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Swiss News

Sri Lanka promises 'no questions' if Swiss bank cash brought back

Colombo - Sri Lanka Friday asked citizens holding Swiss bank accounts to redeposit the cash in their home country and promised there would be "no questions asked" if they do.

Swiss will grant asylum if Snowden testifies on U.S. espionage

Berne - Swiss media reports indicate Switzerland would grant asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden if he agrees to testify about foreign espionage activities within Switzerland.

Swiss helicopter firm denies involvement in Schumacher theft

Geneva - A Swiss helicopter company on Tuesday denied that any of its staff had been involved in leaking a medical file on injured Formula One champion Michael Schumacher and filed a lawsuit over the theft.

Swiss finmin says must adopt bank data-sharing position quickly

Switzerland must adopt a position on sharing bank client data with foreign tax authorities more quickly than originally thought and cannot hold back until all other countries have introduced the practice, its finance minister told a ...

Swiss roll on as Britain take back door to semis

Switzerland and Britain claimed the last two semi-final berths in the Olympic women's curling competition in contrasting fashion on Monday while Canada rolled through the round-robin phase unbeate...

Video: Swiss 'Jetman' swoops past Mount Fuji in Japan

The Swiss adventurer, Yves Rossy, just completed his latest epic flight, passing by Japan's iconic Mount Fuji, wearing his custom-designed jet suit. The video shows stunning scenes of his flight.

Switzerland hosts first national fire hydrant toss event

The Scots toss the caber, and apparently Alpine farmers have a traditional stone toss event, and now some firemen in the canton of Aargau have come up with their own version. The first-ever national "toss the fire hydrant event."

The Met's Balthus Show Offers Meditations on Power And Sex Special

New York - There’s a special sort of power in the new Balthus exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one combining the whimsy and fearlessness of youth with the tension of the male gaze.

History comes to light as documents surface on Battle of Bailén

Madrid - Back in 1808 the 3rd Swiss Regiment Reding, a group of Swiss mercenaries in the Spanish Army, fought at the Battle of Bailén against the French occupying forces of Napoleon. Some recruitment documents have now been found by Civil Guard historians.

Review: Canadian debut of 'The Arsonists' a mixed bag of musical satire Special

Toronto - It's hard to believe that Max Frisch's darkly comic parable “The Arsonists” has never been staged in Canada before. The Toronto debut of the 1958 play captures Frisch's absurdism nicely – but also adds a rock-and-roll edge that doesn't really fit.

Op-Ed: Apple Changes Time With $21M Payment For Clock Design

How much would you pay for a watch? Maybe up to $500 for a nice shiny and expensive one. However, this may not be the case with Apple.

Swiss politician's Twitter gaffe costs him position and job

Urging a pogrom against the Muslim population in Switzerland has cost a Swiss politician more than he may have intended.

U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann withdraws Swiss citizenship

Minneapolis - Minnesota Congresswoman and former 2012 Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann officially became a citizen of Switzerland this week. By Thursday evening, however, she renounced her citizenship.

Missing Swiss twins traced to Corsica

Marseille - Six-year old twin sisters, Alessia and Livia, alone since at least Feb 3, after their father apparently committed suicide by stepping in front of high speed train in Italy, have been traced to Corsica.

Signs of illegal US Embassy surveillance found in Switzerland

Bern - Confirming several local reports, the justice ministry stated that Bern has recently discovered evidence that the United States Embassy has conducted illegal surveillance of Swiss territories.

Students accused of murder attempt: 'We just wanted to have fun'

Munich - The trial against three Swiss students who are accused of brutally beating five men in Munich begins today. The men were assaulted in July 2009.

The Swiss citizens devoted to Allah Special

On Nov. 29 2009, Switzerland approved by referendum a constitutional amendment banning the construction of Muslim minarets over the national territory. What may be the consequences?

Markus and Anita Rytz the BMW motorcycle couple on world tour Special

How much money is necessary to be happy? That was the difficult question which troubled Switzerland-based couple Markus and Anita Rytz all their lives.

Brazilian woman allegedly attacked by Skinheads in Switzerland

Three skinheads assaulted a pregnant Brazilian woman causing a miscarriage of her twins. The skinheads also scarred her body with the initials of the right wing party in Switzerland.

Nude German hikers heading for Alps would be fined for indecency

Hoards of nude German ramblers, who recently went for hiking Alps, have been warned by Swiss authority to put their clothes on in the upcoming spring if they do not wish to face fines under new legislation.

