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Essential Science: Chocolate is much older than we thought

Chocolate remains the feel-good food for many and humans have been using it in various forms for thousands of years. New Canadian research suggests that the sweet treat’s origins are older than any previous research has indicated.

Syria's famed sweets bringing smiles once again

Damascus - Syria's grinding conflict has brought bitterness to producers of the country's renowned Middle Eastern sweets, but after years of struggle they say business is finally picking up again.

Our sweet tooth is linked to the liver

Lots of people develop a "sweet tooth," especially after consuming lots of sugar-based foods. The mechanism for this has long eluded researchers. A research team think they have identified the source: a hormone produced by the liver.

Put away the candy if you’re over 50

Ever wondered why kids can eat lots and lots of sweets without any ill effects? Noting at the same time that older people have problems coping with the sugar rush? Buck Institute researchers have an answer.

Slow-melting ice-cream invented

Edinburgh - Summer is often synonymous with ice cream, especially walking through a park with a cone. The trouble is, it melts quickly often leading to sticky fingers. Not for much longer.

Why do children eat candy in between meals?

Brisbane - The answer to this question could simply be because sweets are simply tasty; however the answer is more complicated than that. It comes down, apparently, to pressures from society and the attitudes of parents.

Sugar and alcohol during the holidays Special

If there is one thing I love about the holidays, it is all the sweets laid out on bright colored trays and dishes. And if there is one thing I despise at the holidays, it is that tempting desire to try every last one.

Oreo's new holiday treat — Gingerbread Oreo

Without any fan-fair or major announcement, Nabisco has introduced a new limited edition Oreo cookie just in time for the holidays.

Op-Ed: Halloween treats with a healthy twist

Who doesn't love Halloween candy? Kids and grown ups alike. Enough said. But, if less than healthy ingredients hidden in common packaged foods has you concerned as a parent, fret not. There are a lot of creative (and healthy) options to try.

Bees in Alsace make M&M's coloured honey

Ribeauville - Beekeepers in Alsace in eastern France had a nasty surprise recently after discovering their bees were producing honey in shades of blue, green and chocolate brown. The source of the problem was traced to a nearby Mars factory producing M&M's sweets.

Mint candy consumer avoids catastrophic consumption

Paris - A Canadian teen receives a shocking surprise during the time of a church service after eating a breath mint containing an element of metal.

Sticky situation in Rome

Rome - The authorities in Rome, concerened with the thousands of pieces of chewing gum discarded onto the streets and stuck onto buildings, have launched a volunteer-based drive to clean up the city and remove the unsightly, sticky blobs.

Op-Ed: Can you become addicted to sugar?

Some of us have more of a "sweet tooth" than others. If you just have to have that doughnut in the morning, you might be addicted to sugar.

‘Las Violetas’: 127 years of tradition in Buenos Aires Special

Buenos Aires - Coffee Shop and Patisserie “Las Violetas” (“The Violets”) carries the tradition, glamour and cultural legacy of the historic neighbourhood of Almagro in the city of Buenos Aires.

Study: Tart cherries may lower cardiovascular, diabetes risks

A summer favourite often found in pies and on sundae treats now has a new purpose. Researchers have found in follow-up studies that tart cherries have significant health benefits in animal models including reduced belly fat.

Sweet Tooth? Try the World's Most Expensive Bag of Sweets

A bag of confectionary from the now defunct chain of Woolworths stores in the United Kingdom has just sold on Ebay for a whopping £14,500.

Sweets Craving Gave Max McGrath, 3, Wanderlust

Just because it was 3 a.m. didn't stop Max McGrath of the UK when he had a sweets craving. The adventurous three-year-old boy dressed in his pajamas and his big brother's shoes and set off for the store 1.5 miles away.

Canadian Experts Find Link Between Sugary Drinks And Gout

What was once known as the "posh man's ailment" or gout as we also know it has now been linked to a too high intake of sugary drinks and some fruits. The link has come at a time when cases of the joint disease is on the increase

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Sweets Image

Photo of a bunch of wrapped candies.
Photo of a bunch of wrapped candies.
Eric Schmuttenmaer / Wikimedia
homemade cinnamon roll
homemade cinnamon roll
Galaxy (sold as Dove in many countries worldwide and especially Continental Europe) is a brand of mi...
Galaxy (sold as Dove in many countries worldwide and especially Continental Europe) is a brand of milk chocolate, made and marketed by Mars, Incorporated, and first manufactured in the United Kingdom in 1960.
Chocolate most commonly comes in dark  milk  and white varieties  with cocoa solids contributing to ...
Chocolate most commonly comes in dark, milk, and white varieties, with cocoa solids contributing to the brown color.
User:Aka / Creative Commons
A bunch of various chocolates
A bunch of various chocolates
Heather Annette Miller, Penn State
A picture of the real thing which this Kickstarter is supposed to give you a taste of.
A picture of the real thing which this Kickstarter is supposed to give you a taste of.
Van Robin

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