'blows himself up' at TV centre in Georgian breakaway region

Moscow - An unidentified man on Monday blew himself up at the state-owned TV centre in Abkhazia, a tiny Russian-backed breakaway region of Georgia, local officials said."A man blew himself up on the territory of the TV centre.

Panasonic's transparent TV is back, now looks more transparent

Back in January, Panasonic showed off a concept version of a TV that appears transparent when turned off. Ten months on, the design has been significantly refined. The screen is now much brighter and capable of becoming as transparent as glass.

Hulu is killing its free tier

Hulu will shut down its free service, according the The Hollywood Reporter. The free tier, which has been a big part of Hulu since the company's inception, has become a "low trafficked product," according to THR.

Microsoft suspends development of Xbox One TV DVR feature

Ten months ago, Microsoft announced it would turn the Xbox One into a complete TV streaming box by adding support for TV DVR. After going quiet on the feature recently, the company today confirmed development is "on hold" as it prioritizes gaming.

Sunfly: The world's most famous karaoke brand Special

London - Sunfly is celebrating 25 years as the UK's most trusted name in karaoke. The London-based company, enjoyed in bars and clubs all over the country, is set to release a new streaming service. Digital Journal asked team member Dan Maidstone all about it.

Panasonic's transparent TV disappears when you wave at it

As part of its demonstrations during CES 2016 last week, Panasonic unveiled a new television that goes completely transparent at the wave of a hand. The TV can effectively disappear from view, revealing whatever is positioned behind it.

Netflix now available in over 130 new countries

On January 6, 2015, Netflix extended its services to over 130 countries overseas, more than tripling the streaming service's presence and making it available to every continent.
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Enough is enough.
Enough is enough.
Teen Choice Awards
Nick and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) on a case from  Grimm
Nick and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) on a case from 'Grimm'

The courtroom antics of Franklin and Bash
The courtroom antics of Franklin and Bash
LG s new transparent TV display panel
LG's new transparent TV display panel
Wood  Gann and Fiona Gobelmann as  Jenna  on  Wilfred
Wood, Gann and Fiona Gobelmann as "Jenna" on 'Wilfred'
As teens camp out on John Street in Toronto to get wristbands for the MuchMusic Video Awards  Monste...
As teens camp out on John Street in Toronto to get wristbands for the MuchMusic Video Awards, Monster Energy staff hand out free samples of their drink on Queen Street West.
Janusz Überall
Tim Cook revealing new Apple TV  09/09/2015
Tim Cook revealing new Apple TV, 09/09/2015
Apple September 2015 Live Event
He got slimed.
He got slimed.
LG’s LW6500 model with Cinema 3D TV offers flicker-free and a brightness booster to allow users to...
LG’s LW6500 model with Cinema 3D TV offers flicker-free and a brightness booster to allow users to switch on the 3D feature without much dimming of the picture.
LG Canada
The  Leverage  crew: Aldis Hodge  Christian Kane  Tim Hutton  Gina Bellman and Beth Riesgraf
The 'Leverage' crew: Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane, Tim Hutton, Gina Bellman and Beth Riesgraf
A true pioneer.
A true pioneer.
Soul Train
FX leads the way and many shows have five nods each.
FX leads the way and many shows have five nods each.
A real comeback?
A real comeback?
None of them are  real.  It is entertainment. So is true for  Breaking Amish  on TLC.
None of them are "real." It is entertainment. So is true for "Breaking Amish" on TLC.
‘Famous’ reporter interviews fans.
‘Famous’ reporter interviews fans.
Panasonic transparent television  October 2016
Panasonic transparent television, October 2016
An LG 3D TV with  3D World  content discovery platform
An LG 3D TV with '3D World' content discovery platform
Sky Q  announced 18/11/2015
Sky Q, announced 18/11/2015
Timothy Hutton as Nate Ford on the hit drama series  Leverage
Timothy Hutton as Nate Ford on the hit drama series 'Leverage'

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