Op-Ed: A New Tack in the Holy Land

One of the sticking points in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict is Jerusalem. Perhaps focusing on the Holy city, as a starting point for peace, could bear fruit. But it's time to settle the issue, by unconventional means if necessary.

Swiss government: heroin good, pot bad

In a momentous vote, the Swiss government approved a legal heroin program to help addicts with an 86% favourable vote, while at the same time rejecting decriminalizing marijuana.

The World's highest Solar-Power station

Swiss electric companies are on the verge of building the world's highest solar power station in the country's southern alpine region, while the debate on whether global warming is for real, continues.

Swiss Team claims to recreate Out of Body Experience

British and Swiss scientists claim to know the secret to out of body experiences. It doesn't involved drugs, meditation or extreme behaviour. Instead, it all comes down to the type of mind tricking technology coming to a video game near you soon.

Op-Ed: Naked People On Ice & Orbs That Act As Green Traffic Cops

Hundreds of naked people formed a 'Living sculpture' meant to raise awareness about global warming. It took place on Switzerland’s Aletsch glacier. There was also a photo shoot by Spencer Tunick.

Sweet Rewards For Careful Swiss Drivers

The Swiss have come up with a novel idea to keep motorists driving with due care and attention - they give them bars of chocolate for good driving skills. Traffic police in the European country say it is the driver's chance to get their 'just desserts'

World's Longest Land Tunnel Now Open

The world's longest land tunnel opened this week on Friday. Taking eight years to complete the tunnel that bored through the Swiss Alps is running and ready for business. Swiss Transport Minister Moritz Leuenberger was on the maiden voyage.

Swiss suicide clinics 'helping depressives die'

Prosecutors are calling for tougher regulations on Switzerland's assisted suicide clinics after uncovering evidence that some of the foreign clients they help to die are simply depressed rather than suffering incurable pain.

Worlds largest tunnel takes the shape under swiss alps

For centuries, the Alps have served as a natural trade barrier between northern and southern Europe.
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Swiss Image

File photo of a poster for the initiative requesting a yes vote  1:12  together for fair wages  atta...
File photo of a poster for the initiative requesting a yes vote "1:12, together for fair wages" attached to a lamp post in Eclepens, western Switzerland. The sign reads : "Wages : stop to excesses. 1:12 Yes November 24"
With permission by Reuters / Denis Balibouse
Swiss Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann talks to media during a news conference on the 1:12 i...
Swiss Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann talks to media during a news conference on the 1:12 initiative in Bern November 24, 2013. Swiss voters rejected a proposal on Sunday to cap the salaries of top executives at 12 times that of a company's lowest wage, heeding warnings from industry leaders that the measure could harm the country's economy
With permission by Reuters / Ruben Sprich
Turkish-Islamic Mosque in Zurich  Swiss.
Turkish-Islamic Mosque in Zurich, Swiss.
Roger Federer  at world rank number 3  is interviewed on Channel 7  Australia  about his expectation...
Roger Federer, at world rank number 3, is interviewed on Channel 7, Australia, about his expectations for the Tennis Open
Channel 7 TV News
The steepest funicular railway line in the world.
The steepest funicular railway line in the world.
ABB Global
The Gelmerbahn  with an incline of 106 percent  was the steepest funicular in Switzerland and Europe...
The Gelmerbahn, with an incline of 106 percent, was the steepest funicular in Switzerland and Europe, until the opening of the new Stoos Funicular in 2017. (Image dates December 7, 2010.)
Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG/
Yves Rossy  the Swiss  Jetman  completed a flight near Japan s iconic Mount Fuji.
Yves Rossy, the Swiss "Jetman" completed a flight near Japan's iconic Mount Fuji.
Yves Rossy  the Swiss  Jetman  completed a flight near Japan s iconic Mount Fuji.
Yves Rossy, the Swiss "Jetman" completed a flight near Japan's iconic Mount Fuji.
Screen grab from the accompanying video showing Stoosbahn funicular railway.
Screen grab from the accompanying video showing Stoosbahn funicular railway.
DFX Swiss
View over Chur  capital of Graubünden  Switzerland
View over Chur, capital of Graubünden, Switzerland
3rd Reding Swiss Regiment (Re-enactment)
3rd Reding Swiss Regiment (Re-enactment)

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