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Sustainability News

What happened to Dunkin' Donuts' vow to get rid of Styrofoam cups?

In 2010, Dunkin' Donuts said it was looking for a replacement for its iconic Styrofoam coffee cups because they were environmentally unfriendly. After six years, the company is still using them. What gives?

Spread of urban centers over 6,000 years mapped by researchers

An interesting new study has mapped the growth of cities and urban centers worldwide, from 3700 BC, and the cradle of civilization in Mesopotamia, to 2000 AD. The results of the study may tell us something useful about shifts in urbanization today.

'Front yard vegetable garden' war is on in Missouri

Here's an interesting question to start out the week: Should families be allowed to plant a vegetable garden in their front yards? The city of Sugar Creek, Missouri says no way.

Water table dropping all over globe — 4 billion people at risk

Water is a precious resource the world cannot do without, yet water scarcity is growing faster than previously thought. A new study shows that today, over four billion people are at risk from water shortages.

Cities in Australia move towards sustainable street lighting

A number of Australian councils are forging ahead with smart street light projects aiming to shift towards enhanced sustainability and a set of new energy efficiency goals. Growing the green community of tomorrow Special

Toronto - I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Ayden Byle, the founder of, a Canadian start-up that is looking to deliver to environmentally-aware homebuyers an affordably sleek sustainable dwelling in an eco-village setting.

Op-Ed: Eclectic Chic—reduce, reuse, and recycle Special

Millerton - The trendy table of today is set with a mismatched collection of silver from various aunts, fine china discovered at antiques shops, and old jelly jars. Millennials have learned to cherish fine, unique things and reject their parents’ disposable culture

Living off the grid on Lasqueti Island, B.C.

Lasqueti - We live in a world governed by our needs. if we want something bad enough, we run to the market, or to the refrigerator. Our lives are centered around public utilities and convenience, and God forbid if anything fails. We are literally left in the dark.

Op-Ed: WWF report — To live like Americans would take 3.9 planets

Humans are consuming more resources than the planet can provide, a trend that has steadily worsened over the past 50 years. A report issued last week ranks nations by their “ecological footprint,” showing just how far out of balance things have become

Wastewater turned into tap water thanks to man-made wetlands

Technology keeps healthy water continuously flowing between Dallas and Houston in Texas with the help of nature and human ingenuity.

Op-Ed: Is the World Economic Forum working for regional economies?

The World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos concluded this weekend during a turbulent period in emerging markets and yielding questions on the impact the WEF is making globally.

Ted's Montana Grill restaurant chain rapidly expanding Special

The first Ted's Montana Grill was opened in Columbus, Ohio in January 2002 by Ted Turner and restaurateur George McKerrow, Jr. Since that time, the chain has expanded to 44 restaurants in 16 states with bison as the centerpiece of the menu.

Op-Ed: A Carbon Bubble — Black gold as black death for energy companies

A report from Carbon Tracker Initiative warns that fossil fuel reserves held on balance sheets of major energy companies are asset bubble. Carbon Tracker argues such assets are grossly over-valued as governments worldwide move to control carbon emissions.

National Sustainable Design Expo gets set to kick off in D.C. Special

Washington - The annual National Sustainable Design Expo is scheduled to take place this week. Yesterday, work could be observed in downtown Washington to prepare for the 2-day event.

Medellin — 2013's Innovative City of the Year

Medellin, Colombia: Voted 2013's Innovative City of the Year for its implementation of sustainable innovation and a unique budgeting system.

In rural India, youths steer a crusade against food insecurity Special

Hyderabad - Braving dry climate, poverty, poor access to market and calls of Maoist rebels to join them, hundreds of youths from marginalized communities in rural India are turning into food growers, transforming dry, barren land into green, productive fields

China: Grow now, clean up later

The South Africa-based Standard Bank announced that the future BRICS development bank will focus on financing infrastructure development projects, despite China claiming that it would shift its budget to energy efficiency and sustainable development.

Diesel+EDUN combines passion, fashion, and business

EDUN, the fashion company founded by rock star Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, has teamed up with well-known denim brand Diesel. Products sourced or made entirely in Africa will be available in Spring 2013, all bearing the "Diesel+EDUN" label.

Celebrate World Water Day on March 22, 2012

Calgary - World Water Day is celebrated on March 22, 2012 across the world. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations coordinates world Water Day 2012 and this year the theme is Water and Food Security: The World is Thirsty Because We are Hungry.

