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Surveillance News

Digital noise: How a new web plugin hides your footsteps online

A recently-launched browser plugin has introduced a new way to resist online tracking by creating "digital noise." Noiszy decreases the value of data collected by ISPs and advertisers by masking your activities with a "flood" of auto-generated web visits.

Phone surveillance in 2017: Are you being watched?

Phone tracking is now easier than ever using off-the-shelf software that anyone can buy. As Congress introduces a bill to require a warrant for the mobile tracking of Americans, over 80 percent of the population say they are concerned about being watched.

Putin signs controversial anti-terror measures into law

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a package of controversial anti-terror amendments dubbed "Big Brother" measures by critics that may cost internet companies billions.

Russian MPs approve anti-terror 'Big Brother' measures

Moscow - Russia's lower house of parliament on Friday approved a raft of anti-terror measures that the opposition called the "Big Brother" law, which may also cost Internet companies billions to store mandated users' data.

European rights court slams Russia for phone tapping

Strasbourg - The European Court of Human Rights condemned Russia's large-scale mobile phone-tapping system Friday, ruling that it risked "destroying democracy".Judges at the Strasbourg court said that without "adequate and effective guarantees against abuse...

NSA to end controversial Sept. 11 surveillance program by Sunday

Washington - The U.S. National Security Agency is ending a controversial daily surveillance program that gobbled up millions of Americans' phone records and replacing it with tighter surveillance methods by Sunday, the Obama Administration said Friday.

Hacker claims 'less personal control' of our devices is coming

An interview with a security expert who is paid to hack into computer systems has revealed his thoughts on the state of online security. He names Windows Phone as the most secure mobile OS and warns we'll soon see "less personal control" of our devices.

Apple tells the government it's 'impossible' to decrypt iPhones

Apple has told a federal judge that it would be "impossible" to fulfill any request to decrypt the data on iPhones or add a "back door" to let the authorities in without compromising user privacy.

Facebook to issue warnings if it detects government spying

Facebook has announced it is rolling out a new feature that will alert users if it detects they may be spied on by state-sponsored attackers. The warnings will be shown after login and are designed to combat unauthorized government surveillance.

France to prepare air strikes against IS in Syria: Hollande

Paris - France will launch surveillance flights over Syria from Tuesday with a view to conducting airstrikes on Islamic State positions, President Francois Hollande said on Monday.

Cops to delete LPR data as 80GB hard drive 'keeps crashing'

The Oakland Police Department has decided to delete license plate data after six months instead of retaining it indefinitely. The reason isn't really to give residents more privacy but rather because a Windows XP computer's 80GB hard drive is full.

More Snowden revelations on AT&T and NSA collusion

Edward Snowden, the IT worker who fled to Russia over two years ago, has released another bombshell about how AT&T reportedly partnered with the National Security Agency to spy on the Internet for at least a decade.

Is the U.S. government under-reporting wiretapping data?

There exists a stark difference between the number of phone lines the United States government claims to have tapped last year, and the number of wiretaps reported by the four major telecommunication providers.

Facebook's facial recognition can recognise you without your face

Facebook's facial recognition has become so accurate that it is now able to identify you in a photo even if you have your back to the camera. The system is not available on Facebook's public site but should be coming soon for any photo that you upload.

Microsoft to encrypt all Bing search data by default

Microsoft has announced that it is going to begin encrypting all search data through Bing by default from this summer. The change is intended to help protect the personal data of its users but could impact websites reliant on analytics tools.

Report: 20 'Stingray' fake cell towers spy on London phone users

London - An investigation has found that there are more than 20 fake phone towers known as "Stingrays" operating throughout Britain's capital city, spying on phone users and indiscriminately collecting information from them. It is uncertain who owns them.

Obama urged to support encryption by Apple, Google & Microsoft

The largest and most influential technology companies including giants Apple, Google and Microsoft have formed a coalition to deliver a letter to President Obama, urging him to reject any proposal to deliberately weaken the security of smartphones.

Op-Ed: New study exposes a different kind of journalism war

Sydney - Journalism comes with risks new and old. The new risks are increasing intersections with dangers which didn’t exist in the past. Surveillance, hostage taking, murder, and criminal gangs are all part of the new, nasty, mix.

