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Syrian crisis News

Op-Ed: Syrian man admirably expressed his gratitude to be an American Special

A Syrian family caught between two worlds tries to build a new life in a strange land, with strange laws and customs, because going home isn't an option.

Senior commander in Free Syrian Army killed in clashes

Yasser al-Aboud, a senior commander of the Free Syrian Army, was killed, reportedly whilst leading an assault on Syrian Army checkpoints near the Jordanian border.

Op-Ed: Russian proposal on Syria is 2003 all over again

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently put forward a deal to allow Syria to give up its chemical weapons to avert a U.S. military attack. Syria's Foreign Minister Walid Moallem welcomed the proposal.

Syria vows to defend itself against US aggression

Damascus - A senior Syrian official vowed that his nation would defend itself against any military intervention by the West, saying any such action would provoke "chaos" and threaten worldwide peace and prosperity.

Lebanon and the World Bank working to set up refugee fund

The World Bank is working in unison with Lebanon to establish a fund that will bring aid to more than half a million Syrians who are currently refugees in Lebanon.

Syrian Opposition receives batch of heavy weaponry

According to sources within Syria, rebels have now attained advanced anti-tank missile launchers, delivered by Saudi Arabia.

British PM Cameron on need for political solution in Syria

British Prime Minister David Cameron says a political solution is needed in Syria but he will not rule out the possibility that the UK may arm the rebels.

Jordan voices opposition to Syrian military intervention

Jordan has stated that it is against military intervention into the conflict raging in neighbouring Syria shortly after the Syrian president said he was dismayed at Jordan's apparent support for the opposition forces.

Syria: At least 12 killed in village rocket-attack

As rebels battle regime forces for control over two strategically important military bases in northwest Syria some 12 people have been killed in a rocket attack in a village there.

Syrian refugees soon to become the world's biggest problem

The number of refugees from the Syrian conflict, which topped 1 million last week, could triple by the end of the year if it continues at the current rate, the UN's refugee chief said on Sunday.

A million Syrians are now refugees

According to the United Nations the number of Syrians who have fled their home country as a result of the war there has reached a million.

Bashar Assad's own mother is rumored to have defected to the UAE

Damascus - A U.S. Ambassador as well as Arab media reports, claim that the dictator of Syria's own mother has join the list of high level supporters to flee the country.

Video: Aftermath of Syrian bakery bombing that killed over 100

A recent bombing in Syria had struck a line of over 1,000 people waiting outside of a bakery for bread. The death toll in the bombing is believed to be over 100.

Op-Ed: Another annum for Assad?

Syria's President-for-life Bashar al-Assad may cling to power for a longer period than is being anticipated and speculated.

Op-Ed: Official Opposition

Obama's recent comments about the Syrian opposition makes one ask the following, can the Syrian opposition topple Assad and bring into fruition a democratic Syria?

Dizzy tracking Makdissi: Where is the Syrian govt spokesman?

Syrian foreign ministry spokesman, Jihad Makdissi is on his way to the United States after it appears he escaped from war torn Syria.

Syrian rebels down helicopter in Idlib

Syrian rebels have shot down another Syrian military helicopter in Idlib today during clashes with government forces who are trying to take back control of the town of Maaret al-Numan.

ASALA says it will attack Turkey if Turkey intervenes in Syria

The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia, a terrorist organization that has been inactive for quite some time has today told Turkey that it would launch attacks if Turkey were to take military action against Syria.

FSA Commander: Opposition control two-thirds of Aleppo

Aleppo - One of the top Free Syrian Army commanders has claimed that the rebels are in control of around two-thirds of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Malaysian embassy in Syria temporarily closed

The Foreign Ministry of Malaysia has ordered that country's embassy in Syria to be temporarily closed due to the ongoing conflict there.

UNHCR announces opening of Tripoli refugee registration center

Geneva - UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, announced today that it has opened a registration center in Tripoli, Lebanon in order to register the nearly 700 Syrians that flee into Lebanon each day, trying to escape the growing violence in Syria.

Arab League talks on Syrian crisis to be held in Jeddah

Jeddah - To discuss the ongoing Syrian crisis foreign ministers from the Arab League are to meet and debate in the Saudi city of Jeddah.

Hillary Clinton in Turkey to discuss Syrian crisis

Istanbul - U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is in Turkey where she said she has discussed with Turkey's foreign minister the best ways to support the Syrian opposition to the Assad regime.

'Fresh assault' on Aleppo

Aleppo - Syria's largest city Aleppo is according to activists coming under fresh bombardment by government forces attempting to drive opposition forces out of districts there.

A recap of the Syrian crisis to date

This is a concise overview of the ongoing crisis in Syria from its origins as a series of protests against the Assad regime in concordance with the start of the Arab Spring in Tunisia to the present battle in Aleppo.

Op-Ed: What should be done in Syria? Special

As the Syrian regime is employing heavy weaponry against the rebel oppositions in Aleppo, the question regarding the fate of the country and how the international community should react is another one the international community is confronted with.

Russia and China veto another UN resolution on Syria

China and Russia have once again vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that proposes the U.N. impose sanctions on Syria.

Turkish F-16's sent to Turkey's border regions with Syria

Turkey has stationed six of its F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighters to its border regions with Syria in response to Syrian helicopters operating in close proximity to those regions.

Op-Ed: Annan finally gets the message

The U.N. and Arab League appointed peace envoy to Syria has finally conceded that his peace plan has not been implemented and has subsequently placed the blame on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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Anti regime graffiti being sprayed in the Syrian city of Daraa early on in the Syrian uprising.
Anti regime graffiti being sprayed in the Syrian city of Daraa early on in the Syrian uprising.
jan Sefti
President Barack Obama meets with his National Security Staff to discuss the situation in Syria  in ...
President Barack Obama meets with his National Security Staff to discuss the situation in Syria, in the Situation Room of the White House, Aug. 30, 2013. From left at the table: National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice; Attorney General Eric Holder; Secretary of State John Kerry; and Vice President Joe Biden
Pete Souza / White House
Smiling Syrian children - but making sure they re fed  clothed and in good health is becoming increa...
Smiling Syrian children - but making sure they're fed, clothed and in good health is becoming increasingly more difficult, says the UN High Commissioner for Refugees
World Food Program - Abeer Etefa
Shoe distribution for Syrian refugees in Kilis border camp  November 2012
Shoe distribution for Syrian refugees in Kilis border camp, November 2012
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
President Barack Obama meets in the Situation Room with his national security advisors to discuss st...
President Barack Obama meets in the Situation Room with his national security advisors to discuss strategy in Syria, Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013
Pete Souza / White House
A burning house in the neighborhood of Orchard Court in Homs Syria after bombing by the Syrian army.
A burning house in the neighborhood of Orchard Court in Homs Syria after bombing by the Syrian army.
Bo yaser

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