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Surgeons News

Why are blue collar workers drug tested but not surgeons?

Many jobs in the construction industry require workers to undergo drug testing, and the same is true for other blue-collar positions ranging from truck drivers to forklift operators.

Super glasses let surgeons see cancer

New high-tech glasses have been developed, to be worn by surgeons, to allow them to see cancer cells. The glasses were tried out for the first time by a surgeon this week.

3D printing help surgeons hone skills for real-life surgery

Mark Ginsberg, an Iowa jewelry store owner and manufacturer, has partnered with physicians to help surgeons practice for the real thing before they ever go into the operating room, using 3D printing.

Surgeons left 16 items in German cancer patient's body

The German media is reporting that a hospital in Germany is being sued after surgeons allegedly left 16 medical items inside a cancer patient's body during a surgical operation in 2009.

Operating On the Wrong Person Or Body Part

It has happened before and is likely to happen again. The unthinkable, doctors or surgeons operating on the wrong person or wrong body part.

How A Surgeon's Wii Can Save Your Life

We have often wondered what certain professionals do in their spare time and now we know about surgeons. To encourage them to perform well in the operating theatre, they play with their Wii's before scrubbing up

Surgeon Leaves Patient On Operating Table To Fist Fight Another Surgeon

Surgeon's get into an argument and leave patient on bed to have physical fight in a different room...

Surgeons' Operating Techniques Improved by Video Games

Before that all important surgery you might like to find out if your surgeon likes a bit of X-Box or Playstation.

Surgeons Lengthen Wrong Leg of Boy

A 5-year-old Chinese boy went in for surgery to correct a limp and came out of the operation with an even more pronounced limp.

8-Year-Old Boy's Arm Reattached After Shark Attack

PENSACOLA, Fla. – An 8-year-old boy was in critical condition today after a team of surgeons worked through the night reattaching the arm he lost in a shark attack. Three surgeons and a large surgical support team worked 12 hours in shifts to reatt..

Radical Nerve Operation Gives Hope To Paraplegics

BERLIN (dpa) - When Angelo Colombo, a painter and amateur boxer, fell off a roof and broke his spine in 1995, doctors told him he would never walk again. Then Colombo came into contact with Italian neurosurgeon Giorgio Brunelli, whose radical method...

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