Germany must shed light on EU spy scandal: Juncker

Brussels - European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker said Thursday he expected Berlin to get to the bottom of a Brussels spy scandal after Germany reportedly snooped on the EU and France at Washington's behest.

Germany spied on French and EU officials for US: Report

Berlin - German intelligence services spied on top French officials and the European Commission on behalf of the American spy agency NSA, according to an article to appear Thursday in Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

French MPs mull new spy laws in wake of attacks

Paris - More than three months after Islamist attacks in Paris that killed 17, French MPs on Monday began debating controversial new laws allowing spies to hoover up data from suspected jihadists.

U.S. police might be tracking cell phones with StingRay device

A new surveillance tool that goes by several names, including StingRay and KingFish, is being purchased by some police departments to snoop in phone conversations.

Wikipedia filing lawsuit to NSA challenging mass surveillance

Wikipedia is to take legal action against the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice that will challenge the government's program of mass surveillance of Internet traffic and suggest that this undermines democracy.

France needs to monitor 3,000 with jihadist links: PM

Paris - French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Wednesday that the authorities have to monitor nearly 3,000 people involved in "terrorist networks", as he unveiled measures to combat jihadism after the Paris attacks.

Known jihadists slip through hands of overstretched French police

Paris - Having known ties to jihadist groups is no guarantee a person will be under constant surveillance, experts say, a clue as to how brothers suspected of carrying out the Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre slipped through the cracks.

Head of Twitter news staff lasts less than one year

San Francisco - The head of Twitter's news staff left the social media company Wednesday after less than a year at the helm of a revitalized operation.

Top spyware company hacked, government client list released

An estimated 40G of files from one of the world's top surveillance & monitoring technology manufacturers was posted on the Internet after being hacked earlier this week.

Philadelphia GameStop fingerprinting people who trade in games

Philadelphia - GameStop stores in Philadelphia will be required to fingerprint people who trade in used games as a way to assist local law enforcement.

U.S. gov't surveillance undermining journalists, lawyers

Though its official mission is to thwart terrorist threats, the massive U.S. surveillance program is having a chilling effect on journalists and their sources, and lawyers and their clients, according to a report issued Monday.

Files show NSA collects more data on U.S. citizens than targets

Newly released documents show that the communications of everyday Internet users were targeted by the National Security Agency (NSA) far more times than communications from legally targeted individuals.
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Surveillance Image

The Camover game has been started to encourage people in Germany to destroy CCTV cameras and film th...
The Camover game has been started to encourage people in Germany to destroy CCTV cameras and film the process.
Cameras surveilling the area
Cameras surveilling the area
jonathan macintosh
TRAGEDY: Surveillance camera photo released by local police shows the gas station parking lot where ...
TRAGEDY: Surveillance camera photo released by local police shows the gas station parking lot where an 18-year-old black teen was shot and killed by authorities Tuesday night.
St. Louis County Police Department
Graph showing email and internet authorizations
Graph showing email and internet authorizations
CCTV cameras
CCTV cameras
Persistent Surveillance Systems Sample Camera Image.
Persistent Surveillance Systems Sample Camera Image.
Persistent Surveillance Systems
Protests against worldwide NSA surveillance in Germany.
Protests against worldwide NSA surveillance in Germany.
Avoiding being detected by surveillance cameras.
Avoiding being detected by surveillance cameras.
Video screen capture
You Tube screen capture
Protests against worldwide NSA surveillance in Germany.
Protests against worldwide NSA surveillance in Germany.
Photo shown to jury in surveillance video  Dzhokhar flush with wooden door.
Photo shown to jury in surveillance video, Dzhokhar flush with wooden door.
NSA data center
NSA data center
Flickr user Jonathan McIntosh
An unmanned US Army surveillance blimp tore loose from its ground tether in  Maryland is  tracked by...
An unmanned US Army surveillance blimp tore loose from its ground tether in Maryland is tracked by fighter jets.
U.S. Army
Three surveillance cameras.
Three surveillance cameras.
Facebook s new  targeted attack  warning
Facebook's new "targeted attack" warning
Alex Stamos, Facebook

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