Canada's pensions sustainable after all says PBO Kevin Page

Ottawa - Today Canada's chief economist released revised estimates of the sustainability of Canada's OAS (Old Age Security) and GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) pensions, based upon the change in CHT payments which after 2016-17 will be tied to the GDP.

Chinese build hi-tech 30-storey hotel in 360 hours

Hunan - An innovative Chinese construction company mass produces sustainable, earthquake-proof skyscrapers that cost up to ten times less than conventional structures. Watch the amazing time-lapse video.

Global Clean Energy Congress and Exhibition Highlights 2011 Special

Calgary - This is a review of the Global Clean Energy Congress and Exhibition that took place in November in Calgary AB Canada. This was a groundbreaking conference. Find out why by reading further and downloading the full Congress Report.

Author Chris Turner on 'The German Leap' Special

Toronto - Canadian author Chris Turner is embarking on a four stop tour of Southern Ontario and Quebec to talk about "The German Leap" - a critical step towards a renewable energy economy where Germany leads the pack.

US taxpayers face 'new waves of waste' in Afghanistan, Iraq

Arlington - A US government report reveals the Afghan and Iraqi governments are unable to operate or pay for themselves, causing a threat of “billions of dollars of new waste” for US taxpayers under attack by politicians refusing to acknowledge the overseas war.

Siemens asks: What is a green city?

In a fresh advertising campaign appearing online on Twitter, Washington Post and Huffington Post, Siemens USA asks readers and social media junkies to help define the green city.

India's population soars 18 percent in decade to 1.2 billion

According to census figures released this week, India, the world's second most populous country, experienced a dramatic growth in population over the past decade, raising questions on sustainability.

Nigeria reports water scarcity across numerous states

Nigeria, the world's eighth most populous country, has begun grappling with issues of water scarcity across a number of its states - forcing infrastructure and long-term sustainability questions.

UN's world population estimates raise questions on sustainability Special

With population estimates from the United Nations ranging anywhere from 8 billion to 10.5 billion by 2050, there is a need to understand the numbers and the implications of population growth or decline.

Population Media Center takes creative approach to overpopulation Special

The issues surrounding humanity's overpopulation challenge are vast and discouraging, but one organization is taking a creative approach - and it just may be working.

Prof. Blair Feltmate keynote speaker on energy and sustainability

Guelph - Tonight, March 26, at 7:00 p.m, Professor Blair Feltmate of the Faculty of Environment, and Director of Sustainability Practice, University of Waterloo will be delivering the keynote address in the Kenneth Hammond Lecture Series.
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Sustainability Image

Author Chris Turner speaking at the German consulate in Toronto. November 21  2011.
Author Chris Turner speaking at the German consulate in Toronto. November 21, 2011.
In what was a dry  barren piece of land until a year ago  Ramesh is now growing a total of twenty tw...
In what was a dry, barren piece of land until a year ago, Ramesh is now growing a total of twenty two crops, organically
Ramesh preparing compost manure in his farm. The weeds of the farm are collected and used as raw mat...
Ramesh preparing compost manure in his farm. The weeds of the farm are collected and used as raw materials, along with stalks of beans and other vegetables, peels, dry leaves and cow dung, to make the manure.
Mallesh tending to a cluster beans plant.  In a tiny farm of two and half acres  the young farmer is...
Mallesh tending to a cluster beans plant. In a tiny farm of two and half acres, the young farmer is growing a whopping twenty two crops.
Melbourne street lighting
Melbourne street lighting
Ready, set go by Jes
The view from the 25th floor of the German consulate in Toronto  Ontario. Bloor St. and Yonge St. No...
The view from the 25th floor of the German consulate in Toronto, Ontario. Bloor St. and Yonge St. November 21, 2011.
The crowd at the German consulate to hear author Chris Turner speak on the German Leap. November 21 ...
The crowd at the German consulate to hear author Chris Turner speak on the German Leap. November 21, 2011.
Raju s farm on a river island: no chemical pesticide is used in the farm. Instead  oil lamps are use...
Raju's farm on a river island: no chemical pesticide is used in the farm. Instead, oil lamps are used to trap plant-eating pests. Also, used are drip irrigation, organic manure and an extra dose of youthful energy.

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