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Synthetic biology News

Marijuana products produced by yeast - Appealing to non-smokers

With cannabis legal in a number of states and Canada, and even though pot is an agricultural product, not everyone wants to smoke it. So scientists have found a way to make pot's two most valuable compounds in a pot - using yeast.

Creating new life to save endangered life Special

Can we design life? Should we try? And who gets to decide? Scientists don’t have all the answers. Maybe artists and designers should get in on the act, too.

Making fuel out of sunlight and a ‘bucket of bacteria’ Special

Boston - Can scientists make a bionic leaf and why would they want to? As it turns out, green leaves aren’t terribly efficient at converting sunlight to energy.

Making smarter T cells to fight cancer Special

Boston - The war against cancer was never supposed to last this long or be this grueling. To fight some of the most intractable kinds of cancer scientists are trying to come up with new therapies and new approaches to old therapies.

Reviving an old therapy to fight a new threat Special

Boston - It’s an arms race and one we’re losing. MRSA is a bacterial infection that’s evolved to resist just about everything medicine can throw at it including methicillin, amoxicillin, penicillin and oxacillin.

Why scientists are trying to reboot the gut Special

Boston - We’ve coexisted with bacteria for years because evolution has ensured we can’t do without them. Bacteria form large colonies or ecological communities — known as the microbiome or microbiota.

Soybeans seen as a new source of Omega-3, sparing fish Special

Boston - Omega-3 fatty oils, mainly derived from fish, are essential for nutrition. The problem is that there’s not enough fish to satisfy the dietary needs of a growing human population (and obviously not everyone likes seafood).

Report: Green economy to be determined by corporate control

Ottawa - A new report by a Canadian nongovernmental organization reveals the relationship between the climate and oil crises, corporate power, and new technologies could turn the quest for biomass control and the green economy into a “Greed Economy.”

Defying Nature's Monopoly on Creation?

Scientists are working to create new forms of life from DNA up. "They've forged chemicals into synthetic DNA, the DNA into genes, genes into genomes, and built the molecular machinery of completely new organisms in the lab."

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