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Surgery News

U.K. health services make a stand against obesity

One third of hospital trusts in the U.K. are refusing to treat people who are classified as obese for routine surgical procedures. Those classed as obese are told to come back when they have lost weight.

Blue light bathing could prevent organ damage

A new study has found exposing rodents to blue light for 24 hours prior to surgery helps to minimize the risk of the type of organ damage that can occur after an operation.

HIV-infected organs successfully transplanted in the U.S.

Members of a Johns Hopkins Medicine team have performed a landmark surgery, successfully transplanting a kidney and liver from an HIV-positive donor to two HIV-positive recipients.

Surgeon accused of malpractice Special

A law suit has begun relating to the chief of cardiac surgery at Northwestern University. Here Dr. Patrick McCarthy is accused using an unauthorized medical device.

One in four seniors carries a superbug in hospital

New research suggests that one in four people entering hospital in the U.S. is carrying a so-called "superbug" (an antimicrobial resistant bacterium.) In addition, seniors seem to pick up higher numbers of these organisms during their stay.

Johnson and Johnson purchase opens new surgery options

Healthcare company Johnson and Johnson has purchased a manufacturer of non-invasive surgical instruments. This is a sign that such technology is emerging as a mainstream medical option.

Bionic knee brace helps people to walk

Medical technologists from Nova Scotia have invented a bionic knee brace that helps redress the weight of the body onto the lower leg, enabling people who have difficulty in walking to walk more freely.

First ever uterus transplant takes place in U.S.

New York - A pioneering surgical process has taken place in the U.S. A uterus has been transplanted into a woman's body. The success offers hope to many infertile women.

3D printed vertebrae used in pioneering surgery

Sydney - In a pioneering medical study, a patient has been fitted with 3-D printed artificial vertebrae. This is the first time replacement bones for the spine have been created and used in this way.

One cosmetic surgery every two minutes for Brazil men: Report

Rio De Janeiro - Once taboo, cosmetic surgery for Brazilian men is advancing at a rapid pace, with one male going under the knife every two minutes, experts said in an article Sunday.

Faulty eye product costs 13 Spaniards their sight: Officials

Madrid - A faulty substance used in eye operations has cost 13 Spaniards their sight in one eye and left 28 other patients also suffering injuries, health authorities announced Saturday.

ISIS forces women to undergo virginity surgery 20 times

A United Nations official has revealed that ISIS militants forced a sex slave to undergo surgery to restore her virginity every time she was married to 20 fighters.

This guy filmed his own brain surgery

Boston - Steven Keating, an MIT doctoral student, was diagnosed with brain cancer last year, so he decided to film his own brain surgery.

Blood clotting polymer developed

Washington D.c. - Scientists have developed an injectable polymer solution that stops bleeding in rats with nicked femoral arteries. The polymer will be tried in human trials soon.

World's first successful penis transplant

Cape Town - Surgeons in South Africa have successfully completed the world's first penis transplant. The attachment of a new penis was a complex task.

DNA smart glue could fix organs together

Researchers are working on creating a so-called DNA ‘smart glue’ that could one day be used to hold together 3-D-printed materials, such as tissues or even organs grown in the laboratory.

Surgeon removes healthy kidney and leaves diseased one behind

A urologist in California has been put on probation for three years for taking out the wrong kidney. The surgeon did not have the patient's records, which were left elsewhere, and he did not take steps to ensure he had the right kidney.

Second successful face transplant performed at Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland - The Cleveland Clinic has successfully transplanted 90 percent of an automobile accident victim’s face. The announcement came via twitter and then details of the 24 and a half hour long procedure were posted on the Clinic’s website.

North Korea's leader returns to public view with a vengeance

Seoul - He's baaaack; and there are some 10 senior leaders of the North Korea's ruling Workers Party who are not particularly happy about it.

New robot can perform brain surgery with needle through cheek

Nashville - Engineers at Vanderbilt University have developed a surgical robot capable of performing intricate brain surgery by inserting a needle through the patient's cheek.

Goldfish receives micro-surgery to remove tumor

Melbourne - A goldfish named George was suffering from a head tumor that almost ended his life, but he was saved after a vet performed life-threatening surgery.

