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Women use the F-word more than men

Cambridge - Who swears most often? Women or men? When it comes to the expletive "F-word" it seems that women come out on top, using the word most often.

Op-Ed: Intelligent? Then you'll be messy and swear a lot

The summer season and time for the more questionable research studies to be promulgated. The latest one is that intelligent people are more untidy and swear more than those of supposed lower intelligence.

Op-Ed: People who swear may have greater command of language

New York City - Those who don't swear often tend to regard those who do as resorting to expletives because they are unable to express themselves through a verbal argument. New research turns this upside down, indicating those who swear often have a wider vocabulary.

Man from Dubai faces fine for using bad language on WhatsApp

Under a new law, a man in the United Arab Emirates could be fined more than $60,000 for swearing at a colleague on WhatsApp.

Boy wakes from coma with an addiction to cheese and swearing

Chesterfield - A teenager from England woke up from a nine day coma, but he ended up picking up some bad habits, which included eating blocks of cheese and swearing.

Mother gets arrested for using F word in store

A 22-year-old mother from North Augusta, South Carolina, is facing charges after she used the F word inside a Kroger grocery store.

New study reveals why profanity may be good for you

Swearing is a common phenomenon, almost universally frowned upon, whether on religious grounds or just as a matter of common decency. Now a new British study claims that swearing — in some circumstances — may be a positive practice.

Moms Busted: Kimmel asks kids worst thing their moms say

Los Angeles - American late night television talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, outed sweary moms this week when he told his staff to interview kids on Hollywood Boulevard. The question: "What is the worst thing you ever heard your mommy say?"

Russian leaders seek to ban swearing on the Internet

Moscow - Russian leaders are proposing another strict law that would ban the use of swear words on the Internet. Proponents say that the law would be in place to protect the nation's children.

Michigan woman spends 11 days in jail for swearing to herself

Saint Joseph - A Michigan woman spent 11 days behind bars for cursing to herself in a county clerk's office before a retiring superior court judge mercifully overruled the judge who jailed her and ordered her release.

Massachusetts town passes no swearing ordinance, $20 fine

Middleboro - Residents in a Massachusetts town voted this week to impose a $20 fine on people who use profanity in public. The new rule will allow police to write tickets for swearing.

Saudi Arabian woman sentenced to 50 lashes for swearing

A woman in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 50 lashes for swearing at her friend. The court had clear evidence to convict the woman as she swore via a text message which her friend retained and showed to the judge in court.

Op-Ed: The new Met Police Commissioner — Substance, or style?

London - Bernard Hogan-Howe has been Commissioner for nearly three months. When he took up the post, he promised a fresh approach including a crackdown on crime. To date he has shown both ignorance of and contempt for the law as well as an eye for publicity.

Op-Ed: Obscenity is off – on BBC TV and Facebook

London - This morning, a guest swore live on the BBC ‘Breakfast’ news programme. He was asked to apologise; some people won’t be let off so lightly.

Caught swearing, face $132 fine

Barnsley - As part of a trial during the month of June, people in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, may receive fines of up to £80 ($132) should they be caught swearing in public.

Live: British Columbia swears in new Premier

The new BC premier, Christy Clark, is being sworn in Victoria, capital of British Columbia. DJ readers can watch the whole ceremony live at:

Melissa Leo drops F-bomb during Oscars speech

During last night's telecast of the Oscars, the winner for best supporting actress swore live in the middle of her speech. Melissa Leo later apologized for the accidental swear word.

Drunken, diaper-clad man arrested while trick-or-treating

A 47-year-old man wearing a diaper was arrested for swearing at people while trick-or-treating in Maryland Sunday night.

Canadians swear more than Americans and Brits, study says

Over half of Canadians who responded to an Angus Reid Public Opinion poll said they swear occasionally to frequently when talking to their friends. Other cussing habits were also documented.

Did Mel Gibson call a reporter an 'asshole'?

It was the interview that went awkwardly wrong. Mel Gibson swore at an American reporter live on air in an interview about his new film, Edge of Darkness. Gibson claims he was actually calling his publicist an "asshole."

Scottish Landlord bans swearing

A Scottish hotelier has banned swearing in his hotel placing a sign outside informing customers that the hotel has a no swearing policy.

Lincoln Bible To Be Used During Obama Inauguration

Barack Obama will be using Abraham Lincoln's Bible when it is time to be sworn in on January 20. Not only is the Bible being used but the route Lincoln took by train will be repeated.

Op-Ed: FCC-Style Regulations Coming To A Bar Near You

Lawmaking bureaucrats in a St. Louis area town are considering passing a bill that will ban swearing in bars. Bureaucrat Richard Velt proposed the bill after hearing complaints about bad bar behavior.

Oh $@#% Yeah! Swear Words in the Workplace Are Good for Morale

The next time you say $@#! at the office, tell you’re boss to chill out: it’s good for staff morale. Or so say British researchers who found that foul language in the workplace isn’t so inappropriate after all.

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