Surgical studies are biased against using women

An analysis of papers published in several surgical journals has revealed an overwhelming reliance on male subjects and male-derived cells, and consequently less female subjects or female cell lines are used.

Joan Rivers in intensive care after she stops breathing

New York - Joan Rivers, 81, quit breathing during a surgery she was having on her vocal cords early Thursday morning. In critical condition and unconscious, she was rushed to New York's Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Canadian boy regains hearing after receiving brain stem implant

Montreal - Auguste Majkowski can now hear sounds for the first time in his life. Three-year-old Auguste received surgery which connected an advanced form of hearing aid to his brain stem.

New wireless implants improve surgery

Electrical implants in the human body such as pacemakers have traditionally been large. However a new wireless recharge system may allow for smaller and more convenient devices in people that need them most.

Man uses crowdfunding to save pet's penis

Bristol - A Bristol man turns to crowdfunding when his pet tortoise's prolapsed "penis" endangers its own life and is out of his budget to fix.

Cave-dwelling fish offers clues to human facial problems

Cincinnati - A genetic association has been discovered with facial asymmetry in an ancient cavefish and facial asymmetries in humans. Researchers hope to understand why genes behave differently on the right versus the left sides of the human face.

Avicii recovering from gallbladder and appendix surgery

Miami - Electronic dance music (EDM) sensation Avicii had to cancel his appearance at this year's Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida, due to pains in his gallbladder.

Seoul to limit plastic surgery ads

Seoul - The South Korean capital Seoul is to restrict the use of plastic surgery adverts on public transport, officials said Wednesday, after complaints that they were fuelling an unhealthy obsession with body image.South Korea, and particularly Seoul, has an ...

Del Potro confirms surgery on injured wrist

Former U.S. Open champion Juan Martin del Potro has confirmed he is to have an operation on his injured left wrist, which is likely to sideline him for most of the rest of the season.
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Surgery Image

The world s first Google Glass monitored surgery will be performed in Madrid  Spain on Friday.
The world's first Google Glass monitored surgery will be performed in Madrid, Spain on Friday.
Britain s Prince William (R)  president of the Royal Marsden NHS (National Health Service) Foundatio...
Britain's Prince William (R), president of the Royal Marsden NHS (National Health Service) Foundation Trust, watches as head surgeon Pardeep Kumar (L) performs surgery for the removal of a bladder tumour on a male patient during a visit to the Royal Marsden hospital in London November 7, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Lefteris Pitarakis
File photo: The first Google Glass monitored surgery is to be performed in Madrid  Spain.
File photo: The first Google Glass monitored surgery is to be performed in Madrid, Spain.
A French surgeon left a pair of surgical pliers inside a woman s womb during a caesarian operation.
A French surgeon left a pair of surgical pliers inside a woman's womb during a caesarian operation.
A patient getting laser eye surgery
A patient getting laser eye surgery
Courtesy Focus Clinics
A typical dog cone
A typical dog cone
North Korea s leader  Kim Jong Un
North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un
Marcos Castillo/YouTube
Dr Luz Perez-Schwartz monitors anesthesia during surgery.
Dr Luz Perez-Schwartz monitors anesthesia during surgery.
Scientists have claimed that advanced tissue engineering techniques  such as freeze-drying heart val...
Scientists have claimed that advanced tissue engineering techniques, such as freeze-drying heart valves after cellular materials have been removed and storing the biological scaffolds for later transplanting, could revolutionize the field of reconstructive heart surgery.
Andy G
A typical picture of a bulky pacemaker. We soon may have devices like these that are both tiny and e...
A typical picture of a bulky pacemaker. We soon may have devices like these that are both tiny and efficient.
Wikimedia Public Doman from the US Government
Anonymous teen face.
Anonymous teen face.
Photo by Sam Da Plant
File photo: An operating theater.
File photo: An operating theater.
Roy Rice
Photo of an operating theater
Photo of an operating theater
The B's
da Vinci Surgical System
James Porter  M.D. performing a kidney operation at Swedish Hospital in scrubs made especially for t...
James Porter, M.D. performing a kidney operation at Swedish Hospital in scrubs made especially for the occasion.
Doctors perform surgery
Doctors perform surgery
Tareq Salahuddin
Surgery on right hand of N. Houser
Surgery on right hand of N. Houser